Character Profile - Nolan Marc

Nolan Marc
Only Male

Place of Origin: Earth 2

Physical Description

The bicultural offspring of an alternate Earth’s version of Okinawa, Nolan inherited the round face and almond-shaped eyes of his Ryukyuan Islander mother, but the dirty blond hair of his U.S. Marine Corps father. This results in an East-meets-West appearance that caught many by surprise.

Personality Profile

Inquisitive, energetic, and intelligent, Nolan would probably come off as either obnoxious or precocious but for how his demeanor is tempered by his Japanese cultural heritage. A twenty year veteran of Starfleet’s Science Division, Nolan is in no hurry to move through the ranks. As a scientist, Nolan seeks to push the boundaries of science. He typically tries to vary his assignments in an effort to widen his exposure to different perspectives and problems. Growing on the Ryukyu Island chains, Nolan is an avid water sports enthusiast who enjoys surfing, snorkling, and swimming. As a scientist, his age allows him to explore a wide variety of interests; including, marine biology, astrophysics, and exoarchaeology. In addition to the Aikido taught at Starfleet Academy, Nolan practices Okinawan Shotokan Karate.

Early years Biography

The bicultural offspring of a U.S. Marine and a native Okinawan farmer’s daughter, Nolan was born during the Reconstruction Period at the end of World War II. An avid swimmer from the time he was a toddler, Nolan learned to swim off the beaches at Torii Station and picked up surfing from the GIs practicing at the breaks off Maeda Point. When the viral pathogen that mutated the planet’s population broke out around 1960, Nolan survived due to a combination of Okinawa’s year-around temperate climate and the prevalence of food stores at the military bases.

Some 300 years later, Nolan was among those discovered by the Federation research team dispatched by Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, following their discovery of the planet and the children residing there. A decade of re-education programs helped to socialize and introduce Nolan and the other children to the 23rd Century. In particular, Nolan took an interest in science, though he rarely spent more than six months or a year on any particular discipline before switching to a different area of interest. As Earth Two is mostly uninhabited, it proved a fertile landscape for the boy’s scientific pursuits, and Nolan spent another century in a sort of Montessori experiment of varied scientific disciplines out of the school programs established on the Only homeworld.

The events of the Second Federation-Klingon War, and ensuing Dominion War, brought Nolan out of his studies and the boy decided to apply to Starfleet. During his first year, the Breen launched an attack of Earth, to include Starfleet Academy, bringing Nolan into the war even before Starfleet pushed its cadets out to the fleet in emergency wartime service.