Character Profile - David Hawkins

David Hawkins

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Weight212 lbs
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorGreenish Brown
Physical DescriptionDavid “Helaku” Hawkins is not what anyone would call imposing. Not exceptionally tall or toned, he would serve well as the poster boy of the “average joe”. However, there is strength to him that would make anyone, bold enough to challenge him, think twice. His tanned body and callused hands speak of a life of hard work. He has light brown hair and is physically fit. David’s one distinguishing mark is a tribal tattoos that run from his back to front and over his shoulders.

Personality Profile

General OverviewOnce David was a man full of following rules and regulations in respect for the Code of Conduct, is more of an easy-going, and well rounded man that continues to believe in maintaining proper bearing and discipline when on duty when it is only required. But normally, his command skills are laid back and relaxed to allow the crew to perform their jobs with less stress and more in enjoying their surroundings. He feels that this is the best way to find out the tone of the crew and to better address their grievances if any are found. While David may not be the most book smart individual, he has a great amount of common sense and is able to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Hawkins frequently shows his cunning and biting wit by picking people apart, and often mocks their weaknesses where it is needed.
Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths

– encourages participants to discover outcomes rather than being told answers
– is useful to translate knowledge into feeling
– is useful for examining and clarifying values and beliefs
– can increase motivation


– can be time-consuming to prepare himself
– can be difficult to evaluate his own effectiveness
– may cause discomfort and embarrassment to others
Ambitions- Explore new locations in space
– Learn new skills and abilities in different departments
– Achieve Admiral or General before retirement
– To have a family…
Hobbies & Interests- Reading
– Wood working
– Piloting
– Archery
– Fishing
– Hunting
– Astronomy

Early years Biography

On June 14, at 0937 hours David “Helaku” Hawkins was born on the Starship Firewing. The USS Firewing was a small scouting ship. Because they didn’t return to Earth often, he called the ship, home. The crew was like a big family.

At the age of nine, his father, John Hawkins, was promoted to tactical officer, and his mother Sarah Hawkins became the Chief science officer. This same year, he started to get into piloting. He grew up with a young child named Hakeem Alexson. Hakeem’s father had his son training on the holodeck to become a pilot, and gladly included David.

When David, saw the shuttle bay and all the shuttles, he wanted to see them in action. His father, wanting to encourage the passion, took David to the holodeck and showed him the controls in the different shuttles. He taught David every thing about piloting he knew. After that day David stayed up all night in the holodeck studying the controls, and flying the shuttles. At the age of thirteen, he had taken every piloting lesson that the computer had four times and could pass any of the lessons better then most beginner pilots.

On his fifteenth birthday, Lieutenant Lacie McQueen, the main helmsmen for Firewing, took him onto a mission with her. Having several young pilots on the ship the Captain had approved a basic apprenticing program, and this was the first trial run. McQueen allowed David to pilot the ship as she scanned an L-class planet they were sent to investigate. When they returned to the Firewing, it was dead in space. The Lieutenant told him that most the crewmembers on the ship were all dead, and the ship was less then minutes until it would be destroyed by an engine overload.

They were about to go to warp when three Romulan Warbirds decloaked and started to fire on them. They barely made it out of the sector, but the shuttle was damaged and Lieutenant McQueen had hit her head on a panel, David had to fly them to the closest station. When the medical team came onboard the shuttle they had told him that she was lucky that he was there to pilot the shuttle otherwise she would have died.

Lieutenant McQueen took it upon herself to take David in as she finished off her career in Starfleet and returned to Earth. With the loss of his parents, David learned that life was short. He started to out reach in the most negative ways. Even though he wasn’t best of his class, he continued along the road to graduation.
During his domestic life he had a turbulent time, usually finding himself always getting caught doing things he shouldn’t be. He found his sense of humor and cocky attitude made him popular among his peers but was frowned upon by teachers and such. At the time of Graduation, David took and unexpected turn and Signed up to join Star Fleet Marine Basic Training.

Before shipping out, he took six months of his life to go back to his mother’s tribe which lived on a small reservation in North America. There, he learned in more depth about his blood line and the life that his mother had left behind when marrying his father. They taught him in more detail things that his mother had started training him while growing up.This gave him a since of calm and pride in who he was not only on his father’s side but his native, mother’s side.

The final task that he was allowed was the Initiation from boy to man. Even though he was fairly older than what most boys in his tribe did theirs, he had been given the chance to complete it. This was a great moment in his life, and after he had completed it, he learned that his teacher had been his grandfather, whom he hadn’t seen since he was very young. He got to spend a little more time questioning him and living with him and his new found grandmother before heading out to his Basic Training.

David, along with several other candidates, entered in a sixteen week program in order to learn the skills of a marine including their Rifleman skills. After ‘The Crucible’, the candidates were either sent out as infantry personal, or in David’s case, continued on to Officer Candidate School thanks to his drill instructor’s recommendation. Even though he brought back his cocky attitude he was able to continue to Basic school and became 2nd Lieutenant.

The new marine lieutenant was transferred to Camp Mimas where he spent 6 months of piloting training on shuttles, runabouts, and Firefly transports. He received his certification and continued on to Advanced Flight School held on Camp Mimas. He was trained on the various fighters and received his certification for the Broadsword and Razor class fighters.

During his time with the advanced classes he pushed himself to the academic limits for the first time in his life. However his attitudes soon changed when he passed and he went back to his original work hard play harder philosophy.

He passed the course at the grade of 1st Lt. in just enough time to see the start of the Dominion war. He was immediately stationed as a fighter pilot on board the intrepid Class star ship USS Gladiator where he flew a Razor fighter as the Fighter Elements wing man. His gutsy flying and cocky attitude gave him somewhat of a reckless piloting skill. He soon impressed the members of his Squadron as well as the Fighter Element Leader who promoted him to Assistant Fighter Element Leader almost at the end of the war, where he served till the of the war.

David was when given a position teaching tactical maneuvers at Star Fleet Academy after the war was over. While he enjoyed teaching and the recognition and the self gratification it gave him, he hated the self righteous nature of the Admirals and Generals whom he had begun to see as nothing more than pencil pushers and power hungry animals. He butted horns with them on several occasions over his teaching techniques and claims his re-assignment to the Warhawk is their way of shoving him somewhere just to get rid of him.

After he finished his one year term as the Fighter Pilot CO for the Warhawk, he requested a transfer to Naval ranks and was stationed as a Helms officer. Despite his age he continued his cocky and snappy attitude and It continued to get worse. On occasions he was thrown in the brig disorderly conduct. Even though he was known for his attitude, he continued in his promotions and was given the position of 2nd Executive Officer on the Warhawk.

David was sent to Command school for Starship/Starbase bridge personnel. Even though he was given the command training, he wasn’t assigned to a ship as XO for another two years. He was stationed on the USS Vanguard. While stationed on this new ship as the XO, he and the CO butted heads on several occasions. One time the CO threw David in the brig for disobeying a direct order, which, in the end Davids disobedience, had been proven to be the right course of action.


Parris Island – Basic Military Training – Promoted to Private After Basic Military Training
Quantico Military Base, Earth – Officer Candidate School – Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant after OCS
Quantico Military Base, Earth – Basic School – 2nd Lieutenant
Camp Mimas – Flight School – 2nd Lieutenant
Camp Mimas – Advanced Flight School – Promoted to 1st Lieutenant for achieving Academic Limits
USS Gladiator – Razor Fighter Pilot – 1st Lieutenant
USS Gladiator – Assistant Fighter Element Leader – 1st Lieutenant
Camp Mimas – Fighter Pilot Instructor – Promoted to Maine-Captain
USS Warhawk – Fighter Element Leader/Second Executive Officer – Promoted to Major
Starfleet Command School – Starfleet Command Training – Rank transfer from Major to Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet Command – Pilot Instructor – Lieutenant Commander
USS Vanguard – Executive Officer – Lieutenant Commander
USS Resolute – Commanding Officer – Lieutenant Commander
USS Resolute – Commanding Officer – Promoted to Commander
USS Gladiator – Commanding Officer – Commander
USS Gladiator – Commanding Officer – Promoted to Captain