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1st Lt Coralin

1st Leutenant Mitzen Coralin Jr, CFO

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: USS Sarek NCC-46517
Played by: ovismuegmail-com

Physical Appearance

Height 6'-0"
Weight 280 lbs
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Like many Ktarains, Mitzen has pronounced cranial hemispheres accentuate by tribal tattoos. This added to his typically yellow eyes give him a somewhat unapproachable quality.


General Overview A extremal astute tactician, Mitzen has a very strong, if not understandable, disdain for Cardassians but has put his personal feelings aside to become a highly skilled marine.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mitzen is extremal proficient in hiding his true feelings, finding it a necessity amongst other races who don't understand his plight.

Having learned to hide his feelings, Mitzen often comes across as uncaring. A fact that, while untrue, he cultivates finding the perception to be advantageous in many situations.
Ambitions To obtain strong alliances that will further in to his own ends.
Hobbies & Interests Studying ancient tacticians and testing their strategies in mock battles to determine their validity in real combat.
Languages Ktarian, Cardassian, English, and a couple others he keeps secret

Pre-Service Biography

Raised by foster parents after his parents were killed during Cardassian raids under the guise of a supposed treaty, Mitzen acquired a strong dislike for Cardassians. As soon as he was of age, he left the Cardassian ruled colony in hopes of making a new life for himself in the Federation.

That new life did not come easy though. Mitzen had to work long and hard before gaining acceptance into the Federation.

Once in, Mitzen worked hard to gain a vast knowledge of tactical combat, going out of his way to study, oftentimes obscure, texts on many of the less known but still renowned tacticians. This, 'extracurricular,' reading allowed Mitzen to rapidly obtain squadron leader in the academy, and later to become one of the most well versed and effective tacticians in the fleet. At least that's what his instructors and resulting commanding officers keep telling him.

Due to the destruction of his personal fighter during a mission in which the Sarrek had been boarded, he commissioned the construction of a new fighter with upgrades he had been intending of applying to his old fighter. After some thought, he settled on the name Ymgnawdoledig Marwolaeth (Death Incarnate). The fighter was delivered by his twin sister.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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