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Thyra Sh'shraaqir

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Andoria
Played by: mysticfan84

Physical Appearance

Typical tall, average build Andorian female. Blue skin, brown eyes, white long hair. She wears her hair a lot in a ponytail.


Thyra is a deeply passionate and emotional andorian. Being the eldest sister in the family, and coming from a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, given her a caring personality. She cared a lot for her younger brothers and sisters when growing up. And she shows that to her fellow crew as well. She goes out of her way to help others and making others feel comfortable.

Pre-Service Biography

Thyra is born the oldest in the Shraaqir family. It’s a large family, and she had many brothers and sisters follow after her. Growing up, she liked helping her parents, all four of them, take care of her brothers and sisters.

Growing up she has been interested in people. She liked social gatherings, she had a lot of friends, and people loved to be around her. And because of that, she dreamed of a career in starfleet. Her parents supported her every step of the way to make her dream come true.

First step for her was entering the academy. Once she was in the academy, she chose very social courses. Communications, languages, and minored a little psychology. She also studied minor social sciences and engineering.

When she left the academy she got her first assignment on the USS Demeter as an operations and communications officer. She proved herself a capable and loyal officer. She was also a caring one.

On an attack on the ship, she showed her caring self, by heading out with her tool box, not only fixing various systems on the ship, but also helped injured people to sickbay. She even found a heavily injured security officer trying to get to his station. She took care of his wounds and waited with him for the medical team to arrive.

After her first year in the service, the USS Demeter was taken in for refitting. It took a while, as the last attack did do a lot of damage on the ship. Thyra was reassigned to Starbase 14, as communications officer.

She saw this reassignment as a new adventure. The base was a busy place with people coming and going all the time. Soon after people requested the positive, spontaneous voice over the com of the starbase. This made the command team promote her to chief communications officer.

StarFleet Service History

2252-2256 Starfleet academy
2256-2257 USS Demeter: Operations & Communications officer
2257-2259 Starbase 14: Communications officer
2259-2263 Starbase 14: Chief Communications officer

Awards Won

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