Character Profile - Evan Yearling

Evan Yearling
Human Male

Place of Origin: New Berlin, Luna, Sol

Physical Description

5’11’’, 160 lbs, grey eyes and black hair.

Personality Profile

A born worrier and a man for details.

Early years Biography

Evan Yearling was born in 2347 in New Berlin, Luna, Earth’s only natural satellite, into a rich business family dealing primarily in isolinear chips and their next generation counterparts, bio-neural circuitry. His father, a former Starfleet engineer, had inherited much of the daily running of the business after the rightful heir, his mother, was incarcerated for conducting illegal genetic experiments based on eugenics technology banned in the Federation. When he was little older than 6 she packed her bags and left the Federation with him in tow, and for almost 5 years they toured the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but upon returning to Earth to retrieve a significant portion of her vast inheritance she was located and apprehended by the authorities.

With the responsibility for the company lying solely on his shoulders, Evan’s father retired from the service and took up the reins. For a time Ethan had intentions of joining his family’s company until advances in the bio-neural technology his family had not yet invested in came to his attention. After arguing long and hard on the subject, and full of the self-importance and absolute determination of youth, he rejected his father’s views that they should wait until the new experimental technology was tried and tested and left. Furious, Evan joined Starfleet in the hopes of staying abreast of new advances and proved himself to be an excellent engineer.


2365-69 Cadet – Cadet – Starfleet Academy
2369-70 Ensign – Experimental Studies – Cadet Academy
2370-72 Ensign – Warp Propulsion – Starfleet R&D
2372-73 Ensign – Asst. Systems Engineer – Anubis Project
2373-74 Ensign – Warp Propulsion – USS Sovereign
2374-77 Lt. (JG) – Starship Design – Starbase 74
2377-78 Lt. (JG) – Chief Engineer – USS Raider
2378-80 Lieutenant – Chief Engineer – USS Raider
2380 Lieutenant – Chief Engineer – USS Hiroshima-A
2380-87 Lieutenant Commander – Chief Engineer – USS Hiroshima-A
2387 Lieutenant Commander – Acting Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
2388 Commander – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
2388-94 Captain – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-A
2394-On Captain – Commanding Officer – USS Hiroshima-B