Character Profile - Brielle Nicole Jayde

Brie Jayde

Brielle Nicole Jayde
Human Female

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Height 5’7″
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Red/Blonde
Eye Color Green

Personality Profile

Spouse: Teelor Zimm (Husband, KIA). Razot (Husband, divorced)
Children: Teelor Ossan Erik: Son, Birthdate December 7th (2015)
Aysel Prina: Daughter, Birthdate May 2nd (2018)

Father: Lucus Jayde
Mother: Cecilia (Kinge) Jayde
Sister(s): First Lieutenant Alina Laura (Jayde) Collin (Twin, Starfleet Engineering),
Captain Melany Annika (Jayde) Idriya (Older sister, Starfleet Command)

Other Family
Jareth Collin (Husband to Alina)
Milo Collin (Son to Alina)
Damien Idriya (Husband to Melany)
Erik Idriya (Son to Melany)

Early years Biography

Brielle was born on earth, along with her twin sister Alina, to two parents who, while having nothing against Starfleet itself, never decided to join. The youngest of the two twins, making her the youngest of three daughters to Cecilia and Lucus Jayde. Even from the beginning, she tended to keep herself away from others, except her twin. But of the two of them, she always had the attitude, tended to be the one who got into more trouble than anyone else.

Brielle didn’t make many friends through all of her years in school. A few here and there, but they tended to be meaner to her than a normal friend should be. She got herself away from them quickly, but it made her rough exterior even rougher as she has to learn to protect herself. More than a few fights and broken bones came around, even during school.

After their eldest sister, Melany, joined Starfleet’s command path, both Brielle and Alina decided to join as well. While Alina took the engineering path, Brielle found something more suited to how she acted: tactical and security. She spent most of her time there with her sister when outside of class. She kept her attitude in check at the Academy, mostly so she wouldn’t end up on the bad side of things. She frequented the gym and the firing range so she could get in practice but also keep up her strength.


After graduating the Academy, Brielle was assigned to the USS Mercutio and caught up with them on an away mission, where the first impressions she gave to them were not the greatest. She shot and killed one of the ‘patients’ that the crew was working with. After that, she felt like an outsider for quite some time. It wasn’t until she decided to actually talk to people outside of being on duty that she started to fit in.

Some time later, an engineer on board named Teelor Zimm and she started talking and quickly hit it off. After they’d finally admitted that they loved each other, Zimm had to go away for some mission, leaving Brielle behind to miss him and not be able to hear from him. When he returned, the first thing he did when he saw her after an away mission was propose to her, following Earth customs instead of his own Bajoran customs.

They were married shortly after that, the ceremony officiated by Henry Crow on board the USS Mercutio.

Shortly after their marriage, Zimm was sent away on a mission of which Brielle was not given any details. He has not been heard from since, though there have been hints as to where he is at, and it appears he has been kidnapped.

During the time of Zimm missing, Brielle found out that she was expecting. This came as a surprise, but she soon realized how it had happened, even though they had been being careful. A night of drinking and fun right before Zimm left caused the birth control to not work as it should have.

The pregnancy, other than being alone, went off mostly without a hitch. That was until there was a hint to where Zimm was. The crew went to investigate, and although she was nearing her due date, Brielle decided to go along. This proved to not be the wisest decision, as there was dried blood, months old, found that matched that of Zimm. The discovery proved too much for Brielle and it sent her into labor.

She was beamed back to the ship and shortly after gave birth to Teelor Ossan Erik. It hit her that until Zimm was found, she would be a single parent.

Life aboard the Mercutio continued, and at one point, Agent Banks sent her away on a trip, all expenses paid. The trip was to relax and enjoy herself. Little did Brielle know that she was also ‘assigned’ someone to allow her to enjoy herself in other ways. Jaxon did everything to make her feel comfortable, and things nearly happened that Brielle regretted. She was able to barely hold herself back, but managed to do so, and returned to the Mercutio feeling a bit better after relaxing.

Things seemed normal, Ossan was growing up and learning quickly. But that normalcy soon changed when, after returning from being kidnapped, Edra Crow shot Henry Crow with a gun that had old fashioned bullets. No one knew why, or what happened. Banks quickly took command as Edra was sent to the brig and Henry into surgery.

With the command staff incapacitated, Brielle was elected to take command, and did just that. She pulled off the best lies she could to keep Command at bay while they sorted things out. It didn’t take long for them to figure things out, but Brie kept calm and managed to keep things moving on the ship, including the investigation of what happened to cause Edra to snap.

Once Henry Crow took command again, Brielle got a message that had two unmistakable voices on it: Zimm and the man that had kidnapped them in the past, Brant. He was still trying to get to her, and he had Zimm. There was no arguing by anyone and they soon were heading towards where he was being kept. The rescue mission was all for naught, as they not only found Brant, but the burnt body of Zimm. DNA was unmistakable, as was his combadge. Upon seeing the burnt body of her husband, Brielle chased after Brant, killing him while nearly dead herself. Banks managed to stabilize her wounds while they waited for transport back to the ship.

She sat in mourning, alone, in her quarters. She had visitors of course, but she had others watching Ossan for at least the first week. She still kept to herself for another week before finding her way back to being on duty. That exact same day, her first mission back, she was left in charge, with Admiral DeWitt calling to see what mission they were on. Not knowing any better, Brie told him what the mission was, assuming it was from Command. Finding that it wasn’t, she couldn’t do anything but let some of her anger build. Shortly after, DeWitt came on board and quickly took command, demoting Henry Crow to commander, and giving Edra Crow no real place on the ship.

DeWitt seemed to enjoy running things from the comforts of the Ready Room rather than on the bridge, leaving Henry still technically in command, although he had to run everything by DeWitt. However, DeWitt seemed to find a fondness for Brielle, one that she didn’t quite understand until one meeting where he asked her to find ‘information’ about Henry, to see if he was dangerous. Edra had left the ship without telling anyone, and he got it into Brie’s head that it was because Henry was violent to her. It was her job to ‘watch’ him, and report in.

Other things in Brielle’s life began to change as well. She find friendship in Razot, someone she could talk to about anything. Her son, Ossan, seemed to like him as well (though it could have just been because of the ears). Not questioning really when he asked her for a dinner date on the holodeck, she went along, not having expected what was to come. He told her that he’d had a crush on her for quite some time, even from before Zimm coming on board. Although she was caught off guard, she couldn’t say that there wasn’t something that she felt too.

The closeness grew, and after a short time, he admitted to her that he loved her. Her heart had jumped up into her throat, but she admitted to him that she wasn’t ready to say that, not yet. This didn’t change anything, and their relationship continued to grow. Ossan seemed to be attached to Razot whenever he was over, and was calling him Raz. She soon found that she couldn’t fight her heart anymore and invited Razot over. Ossan had snuggled up to him after kissing his nose, and Razot had put him to bed. Standing in the doorway of Ossan’s room, Brielle listened to him humming a tune to Ossan to put him to sleep. She knew she had to tell him why she’d called him over there, and did her best to work up the courage as he was getting them dinner from the replicator.

She had only been picking at her food, not really eating even though it looked delicious. Razot picked up that something was wrong, or bothering her, and she was finally able to express what she was feeling. She loved him, and there was no denying it.

Brielle was soon filled with fear as Admiral DeWitt came on board and began to play to her emotions and her deepest fears. He’d found a secret that she’d been holding since her early days at the Academy, one that she’d thought was behind her. He promised to keep it a secret…if she did exactly as he told her to do. This included digging up information that could harm the Crow family, especially Henry.

DeWitt found that he could use Brielle as he saw fit and played even more into her connection to her family. In faking a report from Starfleet stating that her twin sister was in quarantine at Starfleet Headquarters, he brought her to his quarters to ‘calm’ her down, only to take advantage of her fragile emotional state in more ways than one. She returned to her quarters very early the next morning extremely afraid, especially of what Razot might say when he found her.

He forgave her, and later that evening on the holodeck, he proposed.

It came as a relief later when DeWitt was removed from command, and Henry was placed back into his position of Captain. She returned all the information she found on Henry to him and all seemed to be as it needed to be. However, she was still getting glares as she walked through the corridors, as no one knew what she’d been through besides Razot.

Another fear his shortly after as she found out that she was pregnant once more. With the timing, she realized the child could be either Razot or DeWitt’s. Luckily, the child turned out to be Razot’s.

Brielle then gave birth to Aysel Prina. However, she and Razot’s relationship turned for the worse and they ended up divorced. Brielle is now in a relationship with Vox Templar.

Graduated Starfleet Academy: assigned USS Mercutio
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade: date unknown
Promoted to Lieutenant: date unknown
Promoted to First Lieutenant: date unknown
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander: Post from July 3rd, 2018
Promoted to Commander