Character Profile - Kerwin Null

Kerwin Null
Trill Female

Place of Origin: Trill

Physical Description

Height – 5’6. Weight 160lbs. Slight with very pale trill spots that appear almost silvery in some lights. Her hair is silver white, and is usually kept very neatly in a tight bun at the nape of her neck.

Personality Profile

Initially quiet, then more talkative when she gets to know people. Kerwin likes to watch.

Early years Biography

An un-joined Trill, Kerwin has always preferred to “make things go fast.” Before she joined Starfleet, she was the pilot of puddle jumpers around nearby systems.

Her parents never quite understood why she wasn’t interested in becoming joined.


Kerwin graduated from the academy and spent several years assigned to various ships. She has been known to refer to herself as a taxi driver on occasion. And still likes to “make things go fast.”