Character Profile - Lt Comander Constance Elane Stewart

Lt Comander Constance Elaine Stewart

Lt Comander Constance Elane Stewart
Human/Romulan Female

Place of Origin: Earth Startfleet medical

Physical Description

Shes 5’5 and weighs 130 pounds alot of that is muscle. she has long black hair that she keeps in a braid. she’s toned/ Athletic she always keeps her ears hidden.
her hips are normal sized. She has a bit of junk in the trunk. She wears light make up. she always wears tac boots along with the standard security uniform. She wears light jewelry. she always smells like vanilla.

Personality Profile

She is very Loyal to her crew and will protect them to her death. She takes her Job as head of Security very serously she expects her team to follow her orders and to know their job and do it correctly. Shes a hard ass when it comes to her job. She used to act like a Vulcan very stiff and by the book. Shes been on the merc so long that its changed her. Shes more fun loving thou she’s still really shy she has a hard time knowing what to say to people. Due to being kidnapped twice shes not as trusting as she once was. She loves to have a good time with her crewmates shes pretty cheerful and respectful of others.

Early years Biography

Constance was born to Lilly Rose Stewart at Startfleet medical in Startfleet headquarters in San Francisco,California. Lilly worked as a Starfleet Security officer at Starfleet headquaters she often did security detail for the Admirals and higher ups. She met and fell in love with Constance’s birth father Jaron who was also in security for Ambassadors from Romulus. Jaron was killed in the line of duty shortly after Lilly became pregnant with Constance. After Jaron’s death he was replaced by his best friend Lovox who felt obligated to help Lilly seeing how she was pregnant with his best friends child. Lilly fell in love with Lovox as he cared for and raised Constance as his own he loved her mother neither one of them suspected that he was in the Tal’Shair undercover he kept his cover till Constance was two. Then on a Saturday morning after they had all eaten breakfast Lovox fulfilled his mission he stabbed Lilly in the heart while she was cleaning up after breakfast. Then he stabbed Constance in the chest while she played on the floor then stabbed himself faking his own death. Later on that morning Lilly’s best friend Pauline stopped by to visit she saw Lilly dead on the floor she also saw Lovox dead on the floor.She was in shock she then saw Constance on the floor she wasn’t dead but badly injured. She took Constance to Starfleet medical to get help and to report the crime. Pauline was half Vulcan half human since no one in Lilly’s family wanted Constance due to her being half Romulan they were afraid to end up like Lilly. Pauline adopted and raised Constance as her own daughter they lived in San Francisco Ca. Until Constance was 13 then Pauline got a transfer to Deep Space Nine. She thought Constance and her would be safer their than on earth. Constance became good friends with Worf and Odo they started her training in Security when she turned 16 Along with Dr Bashier who gave her medic training. She left DS9 at 19 to join. Starfleet.


Constance was trained on DS9 when she was 13 by Odo and Worf she lived their with her Aunt till she graduated Starfleet then she was put on a Station in the middle of nowhere by herself working Security. From their she joined the USS Mercutto where she is currently LT comander Head of Security.