Character Profile - Delaney O'Callaghan

Delaney O’Callaghan
Human Female

Place of Origin: Galway, Ireland

Physical Description

A striking woman, Delaney exhibits all the hallmarks of someone who is prepared to sacrifice breakfast to ensure her hair sits exactly as intended but, in many ways, she is far less careful about her actual appearance than she is about the digital representations she designs. Delaney might enjoy looking good but manages to wear ‘hot mess’ with generally higher spirits than the vanity-driven airhead people might be tempted to assume she is. She is mostly healthy, aside from the occasional recreational drug and alcohol use, which is probably more important, and has several small tattoos tucked away for private consumption only.

Recently, Delaney has learned that she suffers from a heart condition known as patent foramen ovale, or a small hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of her heart. Having lived her entire life without this presenting any issue, she has been warned that the extremities of space travel, and in particular poor oxygen supply and extreme temperatures, maybe lead to dizziness, disorientation and even lapses in consciousness.

Personality Profile

People often comment that Delaney seems effortlessly charming but somewhat chaotic. Daring, quick-witted, with a confidence that adds to her guile, she is, however, occasionally accused of having limited tact and has a very forthright struggle to suffer fools quietly. Indeed, Delaney exhibits an outstanding capacity for speaking before thinking, living at such a pace that the effort to allow her commonsense to keep up with her sense of urgency is often too much. Growing up the youngest and only girl in a fairly typical Irish family has gifted her an upbeat and optimistic tenacity for simply ‘getting on with things’ and it is certainly true that the woman very infrequently allows melancholia and despair to get the better of her. Time spent on fretting is time wasted, after all.

Delaney extends this blunt optimism to her own life and, as a result, doesn’t often suffer extreme lapses in confidence or self-belief. To some, it might present as arrogance and she certainly has the capacity to come across as overly sure of herself, but her expectations of herself are rarely too inflated and she stops short of outright conceit and boasting. Delaney isn’t the type to seek accolades, just as she isn’t really the type to seek approval from outside opinions as much as it’s obviously nice to be valued and appreciated. She can be competitive for the thrill of the race but, ultimately, doesn’t rate her own value as being a ranking amongst an arbitrary selection of peers.

Interestingly enough, Delaney also has a quiet, introspective side that is often reflected in the stories she creates. It is not unusual for her to seek time alone, or to enjoy the privacy of more intimate interactions with a softer, almost tender approach that can be surprising at first. This does not excuse her from passionate outbursts, however, and her temper, though exceedingly slow to ignite, is a tempest-in-a-bottle spectacular. She can be stubborn when admitting fault, struggles with the concept of failure, and will push herself to extremes just to prove that she can.

Early years Biography

Delaney’s family own and operate one of the largest privately-owned shuttle companies operating out of Ireland. As a result, she grew up wearing wings, as she is wont to explain it, and is usually happiest when at the helm.

Generally considered a bright and capable student, Delaney is the only one in her family who opted to attend university rather than head directly into the family business and, as a result, has a proven track record in Operations and Logistics that she felt threatened to ground her if she stayed home and inherited a control room that thrived on all the wrong kinds of chaos. There is a vague expectation that she will probably return home one day, but for the time being, she has been content with shift work with the transit network in Freecloud for the past year and recently hopped aboard Rosie for a change of pace and scenery.


Her primary billet is Security, where she gets the super fun job of also being an Operations adjunct attempting to maintain a decent armoury despite her skills in software engineering, though she has been known to fly a shuttle or two when needed, and may even pull a shift or two at the helm if things get really spicy.