Character Profile - K'Naut


Caitian Male

Place of Origin: Cait

Physical Description

Large for a Caitian. His head and facial features resemble those of a terrestrial Pallas cat. His left ear has been torn and left to heal that way. The fur on his body is grey-white with brown and black stripes, similar to those of a mackerel tabby. He has a long, straight stripe of black fur on his right forearm.

Personality Profile

He is resourceful, gets along with others, and is an excellent engineer.

He has anger control issues and a crippling fear of being assimilated by the Borg.

Early years Biography

K’Naut’s father was small as child and was bullied by his peers. He convinced his wife to allow their unborn child to undergo genetic modification at great expense and with the utmost secrecy. K’Naut would be larger and stronger than the average Caitian. He would also have more acute sight, hearing, and smell.

Shortly after he was born, K’Naut’s father was hired to be the chief engineer at the P’teera dilithium mining colony, a Caitian-run facility near the Federation border with the Tholians. When K’Naut was ten years old, the Tholians decided that P’teera was in their territory and attacked the colony. K’Naut’s father was left with permanent brain damage and his mother lost a leg. The family moved back to Cait.


Operations Track, Starfleet Academy 2363-2367
Advanced Engineering School, Starfleet Academy 2367-2369
Warp Design Associate, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards 2369-2372
Warp Propulsion Specialist, USS Endeavour (NCC-71805) 2372-2374
General discharge from Starfleet 2374
Served 6 months at the Fesara VI Rehabilitation Facility 2374
Propulsion Specialist/Acting Chief Engineer, SS Gavia 2374-2376
Chief Engineer, Deep Space 10 2376-2379
Chief Engineer, SS D’gana 2379-2384
Engineering Lecturer, Daystrom Institute 2384-2387
Engineering Consultant, Romulan Relief Fleet 2387-2389
Chief Engineer, M/V Balderdash 2389-2395
Chief Engineer, Mercury Antimatter Production Facility, 2395-2403