Character Profile - Cletus Maxwell Jones XXXII

Cletus Maxwell Jones XXXII
Human Male

Place of Origin: Starbase 114

Physical Description

Max is a well built man of average height. He has a slightly tanned complexion and does not have any blemishes on his face. He does have a scar across his left pectoral muscle region on his chest.

Personality Profile

Max is most generally a team player. While he does value his own skills, he’s always recognized the benefits of the contributions others can make. This is why he’s generally considered to be quite the “people person.” Max is also a problem solver.

Early years Biography

In the late 24th century, a son was born to Starfleet family. He was the eighth son to bear the name Cletus Maxwell Jones and the fifth of the line to join Starfleet. Most of his adolescence was spent aboard Starbase 114, where his father was stationed as a surgeon. Max, as our character preferred to be called, relished the opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures. He was a social butterfly to say the least, always keen to see what was around the next corner. He did relatively well in school, especially since his mother was a school teacher. Max always looked up to his father, being in Starfleet, though he had little interesting in becoming any type of doctor. Barring his father, Max hated going to the doctor. He did latch onto a cousin of his, who was a shuttle pilot for the station. She acted as a mentor for him and when he made the decision to enlist in Starfleet, flight control was his choice path.

Starfleet Academy was no joke. Even the best and the brightest found many challenges and Max was not the tip top of his class. While he did pass the entrance exams, itself a rather impressive feat, he was by no means the same academic success as his peers. He had above average marks in the social sciences and his major coursework, but many other areas fell by the wayside onto the level of basic proficiency. After all, he believed no one was an expert on everything. That said, he worked hard enough to earn his commission and received his first assignment….. A shuttle pilot for Starbase 264. He had to start somewhere.

His Starfleet career was quite varied. He was fortunate that after only a year on 264, he was reassigned the USS Paragon, a small science vessel that had a very small crew. He served as third in a very small flight control department and primarily worked the graveyard shift. That was not to say he didn’t get plenty of experience. He once had to traverse an asteroid field inside a nebula while his two immediate superiors were away from the ship and he was left in command of the department. He frequently stood in as Alpha shift helmsman whenever he got the chance. After three years, he transferred to the much larger USS Bavaria, where he served as the assistant chief. Max spent two years as assistant before he was reassigned to the USS Harbinger as the Chief of Flight Control. It was his first official department command and he was thrilled.


2778 – 2782: Starfleet Academy
2782 – 2783: Starbase 264. Shuttle Pilot
2783 – 2786: USS Paragon, Flight Control Officer
2786 – 2788: USS Bavaria, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
2788 – present: USS Harbinger, Chief Flight Control Office