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Y. Minawara

Yoshi Minawara

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: yminawara

Physical Appearance

Tall and slender were words often used to describe Yoshi Minawara. For a man of asian descent, he is fairly tall and fairly thin, having put on a bit of muscle in his middle years. His face is angular and helps give him a look of constant focus, a looked aided by the piercing blue eyes.

The elephant in the room of his appearance is always his arm. For years, Yoshi has opted to keep from synthetic skin being applied, keeping it as a bare duranium exterior. When questioned, he always responds with "it is not a disability or a feature of shame, but a medal of honour." The arm completely replaced his left arm, from the shoulder (including the blade) down. Over the years he's made improvements to it himself. On his left jaw is a scar from where he injured himself with a laser spanner in his cadet years during an accident with a dummy relay.


Yoshi was always regarded as reserved, and quiet. His demeanour has always been proper and firm, and, unlike his sister, he has always held himself in high regard for appearances. That being said, over the years, he has "warmed up" as people say. He is more willing to joke now, and has made a few, long lasting friendships. Alice, his wife of ten years, claims most of the credit for that.

Pre-Service Biography

Born on a quiet day on Earth, Yoshi was the first child to Toshio and Caroline Minawara, on May 16th, 2348. From a young age, he was shown to have an aptitude for finicking with things.His father, a firm believer in the structured education, tried to force Yoshi to focus on his schooling; however, his mother insisted on encouraging his habits. When his sister was born, his mother took the opportunity to instil a more of her own learning style, encouraging Yoshi and later Victoria to follow their passions respectfully.

In the later years of his life with his youth, Yoshi found himself more and more aboard starships following his mothers career as a Helm officer, and later as an Executive Officer. This lead to him having an opportunity to spend a great deal of time lodged into various ship systems, and poking around components. The boy learned to love examining things, seeing how they work, but more importantly, figuring them out for himself. This skill would stick with him his whole life, an almost innate ability to understand a systems putting together and function. Engineering would eventually consume his life, when he applied and received Commission to Starfleet Academy, Corps of Engineers, in 2366. From there, his life seemed to change.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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