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Alenis Tajor

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: USS Bernard
Played by: trevor

Physical Appearance

Gender Male
Species Trill Bajoran Hybrid
Age 30

Physical Appearance
Height 5’ 8”
Weight 149 lb
Hair Color Rich dark chocolate brown with light golden-brown highlights
Eye Color Dark mocha brown with honey and emerald highlights.
Physical Description Alenis has a thin yet well-defined Rhomboid body form. Though he doesn’t seem very physically fit he has is surprisingly strong thanks to his practice of Hung Ga. He does have unusual physical characteristics because ov being a hybrid of Trill and Bajoran parents. The markings generally associated with Trill seem a bit lager and of a single row rather than two and less delicate but do follow the same paths down his body. Ridges on the brim of his nose that are typical Bajorans are also present and well defined.


Personality & Traits
General Overview Alenis Tajor is a unique breed of gifted physicians who serves in the Federation of Planets’ Starfleet. From an early age Dr. Alenis knew his calling in life and began pursuing his dream of becoming a medical physician.

His start in life was rough. Being born prematurely with several medical issues and then at the age if fourteen losing his right arm Dr. Alines has learned to be empathetic with his patients. He can be seemingly harsh and unsocial with crewmates but as he steps into his role as a physician something about him changes and the rough corners smooth away.

Taking a more holistic approach to medicine Dr. Alines tends to focus on the whole individual and as such may prescribe both ancient and modern treatments. Having been trained by both of his parents in alternative medicines and taking two majors at Starfleet Medical Academy he uses his knowledge to treat the individual, not just the symptoms.

One of the most notable characteristics exhibited by the doctor is his ability to adapt to situations. Changing his approach based on the patient’s condition, the environment they are in and what materials are available at the time Dr. Alines will tailor every treatment plan to the persons needs to provide the best possible outcome. He will often prescribe an ongoing treatment plan even in areas where he will not be able to follow up on a patient’s progress. These often involve homeopathic or alternative forms of medicine that are readily available to them rather than a prescription drug which may or may not be assessable to the m in his absence.

Much of his practice focuses on the immediate restoration of the individual. When in a medical setting that allows for follow up visits Dr. Alenis takes an approach that is preventative as well as restorative. He is not afraid to try various techniques of treatment until a satisfactory method has been reached and the individual is restored back to health.
Strengths & Weaknesses Self Critical: Never feeling as if he has done or knows enough Alenis can be found minimizing his contribution giving credit to others but not to himself.

Empathetic: To a fault some might say but it this empathy that drives him to service and to helping others in need. He can relate to their suffering and pain and it is evident in how he treats his patients.

Exceptional Intelligence: With a photographic memory and ability to remember even small details Alenis has a wide grasp and knowledge of his field.

Astute Thinking: Alenis can think on his feet and works well under pressure.

Dedicated: Some would say he is overly dedicated choosing to work longer hours and continually seeks to learn new modern and traditional medicines.

Detail Oriented: To state that he is a detailed person is not an overstatement. Usually this is a great thing as he knows where to find things and can remember small aspects that others might overlook. But on the other hand his obsession with everything having its place and a place for everything can become rather taxing to his coworkers.
Ambitions Alenis hopes to one day work for Starfleet Medical overseeing a department for holistic and alternative medicines. He wants t make a contribution in the form of service to the Federation and their citizens by helping as many individuals as he can with whatever health problems they may have.
Hobbies & Interests Music: Alenis enjoys Singing to himself, mostly in Bajoran, though he does sing in Federation Common as well. In addition, he plays the Tivera, a Bajoran woodwind instrument similar to a clarinet or obo that he inherited from his father. His father also gave him his first lessons but most of his skill is self-taught.
Alternative Medicine: As part of his upbringing Jasper learned a number of various healing techniques from his Mother and Father. As the two served on a medical ship they often had to leave behind individuals that were still not completely healed and would teach them to perform healing treatments they could do without modern medicine or physicians. Then after the crash landing of the USS Bernard into Aponi III when he was fifteen he learned, even more, being forced to use what was available on the planet for the purpose of treating the sick and wounded along with his mother.
Meditation Taught by his father as part of Bajoran religious practices.
Martial Arts Tajor began learning Hung Ga when he was six. Although he would never claim to be a master he practices the martial art form every day and is actually quite good at it.

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History It was Stardate 44807.446854388676, October 22, 2364 when Alenis Tajor was born aboard the USS Bernard. His parents Lieutenant Commander Alenis Fuliar , a Bajoran, and Lieutenant Hermis Gres a trill. Both were physicians serving on the Olympus class starship.

Tajor was born premature for either of his parent’s species and it took nearly five weeks before he could leave the NICU and begin his life with his parents. The complications faced by the infant were numerous. He was small, tiny by some standards at only 31.242cm and weighing a mere 0.825538. He was unable to breath unassisted due to immature lungs that lacked adequate surfactant levels. Elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood caused Tajor to be jaundice. His immature gastrointestinal and digestive system created the need for him to be fed intravenously, Thankfully, he was born in the 24th century, on a medical ship to doctor doctors or he might not have survived.

His first few years was a struggle although his adoring parents urged him on threw his slowness to thrive. They boy fought hard as his digestive system and lungs caught up with him and by three Tajor was just barely within the normal height and weight ranges for his age. He was thought to be socially challenged by many observers. Some passed around the idea that Tajor might have a for of autism based on his behavior yet his cognitive ability seemed to be exceptional.

His father began teaching him things about his Bajoran heritage early. First at four Tajor started learing to meditate as is common in the Bajoran religion. At the age of six his father began teaching him to play the Tivera, Tajor would sing while by himself but was too shy to sing when anyone else was around.

That same year his father had him ask Lieutenant Bao Kāng, a security officer aboard the ship, if he would teach him Hung Ga. The idea was to get the boy out of his shell and to build self-confidence and discipline. Tajor loved the low stances and would practice them for hours. Later they became a form of meditation and a way to overcome the phantom pain after loosing his right arm.

The boy followed his parents around the wards and it became obvious how sympathetic he was to the plight of the patients. Tajor reacted appropriately to social stimuli while he was there yet among his peers he preferred to be by himself and sometimes ignored others around him.

Tajor devoured books, especially those on medicine and patient care and by eleven he had read through some impressive volumes of medical literature. There was no doubting where his heart was and where he was going to be head for a career.

Both his parents began teaching him tradition or alternative medicine practices at an early age. Tajor learned quickly and enjoyed every minute of it. He still uses these and others he has learned in his practice.

Because he implored his parents as he grew he took on more responsibility and eventually at the age of 12 had passed all certifying criteria to become a nurse except for his age. Often, he was allowed to assist in matters that would not endanger patients and even the staff nurses noticed his dedication and attention to detail. Patients commented on how thoughtful he was and how helpful the lad was though among his own age group there weren’t many who could tolerate him.

When he was thirteen the USS Bernard came under attack by three Dopterian starships that accused them of interfering in a conflict on Kotos III. The Federation starship was badly damaged leaving two thirds of the crew dead or dying. Tajor’s arm was covered with third degree chemically based burs and severely mangled with his Radios, Alnar and humoral bone splintered into numerous pieces and crushed by an explosion which sent a large portion of a corridor all crashing down on him during the attack. His mother was later forced to amputate the limb only twelve centimeters from the head of the humerus. His father was killed during the attack trying to protect the wounded from the boarding party that made it through the ships weakened shielding. It became clear what they were really after were their medical supplies which they began pilfering until the ship was secured and the Dopterians onboard were captured as their counterparts fled the scene.

The assault left the ship crippled with a crew too small to support it. In much disrepair and it was forced to crash land into Davos IV a class M planet with harsh weather that made living on the surface more dangerous than staying on what was left of the medical ship.

For two years the survivors were forced to live in these conditions reinforcing Tajor’s abilities with alternative medicines and his skills of working with the sick and wounded. He learned to use a prosthetic arm that was replicated to fit him, It was a Biosynthetic limb though it fit fairly poorly seeing there were no experts in the field of prosthetics still alive. He did receive counseling though he continued to experience phantom main from the missing limb. Meditation and his practice of martial arts provided a means of dealing with the pain. Tajor still experiences the pain from time to time and deals with it in the same manor. When they were rescued by Starfleet he was seventeen.

When the Federation learned of Alenis’s desire to become a physician in 2381 Starfleet Medical they offered him a full scholarship if he would attend the academy and become an officer. He sat for the examination and was accepted into the Academy on Earth and did exceptionally well. Due to his training and experience prior to becoming a cadet he could have completed his medical degree in four years rather than the typical seven. Instead he opted to remain in the program and graduate with two specialties one in Emergency Medicine and the other in Osteopathic holistic medicine offered through extension courses.

The young physician was assigned to the USS Huggins while in his senior Cadet year. It was an Olympus class starship newly refitted and posted to the delta quadrant. He did well and was offered a permanent position upon graduation. But he found the ship stifling to his ability to practice alternative medicines as the CMO disapproved of any treatment they were unfamiliar with and that was not a more modern approach. This seemed rather odd seeing his specialty clearly stated his affection for alternative methods of healing.

In spite of this knowledge he saved the life of a crew members child by performing a series of treatments which were certainly not cutting edge. hot and cold fomentations to treat an infection when it was allergic to other treatment methods. His Commanding officer decided to perform a non-judicial punishment or NJP. Alenis was publicly reprimanded, ordered to perform extra duty and confided to his quarters when off duty. The young doctor appealed to Admiral Henry Donaldson, a physician at Starfleet Medical who had been one of his professors. The Admiral intervened and recalled Alenis to Starfleet Medical temporarily as he awaited reassignment.

In what would 2389 that Alenis was reassigned almost as soon as he arrived on Earth. It to a ship he was told that not one he would have chosen. The USS Bates had a reputation for being a “death trap.” Her Commanding Officer, Commander Sarah Springer, had a reputation for trouble. Being assigned to her manifest was considered a death sentence with on a twenty to thirty percent chance of making it out of a mission in one piece let alone alive. The Norway class starship which monitored the area just outside of Breen space had seen its share of conflict and the crew had paid the price without much to brag about for their efforts.

Just before he was to board lenis was informed there was going to be some managerial changes to the ship and the vessel was to be reassigned. He learned that a Commander Tallok, a Vulcan, was to become the Commanding officer, the executive officer was changed as well and the ship was to be reassigned to support role for the new colonies being formed in the Alpha quadrant more adjacent the Klingon boarder. The new assignment fit his need much better than his last and although the department was obviously smaller than a dedicated medical ship he had considerably more freedom to practice as he saw fit.

On Stardate 68651.44993023842, August 26th at 1843, 2392 an emergency distress signal was received From the Fodinar Colony by the Bates. The colony on Davinos VII, a class M planet, had only officially started two months earlier. Operation of the mines had begun only two weeks prior. According to the message there had been an explosion in one of the shafts and the main entrances had partially collapsed. Without much in the way of a medical staff and eighty-two individuals trapped or injured they were requesting assistance.

By the time the ship arrived two more explosions had occurred, and category 3 trimmers of the planet’s crust set off by the explosions deep below surface. He planned in rout with his team to send another doctor into the mines for search and rescue while he would be in charge of the makeshift emergency hospital on the surface. Upon arrival he teleported down allowing supplies to be brought in by shuttle as well as teleportation to the surface one he had established a sight just meters from the mouth of the mine. Spotting two individuals who were from the mine but apparently not hurt he drafted them into service preparing the medical station as supplies arrived.

The sight of seeing the injured minors emerging from the mines covered in a thick greyish brown dust through the darkness is something he will never forget. They looked more like zombies than sentient beings all in their uniform of debris and looking shocked and numbed.

Dr. Alenis sat up a triage center and a treatment area. He worked tirelessly along with the staff to asses and take care of those affected. Alenis was in his element and it showed. He treated each patient with respect and care that seemed to sooth many of them more than the aid they received.
After a week of the 343 who were in the mine, all were traumatized by the experience and nearly all experienced some sort of injury, one hundred and fifty-two were critically injured.

The CO make the young doctor the Assistant chief at the request of the Chief of his department and elevated his rank to a Lieutenant JG. With the new responsivities Alenis did well and proved a capable physician.

Then in 2394 Dr. Alenis was ordered to report to Earth for reassignment. It seemed odd to all involved until he met with Admiral Henry Donaldson who gave him orders to report to the USS Iperator to take the position of Chief Medical Officer.

Service Record
2388-2389 USS Huggins, Senior Cadet, Medical Intern
2389-2392 USS Bates, Ensign, Medical Officer
2392-2394 USS Bates, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2394 Reassigned to USS Imperator, Lieutenant JG, Chief Medical Officer

StarFleet Service History

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