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Alidar i-ch'Rihan tr'Seroht

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Romulus
Played by: sylar_ryan

Physical Appearance

At first glimpse, Alidor is a bit of an imposing figure. He looks every bit of a smug Romulan who has spent his life in the fleet. His familiar V-shaped brow ridges separate him from looking like a Vulcan.


Compared to some Romulans, Alidor has always been a bit more liberal. He still sees the Romulan way as the best way, but knows that his people are in fairly dire straits. He sees the Federation as the Empire's last hope of survival.

He is very loyal to those he serves and won't ask anyone to dom something that he wouldn't do himself. While not entirely xenophobic and racist against other species, he does see the Romulan way as superior to that of other cultures and methods.

Aside from that, Alidor is a stickler for keeping with the chain of command. He finds socializing with Federation species a bit awkward. Alidar possesses determination and a knack for survival. He has a natural curiosity about all things different. He's a natural explorer and genuinely loves discovery.

Pre-Service Biography

Alidor was born to a minor noble family in the Romulan Empire. While not among the top families, his House did hold a Senate seat. This left the members of his family with more ambition than the average family and a hunger to rise to land among the top tier of Houses.

While growing up, Alidor spent much time aboard his House's own D'Deridex, the Sienov. Because his grandfather took his Senate duties, Alidor's father Jarok served as the ship's commanding officer. Alidor was always encouraged to come aboard and learn every position that he could so that he could one day take over leadership position of the House.

His grandfather had begun his family's rise to the upper crust by nominally adopting a more populist attitude and striving to help those in the Empire who had been left behind. He nominally supported closer ties to the Federation and more rights for the common Romulan within the Empire. This rubbed off on Jarok then to Alidor as they were taught to feel this way. His grandfather was one of the only Senators to support military action against the Dominion from the beginning.

Alidor, upon his eighteenth birthday, was admitted into the Romulan Imperial Academy as were the heirs of most Houses in his position. While there, he found a love for science and pursued that as his career. He focused his time and put everything into his studies, which allowed him to graduate at the top of his class.

Upon graduation, Alidor was given a spot aboard his family's flagship, the Sienov. Jarok wanted his son to learn to lead by learning to serve, so forced him to start on the bottom. As the years went by, Alidor proved himself capable in both scientific discovery and leadership ability. By the time the Dominion War broke out, Alidor served as the First Officer to his father throughout the war. He was awarded a medal for bravery from the Empire because of an injury he received during a mission near war's end to the Badlands where the ship was boarded. He took a plasma bolt to the lower abdomen and required a long stay in the hospital.

Upon healing, he was given a position as one of the Romulan assistant ambassadors to Obsidian to help facilitate the Obsidian Accords. He made a few Starfleet friends and tried his best to hold things together as the two powers began to bicker and their relationship cooled significantly. After only a year, the entire delegation was recalled.

Upon returning home, Jarok had replaced the badly damaged D'Deridex with a brand new Valdore-class. While officially the First Officer, Alidor served as Commanding Officer while his father served on the Senate as his grandfather had passed. Most of missions were those of exploration on the far side of the Empire, he did get to have some amount of contact with the Breen.

As soon as the Hobus disater happened, all of House Seroht was recalled to their summer home away from Romulus. It was discussed that their people would need to either rely on the Klingons or the Federation to help them overcome what had just happened. With the Klingons being blood-enemies with the Romulans, the House had only one option. Alidor volunteered to join the Federation's Officer Exchange Program as the first ever Romulan volunteer.

StarFleet Service History

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