Aranis 1

Aranis Icresias Kosana T'San

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: El-Auria
Played by: Aranis T'San

Physical Appearance

Still quite muscular and fit despite being over 400, but his physical appearance is one of that in Human 40's.


Aranis has an air of calm around him, one that may seem as if he's totally laid back but he is always observing, always thinking. One of his El-Aurian abilities is to project his feelings out on others, so his calmness infects those around him. He is immensely loyal to his officers and will always fight for them if they are in the right.

Pre-Service Biography

Aranis was born in 1982 (Earth years) on El-Auria to parents Zorvan and Ishta T’San. His father was a Lt. Colonel in the El-Aurian military and his mother teacher in a local school. His childhood could be said to have been 'eventful' with the constant worry about what mood his father would come in with.

Zorvan was a very sought-after man in the military, with skills ranging from explosives to espionage. So, he always came in a little ragged, shook the house up a little and went to sleep. The whole family loved the man, but the children somewhat feared him in a sense. It was this fear the made all Zorvans children want to excel in life; in fear of punishment should they fail. It was this fear, along with the thrill of excitement, which led Aranis and his younger brother Kisorna to join the military soon after their completion of secondary school.

The trip through Officers Academy was a tough one, constant drills, physical exercise beyond all possible limits and the study of military tactics until you would dream about them when you slept. It was a gruelling process that Aranis thrived on. His brother on the other hand struggled slightly, but with the help of his older brother made it through to the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was one of the most beautiful things Aranis had ever seen. The military went all out to welcome and congratulate their 'newest generation' to the stars. Confetti littered the streets for weeks, the music still rung in the ears of everyone and the food was another thing all together.

As the years passed by Aranis gained much experience, impressing his CO's and his father alike. With his father recently promoted to General, and in command of El-Auria's planetary defence force he asked Aranis and Kisorna to join him. With promotions and big smiles, they gladly accepted.

It was at this time he met his wife, Rino. She was a beautiful woman, with long blonde hair and blue eyes that you could get lost in for hours. After a year of seeing each other they married... Aranis was the happiest man in the galaxy.

The years rolled on by and Kisorna still remained at the middle of the table, whereas Aranis had gained the promotion to the rank of Colonel, and such his father’s second in command. His father could not have been any prouder, of both his sons.

It was by this time Aranis and his wife had a daughter, Lorin and a young son Rishan.

Late in 2265 there had been a warning from a race close to the El-Aurians that the Borg had 'awoken' and began to rampage once again through the quadrant. Many hundreds of years before the El-Aurians had managed to slip a 'sleep' code in to the collective consciousness, now it seemed they had broken free of it.

Fearing the worse they set up all defensive stations and recalled all vessels capable of putting up a fight to defend themselves in the early months of 2293. They knew the Borg would head straight for them, the ones who had disabled them for so long.

It was suggested by Aranis that an offensive fleet should intercept the Borg before their arrival at the home world. Should they fail it would give just enough time to evacuate the planet and save as many lives as possible. He volunteered for this mission, but his father rejected his plea and chose himself to lead the charge.

So they waited.

Days later word got through that his father had failed, thus meaning he had been killed. It felt like a knife had been plunged through his heart, not only because he had lost his father, but because Kisorna had been in command of one of the 25 ships in that battle.

He issued the order, and the world began its chaotic evacuation. It was to take about a month to evacuate the entire planet, cutting it a bit short because of all the population, but that was the timeframe they had.

Then the dreaded moment arrived. They arrived. With transports still leaving the planet, the last ones, the timing was crucial and Aranis ordered his fleet, now of 50 vessels and defence stations to open fire and protect them at all costs.

It was during this battle that the transport ship that had his wife and family on was hit by a cutting beam. The ship itself moderately damaged still struggled on and jumped to warp. What he didn't know at this point was his wife had been killed.

The El-Aurians threw everything they had at the Borg, but they were right to see their own destruction on the cards. The battle raged on, and most ships were disabled or destroyed before he ordered the retreat, after the last ship had gone. It was in the later months of 2293 that they limped across the Alpha Quadrant and sought help from the newly born Federation. Their ship was a relic of a tragic event they would rather forget and as such it was put on self-destruct so that no species would use its advanced technology to gain power or glory.

When they reached Earth in the early 2300's, he had found out most of the refugees had gone separate routes, deciding to spread themselves across the galaxy, and in fact the universe. Luckily for his, his family's ship was saved by the USS Enterprise-B from an energy ribbon.

When the dust settled, and he was reunited with his daughter and son it was then he found out his wife was not among them. He fell into a depression, feeling as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest and stamped on. With the 'help' of Federation counsellors at the time he managed to get through this. He understood that his wife was not dead, if he always had the memories of her within him. As well as the fact she would live on through the children.

For many years he fell off the map, along with Lorin and Rishan. Staying in a remote corner of Earth doing odd jobs and keeping himself occupied and making sure his children had a positive upbringing.

Aranis truly got over his ‘loner’ attitude in 2353 and applied for acceptance into the Academy. It was strange to be so much older than all the fresh-faced adolescents. He graduated in 2357 with honours in tactical, security and with a special major in marine combat.

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