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Calista Harcourt

Calista Harcourt

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: USS Ulysses
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

eight 5f8
Weight 132LBS
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Callie is of standard weight and height for a girl of her age. She works out regularly and is used to starship gravity. She has lost weight and muscle tone since landing on this planet.


+ Optimistic and Energetic – Virtuosos are usually up to their elbows in some project or other. Cheerful and good-natured, people with the Virtuoso personality type (especially Assertive ones) rarely get stressed out, preferring to go with the flow.
+ Creative and Practical – Virtuosos are very imaginative when it comes to practical things, mechanics, and crafts. Novel ideas come easily, and they love using their hands to put them into action.
+ Spontaneous and Rational – Combining spontaneity with logic, Virtuosos can switch mindsets to fit new situations with little effort, making them flexible and versatile individuals.
+ Know How to Prioritize – This flexibility comes with some unpredictability, but Virtuoso personalities are able to store their spontaneity for a rainy day, releasing their energy just when it’s needed most.

- Stubborn – As easily as Virtuosos go with the flow, they can also ignore it entirely, and usually move in another direction with little apology or sensitivity. If someone tries to change Virtuosos’ habits, lifestyle or ideas through criticism, they can become quite blunt in their irritation.

- Private and Reserved – Virtuoso personalities are notoriously difficult to get to know. They are true introverts, keeping their personal matters to themselves, and often just prefer silence to small talk.

Pre-Service Biography

Calista or Callie as she is better known, grew up on Starships. Her father was an operations officer who went on to command his own vessel before his death when Callie was just 17. Callie grew up mainly on the USS Ulysses, where she would learn a lot about starships and their operating systems. But Operations was not her passion. Engineering was. Callie had a bad habit of sneaking off on her mother and finding herself in Engineering. Where she would sit and listen to the engineers talk and work. At age 7 her mother gave birth to a baby sister, named Felicity, happy though she was, Callie was not that interested in the baby.

When she was ten, the listening in engineering changed into doing, as the then chief engineer let her tinker a bit.

When she was 14, the family moved from Ulysses to the TigersClaw. And Callie hated it. The chief engineer used biometrics to keep non starfleet personnel out of Engineering spaces. So Callie had to resort to other measures. She hung out in the shuttle bay instead and spent time with the flight controllers learning how they looked after the shuttles and she even, convinced her father, then CO of the TigersClaw to allow her to go with him on inspections. When his daughter had been unable to enter Engineering due to the biometric shield, he had lost his customary cool. After that, Callie was allowed access.

At 15 and a half she sat the Academy Entrance exam, and passed. But she would not be accepted until she was 16 and a half.

Her mother, chose then to send Callie to the family home on Earth so she could study and get acclimated to the planet. Felicity was sent as well, as she didn’t want to stay on the TigersClaw without her sister.(BORING) was the term used.

They stayed at the family home in Boulder Colorado, with their Paternal Aunt Lucilla Harcout. Felicity settling well into normal school while Callie took time to roam around the mountains and hills and learn to ski.

Callie had just started at the Academy, staying on campus when news came of the destruction of the TigerClaw. And the loss of all hands. This struck Callie and Felicity hard, and was made more difficult by the fact that their Aunt, wanted nothing to do with them. Lucilla was only allowed to be at the family home while her brother was alive due to the old family feud issues, that Callie neither knew about or cared about. So Lucilla left, and Callie had to move home to study and look after Felicity.

Their Maternal Grandfather contacted them shortly after the deaths of their parents, and suggested that Felicity could live with him. He was an ambassador, and his wife a school teacher. After long talks, Callie and Felicity decided that it would be for the best. They managed to get transport on the USS Phoenix to a diplomatic Conference where their Grandfather would be. Callie would then return to Earth and the academy.

It never happened. They were among the survivors who crashed onto planet Perdita. Since then, Callie has been keeping her sister safe and working with other crew. Felicity has not spoken since the crash, and stays close to her sister.

StarFleet Service History

2396 - Starfleet Academy - 1st year

Awards Won

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