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Caoimhe Charlotte O'Connor M.D.

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: England, Earth
Played by: pd

Physical Appearance

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 37
Place of Birth England, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Caoimhe has a slight built with her height and weight. But no one should underestimate her in anyway. Her grey eyes can darken almost to the colour of a storm cloud if she is angry and lighten if she is happy.


Spouse Barry O'Connor (divorced)
Children None
Father Stephen Gallagher
Mother Sharon Gallagher
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None


Personality & Traits

General Overview As Caoimhe was raised in England, she has a soft English lilt to her voice which some people have said can sound posh. Even though she has a calm and friendly deposition which comes with being a Doctor, she has an anger which can very easily manifest itself. She has worked hard to get to the rank and position she holds so she takes her job very seriously and can become angry if someone challenges her on it. Her past has also thought her many lessons and left behind it's scars.
Strengths & Weaknesses Caoimhe's main strength is an empathy with patients which means that they are able to take to her very easily and trust her easily. It isn't fitting with who she usually is but it's something which still come naturally.

Caoimhe's main weakness is her temper. This can present itself in her easily becoming frustrated or angry if a person is putting themselves at risk or not taking their health or treatments seriously. She is also very protective over her patients and of her work, to the point at which she would argue with anyone as high as the Captain if she feels they are in jeopardy.

A second weakness of Caoimhe's is her ability to be able to handle a phaser. You can always trust that anything she aims at....whatever is 10feet to their side she will hit instead.Being a Doctor, more importantly a surgeon, she can handle a scalpel much easier.
Ambitions To make that final break through in her medical research.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Swimming, Dancing, Horse Riding
Languages Federation Standard, Orion, Klingon

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History In 2357, Stephen and Sharon Gallagher had a daughter, Caoimhe Gallagher who was born in an area called Tottenham in Middlesex, England. Not long after giving birth to Caoimhe, Sharon received the news that she would be unable to have any further children. At this point, both starfleet officers, they decided to bring their daughter up in England . As Caoimhe was their only child, she was absolutely spoiled, what their daughter wanted, their daughter got.

Because of her upbringing, Caoimhe became a very selfish and obnoxious person. She had very few friends as people couldn't put up with how she would behave and look down on the people around her.

At the age of 18, Caoimhe made the decision to become a Doctor and the easiest route seemed to be Starfleet.

During her second year, she met a man by the name of Barry O'Connor. As she set her eyes on the man, all she knew was that she had to have him and noone else would do. Through months of chasing and persuasions, Caoimhe managed to entrap Barry in her net and by the end of their fourth year, they were married.

In 2379, both Caoimhe and Barry graduated from Starfleet Academy. Caoimhe graduated as a medical officer with the rank of Ensign, Barry graduated in his area of intelligence, also with the rank of Ensign. As they were married, Starfleet arranged for their deployment to the same ship, the USS Gladiator. It was here where Caoimhe was to continue her intership in order to become a fully qualified Doctor and Barry would an intelligence officer.

As the years passed, Caoimhe and Barry grew distant. As an intelligence officer, Barry was always away from the ship on 'top secret' intelligence gathering. Over time, Barry himself seemed to change. He manifested himself into a cold and distant man, which resulted in him pushing Caoimhe back.

In 2384, Caoimhe had just finished her internship, finally earning the title of Doctor with a qualified in the area of surgical procedures, minoring in general medicine. With her new qualifications came a promotion to Lieutenant, having already achieved Lieutenant JG two years beforehand. In was this same year in which Barry was deployed on another intelligence gathering mission but this was one from which time would pass before he returned.

Just after assuming her new role as ship's surgeon, Caoimhe was made aware that Barry had been classified as MIA. Unable to gain contact with him, Starfleet Intelligence gave up on their search. Although she never really loved Barry, it was the idea of who he had been that she wanted, Caoimhe still grieved as he had been apart of her life for so long.

Electing to stay onboard the USS Gladiator, she devoted her time to continuing with her medical practise, throwing herself into her work.

In 2387, Caoimhe woke up one morning to find a man standing over her bed. Before she could say or do anything, he cupped his hand over her mouth preventing her from screaming. Kidnapping her and taking one of the shuttles, she slowly became aware of the fact that this man was actually Barry.

Scared as it slowly became evident that she was being held as a hostage, Caoimhe learned that Barry had been imprisoned by the Klingons. As the Klingons were technically allies to the federation, the federation turned their back on the officer in order to preserve the alliance. Also any acknowledgement of Barry's existence would have admitted to the Klingons that the Federation had planted spies amongst their ranks.

After years of plotting, Barry finally managed to escape, his mind firmly on getting revenge on the Federation who he viewed as having taken his life away from him. Part of his plan could compose of using Caoimhe. Within months, Barry found that he had been written out of existence. Every door that he turned to for help was closed to him, cementing further his hatred of the Federation. Even more, now he was on the run for having kidnapped a federation officer, even if the woman was his wife.

Often Caoimhe tried to flee, to beg for help but each attempt was fouled by Barry and just seemed to make him more angrier. He surgically inserted a beacon into Caoimhe’s arm which meant he could always track her every move and her escape would only mean her death. He wore he down over time, stripped he of her dignity and freedom. She became a shell of herself.

In 2390, after a year of running, Barry was finally cornered on Orion, trying to integrate himself into the Orion Syndicate. Taken into custody, Caoimhe was finally saved. Initially she was also held in custody. As his wife it was felt that she may have played a part in all of this but over time it was realised she was nothing but an innocent bystander.

Scared and shaken by what had happened, a shell of who she once was, Caoimhe took leave from the Gladiator during which time she floated from one place to the next trying to refind herself. She later went on to file for divorce which was granted in a quick period of time given the situation. She found that the selfish person she had been nolonger existed but she didn't know who the new woman was who replaced her.

In 2391, a year after her leave was granted, Caoimhe was to find herself cornered by Starfleet and forced into a decision. Starfleet were unhappy for her to have any further leave but instead of returning her to the USS Gladiator, they proposed her relocation to Starfleet Academy where she would spearhead the surgical programme with the medical school. There was no denying that Caoimhe had skills, she may have lost herself but she never lost her capabilities. Starfleet saw potential in this and Caoimhe felt she had no other least at the Academy she could hide behind books and resources and nothing more would be thought of her.

It was during this time in the Academy that Caoimhe also turned her attention to research, most specifically in the area of immunology. Her particular area of interest was in an area of work which had been looked into before by one Captain Beverly Crusher in 2370; the effect of synthetic t-cells on the reactivation of genes within a person’s body. Previous attempts had always resulted in the t-cells mutating and being airborne which resulted in exposed people being to devolve as dormant genes in their bodies were reactivated and sending them back to states in their lives going back millions of years.

T-cells were extremely important in a body's immune response and during surgery this was even more important. No matter how satisfied the area you worked in, you could not account for every single molecule of illness or infection. Also there was the benefit to the wider medical community in their fights against virus and other infections which may have not been as easily treated with modern conventional technology.

Caoimhe earned a reputation for herself at the Academy as quiet and when angry or deeply focused on her research, could be at times unapproachable. She seemed to have no personality and as such it was often better felt to stay out of her way. It seemed that the woman locked herself into this world where all that mattered was facts and figures and that maybe her breakthrough could make a difference to how medicine worked and it’s approach to being able to save lives.

In 2394, Caoimhe was approached once again by Starfleet but this time with a proposition. Although she hadn’t reached a positive outcome yet with her research, she had made may strides in relation to preventing the t-cell mutation from becoming airborne but the mutation activation was still proving to be more difficult to combat. Through her work, Starfleet had seen intense devotion and the accolades that the Doctor’s work had earned her over the years.

They had a new base and colony which was being created in the Lyshan System on Planet of Lyshan 1. They required a person who would spearhead the research division which would be spread between both the station and the planet in order to help build the colony and help them to prosper.

Caoimhe saw merit in the idea. It was almost a breath of fresh air to be able to change surroundings and scenery. It may even help with her research as a purpose built research facility would aid her in many ways. She took Starfleet up on their offer on the condition that the new position would supplement her work and not take it over. Although Starfleet promised that this wouldn’t be the case...only time would tell.
Medical Records Caoimhe has a scar on her forehead which her fringe covers it over. It occurred during her kidnapping. In a race to get away, Barry had been man handling her arm and jerked her too hard, sending her head repelling off of a door frame. She hasn't got rid of it and instead keeps it in order to remember.
Service Record 2375 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy

2375-2376 - Cadet Freshman - General Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2376-2377 - Cadet Sophomore - Basic Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2377-2378 - Cadet Junior - Intermediate Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2378-2379 - Cadet Senior - Advanced Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2379 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.

2379-2391 - Served onboard the USS Gladiator as head surgeon.

2381 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2383 - Promoted to Lieutenant.

2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2389-2390 - MIA due to kidnapping

2390-2391 - Leave of absence from USS Gladiator

2391 - Dispatched to Starfleet Academy

2391 - 2394 - Served as Head of Surgical Studies at Starfleet Academy

2394 - Dispatched to Langley Station

2394 - Present - Served as head of the research facility on Langley Station

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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