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Nicholas Betulia

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Nicholas Betulia

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: New York, Earth, Sol System, Sector 001
Played by: avoim

Physical Appearance

Nicholas is a relatively tall man standing at a height of around five feet and ten inches of height, weighing around one hundred and ninety pounds. Nicholas has short hair that is slightly lifted in the front to give a sort of natural look to his hair, his jaw is squared with high cheek bones and his nose is of average length and slightly rounded. Nicholas has nice dark blue eyes that seemingly can pierce through any deception in front of him, or at least thats how he can make it feel when staring someone down. His eyebrows are slightly fuller than normal and well groomed, with standard ears. Nicholas tends to not have any facial hair but when he does he tends to keep a decently trimmed beard and mustache combination. When it comes to his body Nicholas keeps in relatively good shape with regular exercise and a decent diet. He wears a mostly black uniform, with an older style Federation top. The top is long sleeved with primarily black with red shoulders and trim at the wrists, the shoulders have small indented lines to help give it a more sturdy look, under this top shirt is a long sleeve black shirt with a high collar that has his four captain pips on them. On his legs he wears utilitarian style pants that have several pockets each zipped shut that can be used to hold a variety of items and mission gear if he should need. On his feet he wears black combat style boots that have red trim and soles, along either side of the boots is a long white stripe going up horizontally to the back. On his left leg is an emergency medical kit that he carries with him on away missions or in case of emergency and around his waist is a simple metallic belt with several utility pouches in them that he uses for additional carrying capacity. When he goes on away team missions his standard phaser can be found in a special holster on the belt that keeps it secure for him, this pouch is located on his left side right next to the buckle area of the belt.


Nicholas is a stern man, always taking his duty seriously, he finds that the idea of being explorers first a bit silly, he feels that the duty of the Federation and Starfleet as a whole is more about being the policing force of the Universe, upholding the laws of not only the Federation and Starfleet but also the laws of each individual planet and species. He is a strong believer in the military might of the Federation as it has withstood many tests of itself. Captain Betulia is also a kind man, always willing to sit down and talk with his officers or guests on his ship, he finds that a Captain should not keep a great void of space separating him and his crew and encourages them to come speak to him or invite him to group activities. He takes this so seriously that sometimes he will invite them to meals or entertaining activities on his own. Nicholas also loves the idea of the mid twenty-first century, the stories that came out during and just before that time are some of his favorite to experience. He often returns to holo-novels based off of that time period when he is off-duty or just needing time to relax. As for his vices, like any human who has lived any sort of life he has a few: He tends to enjoy food with their nutritional values set to realistic meaning if he were to eat Ice Cream it would not only taste like Ice Cream but have all the unhealthy and healthy benefits of it too, another vice he has picked up is the taste of real alcohol having a favorite drink of Chateau Picard wine...and scotch. His favorite meal is a nice cut of steak, cooked medium rare, and his favorite non-alcoholic beverage is a simple soft drink that was popular in the twenty-first century.

Pre-Service Biography

Nicholas was born on the planet Earth in the year 2363 on the landmass formerly known as the United States of America in the area still known as New York. He had a relatively normal childhood. He was raised with the usual love and care that any child born in the Federation could expect. Nicholas had a fascination with the mere idea of Starfleet, a group of explorers sent out to explore, find new things and peoples and such things. It was something of an obsession for the young man as he grew up. Nicholas would grow up wanting nothing more than to be a member of Starfleet, his obsession driving him throughout his education and early childhood to get him to a point where his grades would be good enough to earn him a spot at the academy. Though he would get into the academy he would not find it an easy attempt to do such a thing. It would take him at least two attempts to get into Starfleet Academy before he was finally admitted. His main hindrance in entering the Academy was his psychological profile mainly as it showed him a possessing a certain level of arrogance and cockiness that would prevent him from doing his best in their minds. By the second time he had figured out how to answer the various questions they would ask to mask their true ideas of his personality and was admitted into the Academy.

StarFleet Service History

Nicholas, now preferring to be referred to as Nick, quickly began to excel in the programs there, his physical examinations, whilst not at the top of his class, were near the top. Nick was also quite intelligent, again never quite breaking the top of his class but more than good enough to earn him a spot, when combined with his physical examination scores, a place on the legendary Red Squadron, which had managed to survive the scandal of the Death of a Cadet and the issues presented by the destruction of the Valiant. Nicholas would spend his four years at the academy with no real issues, Nick would be granted the commission of Ensign and be assigned to his first posting the U.S.S. Saratoga. Nicholas would grow a good deal there, learning how to not only deal with his cockiness and arrogance but how to make use of them in a productive manner. Nicholas would soon find himself earning a promotion to Lieutenant after a few years. It was around this time that he was presented with an order to change ships and was transferred to the U.S.S. Independence a state of the art Sovereign-Class Starship. The young Lieutenant was eager to prove himself and over many others and in one year was promoted to Lieutenant Commander of the ship and even made its Executive Officer. Nicholas would soon find himself back on earth taking the infamous No-Win Scenario test, long since having been renamed from its original name of the Kobayashi Maru test. Nicholas, like many others, found himself ‘losing’ quickly but kept a level head and made sure to remember that the duty of a Starfleet Command level officer was to his crew over his ship and passed it as well as anyone could pass a test that would normally be considered a fail if it were any other test. Though he never had to fight in the Dominion War or against a Borg cube he was constantly tested against such odds many times. In only a small handful of years later the young Lieutenant Commander would soon find himself being promoted to his fourth pip that of a Captain and being given command of his own Starship.

Awards Won

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