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Chief Stephens

Charles Stephens Jr.

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: West Virginia
Played by: aparry

Physical Appearance

Charles is a very strong and a very tough Grunt who knows nothing else than being a grunt. He keeps in shape by working out, etc. He can be a very serious looking person but get to know him and he can be the complete opposite. He rarely lets anyone see that side of him, only those that are close to him and that he cares about.


trength: He is a tough grunt, he works hard at what he does and doesn't let anything get in his way. He is a Strong and tough leader but it gets the results that he wants. This is why he was chosen to be a lead drill instructor of the Oberon Base.

Weakness: He can be a bit of a workaholic, there has been times where he was relieved of duty by the Chief Medical Officer because he over worked himself. He is working on this so he doesn't get relieved of duty again

Pre-Service Biography

On October 21, 2352 on a small farm in the mountains of West Virginia, Charles Ernest Stephens was born to Charles Edward and Neta Stephens. They operated a small farm and Charles Sr. was the Mayor of Morresville, West Virginia. Chuck ,as he was quickly known as, grew up a very simple, loving, country life. He learned important values from his family including hard work, dedication, and how to be a leader.

In his teen years Chuck dreamed of leaving the farm. Not that he hated it. He just wanted to explore and see what all the world had for him. He did very well in school and also was his class president all 4 years in High School. At the age of 16 Chuck took a class field trip to Basic Training Base Quantico and realized that enlisting may give him a chance to explore the world even the universe.

In 2369 Charles Stephens arrived at boot camp in Quantico, Virginia. He immediately excelled in his ability to be a grunt. He loved it, this was his fit. Two years later when he finished his basic and AIT classes he was task to attend a two year Star Fleet Intelligence school. He was a natural leader and loved his career path. On the day of his graduation in 2373 he was was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class. That evening he was thrust into battle. A Borg cube attacked the Federation and Charles was onboard the USS Indiana during the Battle of Sector 001.

Charles fought many ground excursions during the Dominion War showing the ability to lead his squad and special operation teams. After the Treaty of Bajor in 2375 he was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class. He was assigned as Infiltration specialist on the USS Lafayette-B. He would serve there till 2380. When he was transferred to Starbase 38 Sierra as the lead Enlisted Intelligence Officer. His team helped over see the Romulan rebuild efforts and had several Skirmishes with the Tal Shiar.

In 2388 Charles was redeployed again this time to a SFI quick response outpost in the Renavi system as part of the 11th Fleet. Here they were deployed many times to keep an eye on the border skirmishes with the Klingon/Gorn Cold war.

In 2392 Charles was transferred to Task Force 37 in the Exploration of the Delta Quadrant. In the negotiations he was tasked to help one of the Federations first outposts Oberon Base, He was promoted to Petty Officer 1st class and was put in charge of running the Boot Camp as Star Fleet expanded into the Delta Quadrant.

2394 Charles was promoted and reassigned. This time to the rank of Chief Petty and was assigned as Chief of the Boat for the USS Firebird.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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