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Chloe de la Vega

Chloe de la Vega

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Valencia, Spain, Earth
Played by: Aranis T'San

Physical Appearance

Small, athletic build. Has some tattoos across her body but you'll have to find them first.

Has some scars on her body due to an abusive father, most prominent is the small scar on her right cheekbone.


Generally quite guarded due to her upbringing, she was the youngest of 5 and the only girl. Has been known to be quite rebellious and has quite a mouth on her.

Pre-Service Biography

Chloe was the youngest born out of 5, and the only girl so her life was one of love, kindness and over-protectiveness, but that was just her families way. She was born in Valencia in Spain, her father always out in space and leaving her mother and brothers to get on with life themselves.

Her mother, Selena, was a fantastic cook and in Chloe's mind the best there was. She took to this kind of work and helped her mother in the kitchen, in the restaurant they owned and loved every bit of her time with her mother. They were almost inseparable until her father came home...

He was a man that could be said to be un-evolved, or at least in eyes of current society. He made is clear he had wanted boys and where as he was proud of all of them he was sure to treat Chloe with slight distance and disdain, and remind her that things in life must be fought for.

This put great strain on her relationship with her father and in her teen years she rebelled a great deal. She got into fights, stayed out late drinking and generally did as much as she could to annoy her father. This led to him becoming physically aggressive towards her in order to teach 'discipline', often these were secret beatings her brothers didn't know about.

The final straw came when she came home one night and they had both had a little to drink. They argued, things were said and at one point he struck her across the face in a fit of anger causing her to bleed. He'd never struck her face before, and never in open company. Her family erupted and Chloe finally broke.

She walked out the door in tears and has not been back since, nor spoke to any of them. She simply wasn't going to let anyone hurt her again, or convince her to come home.

She currently resides, or hides, on board the USS Pioneer as a barkeep. Looking after the misfits, the invisible people and those that want a full belly of amazing food.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

January 30, 2019

Awarded for being the Pioneer's very own version of Guinan. Very often counseling crew members better than the Ship's Counselor.