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Chrysanthe Capulet

Chrysanthe Kassandra Capulet

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Human, Mostly SS Gotham, Civilian Ship
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Height 5f7
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slim and fit, Chrys often runs for work out or swims.


She is a loner but has a sarcastic wit and often says things without thinking. She often says she has no filter. Despite being respectable she is constantly watching for the main chance. Her goals are to climb the ranks. She dates rarely and has very few friends.

Knowledge of the underworld. Hacking- she is an extremely strong hacker. She knows several languages and has a good hiding ability which had landed her an offer from the Intelligence department when she was at the academy.

Her family. She escaped from the family business at age 16 but they still pull her strings at times and she tries hard to keep herself aloof of their dealings.
She hates Zero G and cannot handle spacewalks. In fact spacewalks makes her violently ill.
Hates bullies and often will stand up for those being picked on.

Hobbies: Picking pockets, reading, Swimming, Exploring computer systems.
Languages: Federation Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Binari, Cardassian, Bajoran. Many more which she does not mention as it would take too long.

Pre-Service Biography

2368-2384 (Birth to age 16)

Chrysanthe was born on the SS Gotham, into a rather unique family. A family of rogues and for lack of a better word, thieves. Her father, well he who she assumed was her biological father, ran the group, he has a rap sheet the size of a binary star and he went by many nicknames, but the main one that security forces Federation and beyond knew him by was the Jackal. Her mother was known as Juliet and was from a wealthy Earth family which she ran away from at 17 to be with Jackal and together they raised their brood of 6 children on a rather old space craft ‘procured’ from the Federations retired ship yard. They had a small crew, mainly other small families who lived the same lifestyles, all members of the Jackal’s gang.

The Jackal ran his ship hard and his gang/crew moved from con to con, from robbery to robbery. Chrysanthe, known as Sailor, learned early on to be self-sufficient. Sailor learned to pick pockets, create stories to cover her family or her own activities. She could beg, con and act with the best of them. At ten she showed her expertise in hacking when she hacked into the Ferengi’s main computer system and stripped them of several millions.

Which went into her father’s account. She received a mere strip in payment for it. She bargained hard with her father and got an agreement that for each hack he would pay her substantial amounts. Chrysanthe had a plan, a plan which had begun at age 7 when she had picked the pocket of a Federation officer. The Woman, Commander Jackson of the USS Trepidation had let her go with a warning and a bit of a talking to. She had tried to get Chrys to tell her where she was from but Chrys soon scampered, and even the beating she had taken that night for not enough intake had not stopped the thoughts of being like that woman.

Cool, confident, calm, not having to hide. She had saved her ‘allowance’ for years and with the money that her father now paid her, she was determined to buy herself a passage to Earth. She had seen more than a life of crime.

At 12, her father introduced her to a darker side of life. Her sisters were older and were often off on different ‘missions’ and her father introduced her to a slimy parts supplier, and left his 12 year old daughter alone with the man. She realise that she was payment. She not only fought the man off, she injured him quite severely. Her father was very … disappointed in this, and the beating she earned for her act of defiance left her in the medical bay for 2 weeks where the ships ‘indentured- READ SLAVE’ medic tended her wounds.

This would not be the last time her father used her as payment, and after the first time, she learned to blank her mind and block out what was happening. And then she would spend hours in the shower. At 15, she found she was pregnant and her father beat her so severely she lost the child. After all a pregnant whore was not in his plans.

When she recovered she locked herself in her cabin, having been granted her own at age 11 and refused to come out for several weeks. When she emerged she confronted her father and told him succinctly that she would no longer be used for payment and if he pushed her, she would use her computer prowess to leak their location to the Federation. He backed down just and Chrys returned to her hacking and security monitoring as the gang pulled jobs.

The day she turned 16, she left the ship. She left with a bang to be sure. She broke into the shuttle bay, loaded a shuttle with her belongings, her large stash of Gold Platted Latinium from previous heists, liberated the Medical officer, gave the medic a box of liberated cash and together they left the Gotham for Earth in the dead of night. She left behind her family, her parents and older siblings, most of whom had made their place in the world they were born into and she headed into a life of freedom and light. She also set off a chain reaction in the sensor array that blew out all long range sensors on the Gotham.

2384-2385 (16-17) – Year alone on Earth

When she and the medic arrived on a federation station she left the shuttle with her belongings and brought a small craft of her own. The medic wandered away and she later found out he had been taken in by the Federation and reunited with his family. Chrys herself went in her own small craft to Earth and hunted down her mother's family. They wanted nothing to do with her, seeing her as the result of a crass union that they did not approve of. So she left the family villa in Milan and went to the south of Italy where, after she brought a small house in Lecce, she pulled off her best and final con before joining Starfleet. She used her hacking skills to show that her mother's family never owned their holdings in Italy.

Through careful computer manipulation she carefully stripped the family of their financial influence and then presented herself to a law firm with her claim on their holdings. The Family holdings included the Villa in Milan, An apartment in Rome, one in Paris, A villa on Lake Como and a large estate in Valpolicella Italy. It took 5 months before the family were fully ousted and Chrys took great pleasure in watching them remove their personal clothing and items from the house. All Jewels and furniture, and art works remained as they were claimed as part of the properties.

The family had tried to claim she was biologically related to them but as they had told people that Juliet had died in a shuttle crash and Chrys was obviously NOT that old (They had had a funeral and buried a body and everything to save face) the judge never ordered a blood test done. Now settled in her new holdings, Chrysanthe put in a major security system in all properties, and bought herself a new apartment in San Francisco. She took the test to enter the academy and passed with relative ease, and no she didn’t hack her results.

2385-2386 (17-18) – Starfleet Academy, Year 1

Chrysanthe spent her first year in the academy like most did, working hard on her courses. She did a standard major of Science (LINGUISTICS) with a minor in Communications/Operations. She felt this would be a better use of her talents than other courses. Though after 6 months, Intelligence discovered her as did the Engineering Department and both departments tried to get her to change course loads.

2386-2387 (18-19) – Starfleet Academy, Year 2

In her second year she threw herself into her studies and worked her way to the top her of class on her own merits. It was also in this year when she ran across her older brother Pallas pretending to be a Starfleet officer overseeing training in engineering. Pallas threatened her with exposure but as Chrysanthe had not lied about who she was she had very little to fear, but she was still scared. Using her computer skills she ousted him and he ran from Earth swearing revenge on his little sister. The intelligence department again tried to convince her to join them. They even ran a drill where they asked for other cadets to join in as extras. Chrysanthe was given the job of being the ‘target’ for their cadets and they spent hours trying to find her as she melted into the background and got away clean.

2387-2388 (19-20) – Starfleet Academy, Year 3

In her third year she took an additional course just to shut up the engineering department and deliberately failed it. As it was not a part of her normal course work, it did not affect her overall grade. The intelligence department, now wary of her, called her in for an interview and she told them flatly that if they so much as tried to recruit her again she would cause such a security leak it would make the Dominion war look like child's play in chaos. Intel left her alone after that as well.

2388-2389 (20-21) – Starfleet Academy, Year 4 + Cadet Cruise

In her fourth year she worked even harder with the aim of graduating top of her class. She avoided all sorts of entanglements over the year and when she graduated she was top of the Linguistics department and 2nd overall. Thus she was assigned to the USS Caledonia as a science officer for her cadet cruise. Her cadet cruise was quick and easy and she passed it with full marks.

2389-2390(21-22) -USS Eisenhower C - Ensign Science Officer

Assigned to the Eisenhower C she found herself on a ship where science was pretty much ignored. It gave her a chance to work on a number of Language programs for beginners which she shipped back to the Academy.

2390-2391 (22-23)-USS Eisenhower C - Ensign Science Officer

With a new year came a new Chief of Science who was determined to push his own agenda. He locked down all private programs and all science officers regardless of speciality were pulled into his own project or put on Bridge duty. After three weeks of this Chrysanthe and the rest were pissed off beyond belief so she and two others did something about it. They hacked open his files and made them available for all eyes, including the captain. The project had been ranked highly tops secret by the chief and his experiments into subspace weaponry was outed and he was thrown out of Starfleet.

Chrys received a reprimand for hacking but was promoted to Lt. JG for her actions in revealing the project.

2391-2393 (23-25)- USS Eisenhower C - Lieutenant JG Science Officer

Chrysanthe settled back into her work on the linguistic programs, taking the odd Bridge shift and away team mission where she could. She would spend shore leave on Earth and avoid her family when they tried to make contact or create issues. She would date for the first time but it never went anywhere, she was not interested in long term. Her properties were well protected and she was happy with her job.

2393- Present (25) USS Arcadia–Chief Science Officer. Linguistic Specialist

In early 2393, Chrysanthe was transferred to the USS Arcadia to be their head Linguist. She is cautious about the new posting having been on the Eisenhower since her graduation.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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