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Natan O’Donnaghue

Natan O'Donnaghue

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Betazed
Played by: mysticfan84

Physical Appearance

Natan has a brought shouldered appearance for the science officer he actually is. He is tall and for most very handsome and hasn’t changed that much since his younger years.
Physical Appearance:
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 78 kg
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark blond


Natan is a friendly person. Easy to talk to, but despite being the only male in his family and the youngest brother, he is not shy. He is calm and assertive.
Strengths & Weaknesses :
-Can be emotional
-Is sometimes lead by his wife

Hobbies & Interests:
Natan likes to walk. His brother in laws got him in to boxing.

Pre-Service Biography

Natan was born the youngest and only son of Fanion and Felica Meran. Growing up he was always the favorite of his sisters, even though he would keep to himself more often, doing his own thing, not finding he had anything in common with his sisters.

On a family picnic with another Betazoid family, the Idrals, Natan was bonded with their only daughter Tarisa. Natan was unaware of this, and as he never seen Risa or her parents again since. This was decided by their parents in an agreement. The Idrals were a powerful diplomatic family on Betazed, and Natan’s family wanted to promote his oldest sister, Talim, to Ambassador when she would turn 30, and they could do it. The price would be Natan and Risa marrying, ensuring Risa a husband.

In that little moment Natan also got an interest in biology, as he found a frog and showed it to Risa. Having only remembering the frog from that encounter and not Risa, he went out to study biology. And later added alien anthropology to his curriculum.
2343 birth year
2357 Started studying at the Betazed university

StarFleet Service History

His curious nature brought him to Starfleet. When he turned 18, he would continue his studies at the academy. When he left the academy he was assigned to the USS Arlington as the Chief Science officer, with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. This because of the work he already did for the university on Betazed before joining the academy, making him already experienced before graduation.

Upon his arrival on the Arlington he met up with Risa again, the same time his parents and Risa’s parents arrived as well. It was then they found out they were betrothed. In order to make the promotion of Talim Meran final, Risa and Natan had to marry that same day. Having no choice, they did what they were asked.

During the time of the wedding preparations and the time after the wedding, Risa and Natan reconnected, and felt their telepathic bond resurface. The two were planning on their future, when faith happened.

Upon their return from a date down on Earth, there was a mysterious accident with the transporter. They never recovered Risa’s pattern. Natan was devastated. He had to take some time away from starfleet. He took a short leave from starfleet. He returned upon the wedding of his sister Layla. But seeing his sister at her wedding, reminded him of his own. But he still stayed for his sister. He returned to duty after that. He continued his position on the Arlington.

It was then he met his second wife, Isabel O’Donnaghue. After working together on a few missions, the pair fell in love like it was meant to be and got married on the Arlington. So like his sister Layla, he was now joined with the O’Donnaghue family as well.
With his marriage he adopted Isabel’s son. Aiden.

In 2373, at the start of the Dominion war, the Arlington joined the war. Because of the role of the Arlington, it wasn’t put on the frontline, but it did sustain damage and saw it share of battle. Despite the Arlington not having many losses, Natan lost a good friend and an academy classmate in the war.

After the war, the Arlington was patched up and continued on its role in the area. Natan served several more years on the Arlington as its chief science officer. He later transferred with his wife to the USS Jackdaw, which was an intelligence vessel. First as chief Science officer and later as second officer. After the first officer of the Jackdaw received his own command, Natan was promoted to first officer.

On the USS Jackdaw Isabel gave birth to his sons Eron and Eismil. And although he loved his wife Isabel very much, it was one of the moments that he missed his first wife a lot, as they planned to have children as well, and it was never going to happen.

Though he never wanted a command of his own, his commanding officer on the Jackdaw did put him forward for one. Putting it off for several years, he finally had to commit to one.
Service Record:
2363 Joined the academy
2367 Graduated the academy
2367 Assigned to the USS Arlington as Chief Science officer Rank: Lieutenant junior
2367 Went on a Leave of Absence after loosing his first wife
2368 Returned to the USS Arlington as Chief Science officer Rank Lieutenant junior
2373 to 2375 Served on board the USS Arlington, during the Dominion war, as Chief Science. Was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant in 2374
2383 Transferred to the USS Jackdaw. Position: Chief Science officer. Rank: Lieutenant
2384 Promoted to Second officer on the USS Jackdaw.
2384 Promoted to the rank Lieutenant Commander
2385 Promoted to first officer of the USS Jackdaw
2395 Assigned to the USS Valiant as Commanding Officer Rank: Commander

Awards Won

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