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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: ianabevan1986

Physical Appearance

In most waysTevek is unremarkable to look at. He has an average height, a slight athletic figure and is unimposing. His features are typically vulcan, from his olive toned skin to the pointy ears and functional bobbed hair cut. The only feature that is really out of the ordinary are his emerald green eyes he inherited from his human mother. During most of his career he has been clean shaven, but lately he has taken to wearing a neatly trimmed beard. As Tevek is capable of expressing emotion he effortlessly passes for Romulan although people that know him well describe many of his facial expressions as 'rehearsed' or 'well practiced'. When in uniform his appearance is always pristine and disciplined, down to the millimetre precise placement of his comm badge. Off duty he wears relaxed but plain and simple clothes preferring them to the traditional Vulcan robes.


Like most Vulcans Tevek appears to be a calm and stoic person. His human side however softens him more than a little. He values friendships and is a compassionate person known to have a quick wit and a dry sense of humour.

He is usually a quiet and unassuming person. He blends well into the background making him adept at intelligence gathering. Analytically minded Tevek is never one to leap into action and has a sound mind for strategic planning.

Being only part Vulcan Tevek does not keep his emotions as suppressed as a full Vulcan. He is capable of expressing a smile, frown even small bursts of sadness and anger but only when provoked. He has also practiced mimicking facial expressions.

Pre-Service Biography

Tevek is a Starfleet officer with a lengthy career across a variety of branches including Starfleet Intelligence, Tactical and Command Operations. Despite his relatively low rank (retained in order to maintain a low profile), Tevek is on a first name basis with a number of Officers and delegates from different Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers most notably the Romulan Republic.

Tevek was born the morning of December 15, 2326, and was raised on Earth at the Vulcan compound in Sanfrancisco. He was read classic Earth literature by his Human mother and taught about astronomy and science by his Vulcan father. This fueled an early passion for exploration.

Growing up he had a dog named Dartanian that slept at the end of his bed and was his best friend for most of his early childhood. He struggled to learn in the Vulcan school at the compound and was far too emotional to form real friendships with his peers.

His father had him study independently with a Vulcan master to control his emotions. But instead of learning control Tevek learned to balance his emotions with Vulcan logic. He discovered there was a time and place to use both. He was also schooled in Kalto and Vulcan martial arts during this time.

By high school age it was agreed Tevek would attend school outside of the compound. He began to flourish mixing with other races, this further fuelled his desire to explore and lead to his decision to join StarFleet.

Tevek joined Starfleet Academy in the year 2344, and discovered he was a talented pilot. However Starfleet intelligence gained an interest in the freshman cadet and had other ideas for him. Teveks appearance and demeanour made him perfect for undercover work along the Romulan border.

By his second year Tevek was railroaded out of his dreams of exploration and co-opted to follow a career in Starfleet Intelligence. While initially against the idea Tevek began to show considerable skill with investigative work and tactical analysis.

By the end of his fourth year in the academy Tevek had also completed field work training and was ready for assignment.

StarFleet Service History

StarFleet History
Most of the first ten years of Teveks service to Starfleet Intelligence was spent behind a desk, analyzing data and writing reports from listening posts along the RNZ. The few times he did manage to get into the field his assignments included shadowing a Bolian science officer eventually found innocent of trading secret research, and the infiltration of a Trill medical facility believed to be involved in illegal cloning experiments.

For his first assignment leading a team he was tasked with the recovery of a freighter containing a shipment of biomimetic gel from a group of Ferengi smugglers. Tevek and his team suffered hallucinations and discomfort after being exposed to a contaminated sample of the gel. During the hallucinations the team turned on and attempted to kill each other before they were rescued. Tevek cites it as one of the more traumatic experiences of his career.

In 2358 he was assigned to the "Jigsaw department" at Starfleet Intelligence, as part of a group of analysts. He disobeyed orders from his commander to follow up what had been dismissed as a redundant lead, resulting in him going into the field to help resolve a crisis on the Federation/Klingon border caused by Romulan-funded terrorists.

Tevek was aided in his investigation by a handler called Petyr Bale, someone who he believes to be one of the most dangerous men in Starfleet. The mission concluded with the Klingons regaining control over the colony and the Romulan involvement fully exposed. As a direct result of the mission Tevek had recruited his first informant, a disillusioned Romulan Lt. Named Sumak.

After the mission was completed a man known as Director Ellis put Tevek through a fake court martial in an effort to recruit him into Section 31. Tevek emphatically turned the offer down. He believed Bale may have had a hand in the recruitment attempt but has been unable to prove his suspicions.

In 2365 Tevek and a small team from the Jigsaw department were sent to investigate the disappearance of ships and stations along the Romulan neutral zone. Star Fleet had secretly sanctioned incursions into Romulan space believing their military or the Talshiar being responsible for the phenomena. Once again working with Sumak and another dissident named Arya they smuggled Romulan military reports back to Federation space that indicated the Borg were responsible.

Upon this discovery Tevek was recalled to Earth to work on his findings with StarFleet Tactical.

In 2367 Tevek was assigned as the USS Melbournes principle intelligence officer as part of the fleet engaging the Borg at Wolf 359. This was his first and only encounter with the Borg. Despite StarFleets best efforts to co-ordinate the assault he could only watch helplessly as the Borg ripped through the fleet. Rallying what survivors he could, Tevek led a small group of escape craft to the safety of the nearest starbase.

Following the incident at Wolf 359 Tevek resumed work with the Jigsaw Department as an intelligence handler. In 2367 the Jigsaw Department began surveillance of a group of Romulan dissidents known as 'Reunificationists'. His assets on Romulus suggested there were similar sympathies on Vulcan and in the Federation. Shortly afterward Ambassador Spock disappeared. The Jigsaw department traced him to Romulus and provided intelligence for a recovery operation.

In 2369 Tevek returned to StarFleet Academy to train in Command operations. Following a two year training course he gains Bridge Officer certification. Newly qualified in the command track Tevek is assigned to Strategic Command. Based out of Starbase 3 Strategic Command began preparing the Federation fleet for possible conflict with the Dominion.

Prior to the outbreak of the Dominion war Tevek was sent with a Federation envoy to a conference with the Romulan Star Empire on a neutral planet in the RNZ. The aim of the conference was to secure a military alliance against the Dominion, a move Tevek was highly sceptical of. His concerns about forming an alliance grew deeper as Sumak informed him there were also talks progressing between the Romulans and Dominion to create a non aggression pact. Teveks doubts soon came to pass as the non aggression pact was signed. With Sumaks help he evacuated the Federation delegates before they could be handed to the Dominion.

After the failed negotiations with the Romulans Tevek carries on war efforts with Strategic Operations. He is assigned to the USS Magellan in the 10th Fleet as their Chief Strategic Operations officer. Most of the first part of the war is uneventful fending off Dominion raids into Betazed and its outlying colonies and conducting training exercises.

During this time Tevek became romantically involved with a Betazed local Doctor Nico Zayne. Refusing a traditional Betazoid ceremony due to embarrassment the two were married aboard the Magellan in a StarFleet ceremony.

In 2374 Tevek received intelligence a large Dominion fleet was gathering in the Kalandra sector. 10th fleet commanders and StarFleet intelligence determined they would attack Betazed. Captain Petyr Bale of StarFleet Intelligence suggested the Allies would suffer fewer losses if they abandoned Betazed. To Teveks surprise StarFleet agreed and repositioned the 10th fleet on a 'Training Exercise'. For all intents and purposes the capture of Betazed looked like a surprise attack, but StarFleet saved significant resources and created a tougher defensive perimeter around core worlds. Prior to the withdrawal Tevek aided in smuggling several StarFleet intelligence officers and Marines down to the planet to create and organise resistance efforts.

With the Romulans now firmly in the war StarFleet needed trusted officers to coordinate with the Romulan Fleet. Tevek became part of this effort. Admiral Sumak requested Tevek serve with the Romulan twelfth fleet as his first officer and intelligence officer. Stationed aboard the IRW Veldarra Tevek went on to participate in the liberation of Benzar and Betazed. The Veldarra continued to mop up Dominion resistance around the core Federation worlds until the end of the war.

Post war relations with the Romulan government began to improve and although no formal diplomatic ties were established StarFleet maintained ties with the Romulan Fleet. Tevek was appointed as intelligence liaison officer. In 2379 Tevek returned to Earth to attend a conference, during this time the Shinzon uprising occurred. When word reached Earth of the uprising and possible Shinzon invasion Tevek requested to join the relief effort. He was attached to battle group Omega as Executive officer of the USS Hood.

Battle group Omega showed up in the aftermath of the battle, there was little they could do but take care of the survivors. The Hood and the rest of the group later joined the relief effort to mop up any damage caused by the uprising.

As relations with the Romulans continued to improve Tevek found himself working closer with many officers within the imperial Navy. He began to foster a kindred spirit with the Romulans he worked with. When news of the Hobus star going Nova reached Romulus he became part of a group of officers who wanted to help the Romulans. Although they faced resistance in the Federation council a rescue fleet was put together. Tevek was happy to join the fleet.

In 2385 There was a synthetic attack on Mars destroying the Utopia Planitia shipyards. In response the relief fleet was recalled from Romulan space. In protest of this action Tevek threatened to resign his commission unless new efforts were made to help the Romulan people.

It was soon made clear the Federation no longer had the appetite to help the Romulans. As promised Tevek resigned his commission and joined a civilian led effort.

Tevek along with his wife spend the interim years providing charitable aid to Romulan colonies. Impacted by the Supernova, at the start of 2390 Tevek is once again approached by Director Ellis, who mounts another failed attempt to recruit Tevek into Section 31. During the botched recruitment attempt Ellis hints that Section 31 may have been responsible for the supernova.

Tevek realises that if he wishes to expose this link and bring StarFleet back to the standards it once held so dear he would need his commission back. He would need to be within the organisation to effect change.

Eager to have back an officer of Teveks experience he was welcomed back into the fold without much hesitation on StarFleets part. Returning to Earth once more he went through rigorous recertification before being assigned to a ship.

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