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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: El Auria (Originally) New Orleans LA (Currently)
Played by: prenar

Physical Appearance

Thorrin is a fairly intimidating presence. He stands average height however, he is very muscular which lends itself to any intimidation that he made need. He keeps his head bald to the skin, or he keeps a military regulation buzz cut. His considered middle aged for an El Aurian. When off duty he prefers to dress in old style suits unless a function requires him to dress in the current style.


Thorrin has fallen into the trap that many El Aurians fall into. He has seen and done too much. Due to this he is rather nonchalant about a lot of situations. He can seem to be uncaring. In fact this is a facade he cares too much about the ever changing nature of the universe. While on duty he is ultra professional, bending his professionalism to fit the command style of his superiors. While off duty he is a social butterfly known to let his hair down, and he is a bit of a drinker.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths = Thorrin is inquisitive he likes to ask questions first and then decide the course of action, being that he is of the race of listeners. He has patience in abundance and is not easily angered. He weighs each option carefully before arriving at a decision.

Weaknesses = Stubborn, has an abnormal fear/hatred of all things related to the Borg. The Temporal Prime Directive
Ambitions Thorrin would have liked to have been the Director of the Department of Temporal Investigations one day, but there was too much politics. Now he serves Starfleet and hopes that he can steer the fleet as he rises through the ranks to a position where the Federation is the supreme leader in galactic peace. His secret ambition is to one day bring all of the El Aurians back home from the diaspora and reclaim the homeworld. Thorrin has an overriding ambition to correct the timeline.

Hobbies & Interests All things related to time travel. History in general is a great interest of his. Thorrin has spent about two thirds of his current life learning about the histories of the Federation member worlds. He is considered now to be one of the foremost experts.

Pre-Service Biography

Not much is known about Thorrin's early life.

Thorrin was born on El Auria the El Aurian home world sometime in the mid 20th century. He lived there happily with his family until the Borg came in 2265 an destroyed that planet. He managed to escape the Borg, however, both of his parents were assimilated. Thorrin then traveled the galaxy as a refugee visiting a number of worlds looking for a place that he could call home. Until he arrived in Federation space, once there he continued to visit new worlds increasingly becoming enamored with the Federation. He spent his time in Federation Space on Earth learning all he can. It is here that he developed his interest in Engineering and time travel. Thorrin finds the idea of time travel to be a rather intriguing one perhaps it is because his race is so long lived.

It is because of this interest that when Thorrin finishes schooling he applies and gets a job with with the Department of Temporal Investigations. He spent many a long hour here toiling to restore the timeline after Starfleet Officers such as Kirk, Picard and Janeway fouled it up.

Thorrin worked for the DTI for about 150 years rising through the ranks to Senior Agent. There were rumors that he could have been the Deputy Director and the Director, but he did not play the political game well. In fact Thorrin felt that politics had no place in time travel. It is for this reason that he leaves the DTI and enters Starfleet Academy.

While at the Academy Thorrin did not have many friends as he had this air of superiority about him. He knew all of the answers hell he was alive when the damned warp core was invented. He did make a couple of close friends during his time there, and he keeps in touch with them to this day. Thorrin graduated the Academy with a dual major in Temoral Mechanics, and Shipboard Operations. He is promptly assigned as an Ensign in the Science Department aboard the USS Pegasus.

While aboard the Pegasus, the ship suffered a malfunction and was thrown forward in time. Most of the crew did not realize the time difference. But Thorrin knew and he acted. He managed to covertly advise the Captain as to keep the ship from interfering too much in the timeline. All the while he devised a way to get the ship back to it's normal timeline.

In this alternate timeline the Federation had been taken over by the Breen. Thorrin took the Pegasus back into the past and purposefully overshot the objective time frame by one year. He then devised a method in which the Federation could be warned and it would not break the temporal prime directive. When everything caught up with itself Thorrin had earned a medal for original thinking and a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Thorrin continued to serve aboard the Pegasus for about five more years all the while earning accolade after accolade. It was at this time that he saved the life of the Vulcan high council from domestic terrorists. He was then granted a promotion to Lieutenant and transfer to the USS Cross to assume the role of Chief of Operations.

After serving a short time on the Cross, Thorrin is transferred to the USS Imperator to take on the role of Chief of Operations. Thorrin believes that "fate" has brought him to the Imperator. He knows that if anyone needs a Listener it is the Rear Admiral. The question is does Thorrin wish to listen...

StarFleet Service History

2300 - 2380 - Arrives on Earth and serves in the Department of Temporal Investigations in many capacities.

2380 - 2384 - Starfleet Academy

2384 - Graduates the Academy Magna Cum Laude with a dual specialty in Temporal Mechanics and Shipboard Operations

2384 - 2386 - USS Pegasus Ensign Science Officer

2386 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made the Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus

2386 - 2394 -Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus

2394 - Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to USS Cross to serve as Chief of Operations

2395 - Transferred to the USS Imperator as Chief of Operations

Awards Won

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