Sorcha O’Neill

Sorcha O'Neill

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: USS Stratus
Played by: phoenix-lalor

Physical Appearance

Sorcha is a fit person, and works out often. She has a few scars on her body, One which was caused by a Klingon knife during a foothold Situation on the USS Harriman.


Quiet yet very commanding when needed Sorcha O’Neill is very determined not to let anything stop her in her life.

Pre-Service Biography

Born 23rd April 2351 to Marissa and Liam O’Neill, Sorcha is the Youngest of 5 children. Her siblings are Ryan and Lacey, born in 2340 on March 3rd and then Brenna born in 2344 on December 21st and Troy born 2348 on July 3rd. Born on the USS Stratus, she grew up on the starship where her father would eventually ascend to Captain of it. Her mother was a science officer. Sorcha was a curious child, often sneaking onto the bridge to watch her father as he manned the tactical console. In 2356, She watched her eldest siblings, Twins Lacey and Ryan leave the Stratus. Lacey was going to starfleet but Ryan was heading to Harvard to study Law. Lacey for all her 11 year age gap with Sorcha was Sorcha’s favorite sister. At age 5 she did not want her sister to go but as Lacey came home every leave she could, Sorcha accepted it. In 2360, Her other sister Brenna left for Earth to attend Yale’s Medical course. That same year, Ryan announced he was marring Selena Cartwright, a young law student. After his wedding, Lacey was assigned to the USS Harriman as a security officer.
In 3261 Ryan’s wife gave birth to a baby boy and suddenly Sorcha was not the baby of the family anymore. At 10 she began to distance herself from the family slightly, choosing her own path and began studying hard to make it to Starfleet. When she was 12, she became an aunt again when her second nephew was born. Disinterested she spent the christening with Lacey, badgering her sister about Starfleet tactical aspects.
2364 was a year of joy and tragedy for the O’Neill family. Troy got accepted into Harvard, disappointing their father slightly and Brenna came home from Yale to discuss her future with her parents. On the return trip to Earth to attend Starfleet’s medical School as an intern, Brenna’s shuttle exploded in the atmosphere of Earth. Heart stricken, Sorcha’s mother sunk into a deep depression and forbade her last daughter to go to starfleet, but in 2367 two months after Ryan’s third child, Cassandra was born, at her christening, Sorcha left the Stratus for Earth.

StarFleet Service History

Starfleet Academy Years: 2368-2371
Sorcha began her starfleet academy time easily. Her grades were good and she worked hard and as such did not attend her brother Troy’s wedding in 2369 when he married Marie Dias. Nor did she attend her niece Morgan’s Christening when she was born. Morgan’s name was a disappointment to Sorcha’s mother who had hoped that Ryan would name the child Brenna. In 2369 Sorcha met and fell in love with Intelligence cadet Thomas Morgan, who was a year ahead of her. When he graduated in 2371, they married. Sorcha’s Parents and siblings did not attend. Sorcha graduated with honors just days before her brother Ryan called her to inform her that Selena, his wife had brain cancer. He asked her to come visit him and his wife in LA but Sorcha did not and went instead to her husband’s posting of the USS Carlyle to see him.
USS Carlyle : 2372-2373

Transferred officially to the USS Carlyle, Sorcha was placed as a tactical Ensign. 6 months into her posting, news of Selena’s death reached her ears. Sorcha and Thomas sent their condolences but as Sorcha was newly pregnant, and Thomas was now assistant Chief of Intel on the Carlyle they could not make the funeral nor, the birth and christening of Troy and Marie’s First Child, Kyle. They welcomed their First child, Niamh Sarah O’Neill-Morgan on May 14th in 2373. Thomas and Sorcha were overjoyed and the family seemed very happy and when Thomas got a promotion and they were transferred to the USS Ackermann in 2374, things seemed to be going their way.
USS Ackermann 2374-2377
In 2374, Sorcha learned she was pregnant with their second child. Three months into the pregnancy, Thomas is sent to the Cardassian Boarder to do some recon on the Cardassian Military. As Sorcha’s time approached and her husband had still not returned She grew concerned. But then in June she received word that Thomas had died in Cardassian Space. Heart broken, Sorcha struggled to raise her daughter and prepare for her child’s birth. For the last month of her pregnancy she was put on bed rest and on August 23rd 2375 she gave birth to Kasey Edward O’Neill-Morgan. After Thomas’ death she inherited something that she had not expected. A palatial estate, an 8+ bedrooms, 9½ bath Beachfront Compound on Maui's famed Ka'anapali Beach. Now a single mother with two children to care for she learned quickly to organize her time and worked her shifts without too many hassles. Then in 2376 She learned that the USS Stratus, under the command of Captain Liam O’Neill was destroyed by Dominion Forces. All hands were lost. This blow, so close to the loss of Thomas hit Sorcha hard and she struggled not to show it to her fellow crew on the Ackerman. As the Federation became embroiled in the Dominion war, She found herself spending more time away from her children which hurt her and them. Then in 2377 She got word that her sister, Lt. Commander Lacey O’Neill had died in Combat with the Dominion. That night while stationed on DS9, She went to Quarks and for the first time in her life got well and truly drunk. She then picked a fight with the wrong person and ended up in the brig for the night. A reprimand of Drunk and Disorderly was put on her file. As 2377 drew to a close, Sorcha was transferred to the USS Galaxy.
USS Galaxy 2378-2379

Now a full lieutenant, She was given the position of Assistant chief of tactical on the Galaxy. This would give her more time with her children but also put her in a position that would cause her some pain. On an away mission to the human colony of Tria-VXI she and another female officer were severely assaulted. Three weeks later, while recovering in Medical, she learned she was pregnant with twins. Shocked yet determined not to abort the children, she told her eldest two that they were going have younger siblings. She worked hard through the pregnancy and even though she had been awarded the purple heart for her injuries on Tria VXI she never spoke of it. Not even to Counselors. She took a brief leave of absence in November and retreated to the family estate on Ka'anapali Beach with her children. The twins were born on November 24th 2378 and Sorcha named them Alasdair Aaron O’Neill and Alana Serena O’Neill. She returned to the Galaxy with her four children. By the end of 2379, she was transferred with a promotion to the USS Montague.
USS Montague 2380- 2382
Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Montague with the rank of Lt. Commander Sorcha settled back into work, and family life. She did not date and made sure her children went to school and when she was at work a nanny looked after the children. She made sure she went to all their school plays and made sure she spent equal amounts of time with her children. In early 2382 she was promoted to Commander and Executive Officer of the Montague. This gave her less time with her children though she worked as hard as she could to make sure she could spend time with them. She enjoyed her time as XO on the Montague and wanted to go up the chain of command further.
USS Harriman 2383-2384
Transferred to the USS Harriman, a ship where her sister Lacey had gotten her start, Sorcha and her children got to work making the Harriman their home, as they had on many other ships. Sorcha was eager to prove herself to the crew and command Staff alike. She spent a year as Xo before replacing the captain as Commanding Officer of the Harriman. This would be her first time at command and it placed a strain on her relationship with her older children especially Niamh, who missed not only her father but her mother as her mother worked so much. Now captain of the Harriman, Sorcha took time to be with her children though she was always around when the crew least expected it.

USS Majestic: 2385 -2395
She would have been content to stay as CO of the Harriman, but Starfleet Command had a different idea. She was granted Command of the newest starship, the first of its line. The USS Majestic. She and her family went to Celestia Station to await the arrival of their new home.

She spent ten years on the USS Majestic and in that time, her children grew up.

Her daughter Niamh, went to the Academy and is currently aged 23 and an lieutenant JG on the USS Nexus.

Kasey, aged 22 now, owns his own restaurant on Risa and is working towards making his own little empire there.

The twins, are both currently 18 and are studying at university, neither wanting to join the fleet. Alana is studying History and Alasdair is looking to become an artist.

Sorcha took the chance in late 2395 to join the academy staff when asked to by an old commanding officer. She has been assigned to the role of Deputy Commandant, and has settled very nicely into it

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