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Steven Lawrence Hall

Steven Lawrence Hall

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Berkeley, California, Earth
Played by: jolynayq

Physical Appearance

Tired of being labelled a nerd, Steve started to work out in the Academy and gave himself a slightly more muscular build but he still has the gait of a lanky man. He has a lushful head of dark brown hair that he normally styles up but when left untouched, becomes a wavy tousled mess. His eyes are a light turquoise blue and when he is not smiling, those eyes and his high nose bridge form the center of an intense, chiseled face.


A sensitive and intuitive soul, Steve possesses an immense capacity for empathy which makes him very proficient at reading others. This emotional core is at times at odds with his logical and analytical mind and when he was younger he tended to suppress his emotional inclinations, viewing them to be a hindrance to intellectual superiority. He has learnt over time to think of emotions as a separate intelligence and to harness its strengths, but his approach to any issue or problem will always to ignore what his heart is saying and run it through his mind first before turning to his heart.

Steve is an introvert, used to being by himself, but his empathy and loyalty makes him a great friend to have and those traits do not go unnoticed as he has over time developed strong bonds with several people, including his classmates at the Academy and law school though he takes a while to warm up to those around him.

Steve is also a man of principle who has developed for himself a guiding set of principles that he sticks to in all situations, for better or for worse. This would include family/team above self and integrity. He is a realist and not a perfectionist - years spent as Dan’s sidekick taught him that he will never win at certain things - he will try his best at everything, nothing less, but if his best is not enough, he will move on or ask for help. He hates the lack of effort however, and will demand the same effort from his colleagues.

Pre-Service Biography

The younger of two sons raised by a single mother, Steven Lawrence Hall or Steve as everyone called him, grew up in the Californian suburbs role-playing the indigenous alien or Starfleet subordinate officer whenever his elder brother, Dan, took on the role of a Starfleet captain at the frontier of Federation space. Steve is by no means a dull child but Dan was a charismatic young man gifted with extraordinary agility of both mind and body - the kind that would attract the limelight wherever he went - which meant that Steve’s talents often went unnoticed. Not that it bothered Steve, as he had no trouble ceding the limelight if it meant less pressure on him and more space to develop into his own person without expectations to meet save for his own. He was never one to clamour for recognition and being five years younger, Steve looked up to Dan as the role model he can never emulate. Though the brothers cared deeply about each other, the age gap meant that Dan was more an elder brother to Steve than a friend, and Steve was always Dan’s loyal supporter.

Dan aspired to join Starfleet’s ranks, partially as a means of escaping his responsibilities at home, and worked zealously towards that goal against the wishes of their mother. Nancy was a hands-off mother as an accomplished anthropology professor with her own research at the University of California, Berkeley and it is uncharacteristic of her to dictate how her sons should live their lives but she was vehemently opposed to anything Starfleet. She gave no reasons for her opposition but Steve, who always has been the more emotionally intuitive of the two brothers, suspects that their father has something to do with it. Dan did not waver in the face of opposition however, resulting in much tension between Dan and Nancy, and eventually graduated near the top of his class at the Academy and was posted to one of Starfleet’s finest battle ships, the USS Brave as a Security Officer.

When it came to Steve, Nancy, battle weary from her arguments with Dan, cut a resigned figure and said nothing when Steve voiced his intent to follow Dan into Starfleet. Steve joined Starfleet for very different reasons however. While Dan was intrigued by allure of honor, glory and freedom, Steve takes after Nancy in disposition and was far more enamoured with the prospect of exposure to cutting edge science in the fleet. Tall and lanky but not terribly athletic, Steven made up for his physical shortcomings with a voracious appetite for learning and a sharp analytical mind. One of his morning rituals is to apprise himself of latest scientific discoveries and he dreamt of one day being able to be part of the team making these discoveries.

Everything went according to plan with Steve managing to scrape through (barely) the physical assessments at the Academy and receiving a coveted posting to a new science vessel as Science Officer upon graduation. However, on the day that he was to report for duty on his assigned ship, disaster struck. He was informed of his brother’s death (with no further details save that Dan was out on a classified mission) and put on bereavement leave. Nancy, distraught, demanded that Steven resign from Starfleet immediately. Not wanting to break his mother’s heart further but unwilling to give up his Starfleet career entirely, he negotiated a compromise where he would apply for a transfer to the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, attend law school and thereafter serve far away from the frontlines. Law school was a welcome distraction for the new Academy graduate who had to come to terms with the loss of his big brother and allowed him to stay close to family.

Steve was always closer to Nancy than Dan, but Dan’s death drew them even closer with each of them having to become a pillar of support for the other. With the blessings of Starfleet, Steve spent his first four years of service at the Southwest Region Legal Service Office based in California as a Prosecutor where he investigated and prosecuted Starfleet officers who have been court-martialed for various breaches of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He has in that short period of time built up a reputation for taking an extremely scientific approach to cases, having great attention to detail and taking a hardline stance against breaches of protocol that may compromise the safety of fellow officers. He may not know much about Dan’s death or what caused it but he can do his part in minimising casualties - or at least that is what he tells himself.

Earmarked for command due to his fierce dedication to his craft and high conviction rate as a prosecutor, Steve’s posting to Langley Station as its Assistant Chief Judge Advocate is his first command posting. It is also his first field posting, which makes is doubly challenging for him as he navigates the complexities of command while learning how to operate on a space station.

StarFleet Service History

Starfleet Academy - 2385 to 2389 - Cadet
Judge Advocate General’s School - 2389 to 2391 - Ensign, Judge Advocate Candidate
Southwest Region Legal Service Office - 2391 to 2393 - Lieutenant Junior Grade, Prosecutor
Southwest Region Legal Service Office - 2393 to 2395 - Lieutenant, Senior Prosecutor
Langley Station Field Office - 2395 to Present - Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Judge Advocate

Awards Won

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