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Rianna Repatha

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Rianna Sylvan Repatha

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Starbase 375
Played by: jloni

Physical Appearance

Typical Betazoid features. Long black hair, hazel brown eyes. 5'6", 145 lbs, does have a few plasma burn scars and one rather long jagged one down her thigh.


Rianna is a starbase brat whose parents are assigned to SB 375. Her father is part of the SF Engineering Corps while her mother is the bases ambassador for not only Betazed but for the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her dedication to her job is so strong that she has a habit of overdoing it and ending up in sickbay. Her loyalty to Starfleet puts her life in jeopardy as she goes way above the call of duty. Her abilities make her susceptible to serotonin ups and downs when she does use telepathy in excess.
Ambitions To be the best CEO in Starfleet.
To eventually settle down and marry and raise a family.

Hobbies & Interests Interested in Slipstream drive and how to.perfect it. Interested in all aspects of the engineering field

Horseback riding. Reading technical manuals, hiking, martial arts, Klingon battle exercises, music and dance.

Pre-Service Biography

Rianna was born on SB 375 and she happened to be the first child in the family. Her parents spoiled her as all first born children but within reason.

Being a Starfleet brat, Rianna learned all she could while growing up on SB 375 about engineering. Her father saw to that by taking her with him to work everyday. In between that, her mother would teach about the art of how to handle disputes and mediate between the different races that catered to the starbase.

She was entered into the bases schools where she learned the basics in education but heavy in engineering technology. The starbase offered her hands on training which reinforced the knowledge she knew already. It also helped her in learning the ambassadorial functions that went with her mother's job. Her mother was the Federations ambassador to Betazed and to Qu'nos and she hoped Rianna might decide to follow her and become an Ambassador.

It was a good try but Rianna's heart was in engineering and her father's desire was to strong so she made it her career. She finished her schooling on the base and finally asked to go to the Academy.

Her parents shipped her off to the academy where she learned in a hurry what life was like off a starbase. It was very intimidating and overwhelming at first but by her second year she had become used to it and continued in her studies. By her third year, her instructors gave several awards and honors and by the time she graduated, she had made the top 3% of her classes including engineering.

StarFleet Service History

Upon graduating, she returned to SB 375 where she continued to divide her time between engineering and fulfilling her mother's job due to her passing. Rianna was very hurt with her mother's passing and she virtually withdrew from the ambassadorial duties in favor of pursuing her engineering feats. It didn't take long after her father's death that she had to get off the station, and she put in for her transfer for a ship.

It was a surprise to be sure that she landed her CEO spot on a new Atlantic class starship. It was just slightly bigger than a runabout but not quite as big as a Defiant class but basically had the same small engine room. The USS Sinian was fresh out of the refurbished stockpile and was needing a good crew. However the Sinian did not last long. On her maiden shakedown she had a serious incident involving her engines and it was decided that she should not remain in service any longer so she was fully decommissioned. Rianna was again out of a ship and it hurt. Putting in again for a ship she landed a Defiant class, USS Trojan. Rianna was in heaven. New and fresh off the assembly line and with the cloaking device as well made her day. She felt like a giddy school girl on her first date. She fell in love with the ship and her crew. Capt. Dawn Jamison made Rianna feel welcome and at home on the Trojan. They were a wonderful group of people for which she served 5 years happily. Making new friends and bunk mates and meeting new species, she was very happy. Like before her happiness was short lived. The USS Trojan was sent on a classified mission and there was a battle where she got severely injured. On the way back they transferred her and the rest of the crew and escorted them back to SB 375 where she recovered fully. Now looking again for a new home, she awaits for her transfer to the USS Valiant, another Defiant class ship.

Awards Won

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