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Megan DuBois

Megan Valerie DuBois

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Montreal, Canada, Earth
Played by: kahlessnestor

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Short, slender, and petite. Light blue eyes stand out against her dark hair, with a light smattering of freckles across her pert nose. Her physical appearance appears to be mid to late teens, though she will often dress to edge her age up a bit when not in uniform.


Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue

Pre-Service Biography

Megan was born in Montreal, Canada, to a Quebecois family. Her father was a research professor at the University of Montreal and her mother a homemaker for a large Catholic family. Megan grew up with an attachment to science and wanted to see the stars, so she joined Starfleet Academy just as the Dominion War was beginning. Her studies focused on planetary and general science.

In 2375, Megan’s mother was killed in the Breen attack on Earth.

While at the Academy, Megan met Andres DuBois, a struggling young writer, at a bar in San Francisco. Theirs was a passionate affair and a quick engagement and wedding. But their relationship was torrid and rocky, as they were opposites, she logical and scientific, and he emotional and artistic. Long distance relationship with her in space also didn’t help. They kept at it, however, and had two kids, managing to make it work, until the accident.

During a routine survey mission on the Federation protectorate Drema IV, the Prometheus note an approaching tachyon storm. In charge of the survey team, Megan quickly got everyone positioned for beam out. Unfortunately, she was the last to return, and when the storm hit, she passed through an unstable temporal tachyon eddy. A power surge caused by the storm nearly lost her pattern as it knocked out power to the ship, but the transport operator managed to rematerialize her.

Unfortunately, due to the enigmatic temporal effects of the unstable tachyons, Megan’s body had reverse aged to that of a teenager. Thorough testing by the medical department found that she still maintained all of her adult knowledge and memories and that the tachyons had slowed her aging considerably. Megan decided it was too risky to try and recreate the accident to reverse the effects, with little chance of success and great chance of her death.

Despite her protests, Megan was put on medical leave an returned to Earth. She fought a medical discharge from Starfleet on the grounds that she was still medically fit for duty.

The stress all of this had on her marriage was the last straw. The passion was still there, but the age discrepancy took its toll and made family life awkward. The divorce was amicable.

A compromise was finally reached with Starfleet, and Megan jumped through all the hoops Starfleet put in her way to prove she was still physically and mentally capable of continuing her career. In the meantime, she also took a fellowship at the Daystrom Institute to continue her education.

Starfleet finally relented and decided to give Megan a trial “safe” assignment, making her Assistant Research Director at Langley Station.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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