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Lamar David

Lamar David

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Armstrong City, Luna (Earth's Moon)
Played by: sylar_ryan

Physical Appearance

While not in his peak Parrisses Squares shape, Lamar holds on to his athleticism with all that he has left. He is on the average side of tall. He has a scar on the right side of his chest from a console overloading during the Dominion War. He also has a scar on his left eyebrow as a result of injures sustained during the loss of the Yorktown.

He carries himself with an heir of confidence. He has been through much in his tenure as a Starfleet Officer. Lamar's eyes burn with a certain intensity that certainly give him and advantage in negotiations.


Aside from his time during the war with the Dominion War, Lamar’s career has had a few ups and downs He prefers the seeking new life part of being in Starfleet more than he does the bureaucracy of navigating the Admiralty.

He was an outspoken critic of Starfleet attempting to be the quadrant's babysitter. He views failures such as Admiral Picard's Romulan fiasco that resulted in the burning of Mars as indicative of the consequences of assisting former enemies.

Pre-Service Biography

Lamar was the first born to Franklin and Zoey David. His father was part of Starfleet’ Corps of Engineering R&D while his mother taught third grade. His family life was the picture of stability. Even adding a brother, Bryan to the mix when Lamar was three.

His parents pushed their kids to always seek to become better today than they were yesterday. School was taken seriously and extracurricular activities were encouraged. At the age of ten, Lamar picked and and fell in love with Parrisses Squares. He also had a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together, sometimes better than before and sometimes in a non-working condition. The young boy also had his eye ever to the stars, even if he had to look around Earth to see them.
As he grew up, the two brothers stayed best friends with Lamar always looking out for his little brother. High School was a smooth and uneventful four years. Aside from winning there Luna League Parrisses Squares Championship. Lamar graduated with honors and decided to take the next natural step, apply to Starfleet.

After successfully completing his entrance exam, Lamar was admitted to the Academy in 2370. The Cardassian Wars were over, the Borg had seemed to have left he Federation alone, and peace with the Klingons seemed as though it would last forever. It looked as though there had never been a better time to attend Starfleet. Lamar took the Operations track as it offered a good understanding of Starships and a potential fast track to his own command one day. He also joined the Academy's Parrisses Squares team, helping to win two championships.
However, the dream of an open galaxy to explore was shattered in his third year as the Dominion War broke out. Many of his recently graduated friends were placed on the causality list and the holovid monitors became the new gathering places as the war became more real. Upon graduation, Lamar was immediately placed on the USS Yorktown as an Operations Officer.

While in the Yorktown, Lamar learned the true meaning of fear. This was a time when the Federation was losing the war. He participated in many of the war’s turning points, including the liberation of Deep Space 9, a failed counter attack to liberate Betazed, and finally the Invasion of Cardassia. He was promoted rather quickly to become the Chief Operations Officer, mostly through field commission at the loss of officers higher along the chain of command. It was at this time, Lamar received his chest scar as a console blew, flinging a piece of shrapnel into him during the failed liberation of Betazed.

Once the war was over, the Yorktown was mothballed for repairs and the crew was scattered. Lamar was placed aboard the Yokohama, a Galaxy-Class starship, as the Chief Operations Officer in late 2375. During this time, Starfleet began to return to its exploration roots. Lamar found peace during this time as he met and married the ship’s Chief Engineer, Ally Jenkins. Their beginning seemed like a love destined to last.

However, it was not to be. Lamar was never one to seek treatment for the tribulations he went through during the war. He found his peace in his work. In the year 2380, Lamar was approached to become the First Officer of a new Intrepid-Class, USS Aeneus. It was set to be a long-term exploration mission with a five year mission. He immediately took it without consulting his wife.

The five years were a strain on the new marriage, but due to Ally’s frequent check-ins the couple stayed together. Lamar was happy in his work, chasing comets, surveying systems, and watching pre-warp civilizations. The five years went by rather quickly for Lamar, who enjoyed every moment of it.

Once the mission was completed, the Aeneus was recalled for a refit. Lamar was offered his own ship, one of the new Luna-Class ships. However, the new ship was not something that appealed to Lamar, his real prize was the Yorktown. So, instead, he signed back on to the Aeneus for another five year mission. This ended his marriage, but his true place was in the stars with his crew.

However, this five year mission was not the pleasure cruise that the first one was. This time, the Aeneus was given placed along a line from Cardassia to Breen space. He was able to see first hand the state of Federation colonies in disrepair compared to the aid the Federation was giving to the same governments who had been killing his own people. It made him angry and drove him to want see a more isolationist and militaristic Federation as the only real way forward.

Upon returning in 2390, Lamar was again offered his own command. Again, he turned it down as it was not the Yorktown. The Aeneus was assigned to aid rebuilding efforts in the Romulan Star Empire. It operated as a mobile center of experts to assist the colonies in agriculture and terraforming techniques. This time only served to bolster his own views. He privately bristled as they tried to rebuild the Federation's oldest enemy while their own colonies laid devastated.

Four years later, his dream finally came true. The Yorktown was brought out of the mothball fleet. Starfleet was in need of exploratory vessels with a wide range of mission abilities. It would cost less in resources to refit the old Excelsior than it would be to build one of the newer alternatives. Lamar petitioned hard for this posting, and was appointed to command in the early part of 2394.

However, after a year from it's launch the Yorktown was destroyed by an extremist group that was set to steal mothballed Starfleet warships. Many presumed that he had died as the Excelsior Class imploded in the Badlands, but he had managed to find his way to a shuttle and escape with mere moments to spare.


With the Cardassian extremist attack on Starbase 621, the brass at Command felt the need for a heavier hand with a background in defense to be at the head of the station that is the center of much controversy.

StarFleet Service History

Starbase 621, 2396
- Commanding Officer


USS Yorktown, 2394-2395
- Captain

USS Aeneas, 2380-2394
- First Officer

USS Yokohama, 2375-2380
- Chief of Operations

USS Yorktown, 2374-2375
- Chief Operations Officer, 2375
- Operations Officer, 2374

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, 2370-2374
- Operations Path
- Parrises Squares Team
- Championships, 2373 and 2374

Awards Won

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