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Niamh Roisin O’Donoghue

Niamh Roisin O'Donoghue

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Northern Ireland, Earth
Played by: dante-xithia

Physical Appearance

Slightly taller than average, Niamh is lithe in stature and possesses natural beauty.

Her attention to detail with regards to her appearance is meticulous. She typically curls her hair and styles it into a messy updo. She wears minimal makeup, aside from some concealer, eyeliner and red lipstick.

She mostly wears the standard duty uniform paired with her mission jacket but will wear the short sleeved, short skirt, duty uniform.

Off duty, Niamh strives for comfort, preferring to keep it to a casual combination of a hoodie, some skinny jeans and a pair of converse.


Naturally analytical and compassionate, Niamh is a woman who lends herself well to the field of Psychiatry. She is diligent and professional, yet open and friendly. She makes the most out of every interaction and enjoys spending her time socialising.

Despite this, she is personally very private. Given the nature of her role, she is keenly aware that the way her patients viewed her was critical to how successful she would be at her work. 

Her name is pronounced Nee-uv Roh-shin

Pre-Service Biography

Niamh was born into a world in which she would never meet her mother. Laura O'Donoghue would tragically pass whilst giving birth to her only daughter. The lost of his wife impacted Niamh’s father, James, profoundly which would go on to affect the relationship he would hope to have greatly.

He would attempt to push his grief aside to parent his daughter, but several months later he found he could no longer cope. He sent Niamh to live with her grandparents, her mother’s parents, in Northern Ireland and took the busiest assignment he could find outside Sol.

That aside, Niamh had a relatively happy childhood. Her grandparents saw bringing her up as a way of being closer to their daughter, and did nothing but dote on her. Her father would visit from time to time, but would rarely stay long enough for Niamh to grow attached. Niamh would grow to respond to her father’s absence with anger, hoping that by lashing out he would realise how much she needed him.

This was how life was until Niamh began high school. Her father, now an Assistant Chief Medical Officer, would return to Earth in order to work on the bond he’d neglected. For the next five years, the pair would work on repairing their bond, Niamh would eventually take to spending the weekends with him, but would not live with him full-time.

Although her father had hoped for more, he accepted what she offered eager and worked hard to help his daughter get through high school with the required grades for Starfleet Academy. As Niamh had grown to understand her father’s actions, she developed an interest in psychology, eventually deciding that becoming a ship's counsellor was the only path she could follow.

StarFleet Service History

2249 - 2253: Medical Cadet, Starfleet Academy.

2253 - 2255: Junior Counselling Officer, Counseling residency, SFA Medical Center

2255 - 2258: Junior Counselling Officer, Field Residency, USS Apollo

2258 - 2261: Counselling Officer, Starbase 6

2261 - 2263: Asst. Chief Counsellor, USS Wellington

2263 - 2263: Part-time Counselling Officer, Starbase Arcadia.

2263 - Current: Chief Counselor, USS Defiant

Awards Won

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