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Counselor Nehini Naix

Nehini Naix

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Betazed
Played by: counselornehini

Physical Appearance

Unlike most Betazoids, Nehini has blonde hair, while most of her race has darker colors. Has slight curls in her hair, and a slightly large nose that matches well with her lush lips. Her pale skin easily becomes pinkish, especially when her emotions are high. 5'6 with black eyes.


Like most betazoids, Nehini enjoys the pleasures of life, but serving in starfleet has taught her to focus on more then just enjoyment, and while on duty she is very serious . She can be rather shy when meeting someone new, but once she gets to know you, you can't get her to shut up. Has a sweet like personality, but when pushed to hard, she can snap and say what she may regret later. Caring. Positive. Fair. Empathic. Strives for her goals. Researcher. Great listener. Can be selfish. Can be blunt. Has a temper. Phobia of some bugs. Often shy out of her work.

Pre-Service Biography

Was born and raised on Betazed with two loving parents who came from a great house on their planet,making her a very lucky child growing up as she never had to worry about the harshness of life and was a very happy child. But she did develop a rare disorder for Betazoids as she grew older, called Epilepsy, finding out she had it when one morning while taking a shower she felt her body going into a controlled state and her body started to shake, causing her to pass out. Her mother found her after hearing the noise and she was taken quickly to the hospital where it was discovered what she had. Thankfully with the right medicine, Nehini was able to control it, but it always made her feel different from her other people and the shy nature she already had became worst from her insecurity. But though she was shy, she had a great interest in learning about other worlds and other life forms, thankfully helping her through this change in her life. Her other interests were history, reading, writing and exploring locations on her world that not many went to, so much so that she decided that she wanted to explore other worlds, and though her parents wanted her to live a comfortable life with perhaps a spouse and pleasures of life on Betazed, she decided she wanted to leave her home world of Betazed to see these other planets. During her travels she met a Bajoran woman named Jani Woxume and they developed a friendship as they were both wandering with no clear purpose, Nehini's reason was because she simply wanted to learn about other worlds, but Jani's was because she was dealing with psychological issues from having to deal with the occupation and seeing her parents killed and suffering abuse. Nehini felt this being Betazoid and could hear the thoughts that went through Jani's unsettled mind, and reached out but Jani didn't want help. She only wanted to forget and have fun with someone. And though she shouldn't of, Nehini stopped bothering her about getting help and instead did as she wanted, but they did become close friends and explored together. Sadly though one of those nights, Nehini came back to their hotel to find Jani's dead body, she had killed herself. She grieved this great loss and after taking care of her friends funeral, she returned home to heal as best she could, but it wasn's easy as she blamed herself, knowing she could of saved her friends life. Later, because of this change in her life, she decided to join Starfleet, and to study psychology, hoping though she couldn't save Jani's life, she would be able to save another's.

StarFleet Service History

2385-2389 Starfleet academy
2389-2393 Psychology training

Awards Won

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