Dana Jayne Wakefield

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: Matt

Physical Appearance

Dana keeps physically fit and is slim and toned, for a female she is of average height and her low weight makes her look physically weak, however, her looks are deceiving, she can hold her own and can keep up with the big boys, which has left several men nursing battered egos.


Dana has a soft well-spoken posh voice; some would say she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth as she never wanted for anything. The only child of Fleet Admiral Wilfred Sutherland and prominent surgeon and federation council member Janet Sutherland. Although people may see her as privileged, it has come at a tremendous cost. Growing up she only had a nanny, and then in later life; she was always flanked by security personnel, This tended to put people off, or when they learned who she was, they tried to use her or got close just to try and better themselves. The Sutherland name always preceded her, so she finally convinced her father to allow her to get assigned a position on her own merits, with her mothers maiden name and without the security. To do this Starfleet permitted the creation of a fake background and service history, even to the trained eye it would stand up rigorous testing.

Pre-Service Biography

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