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Day Smith

Day Smith

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Unknown
Played by: rottenemu

Physical Appearance

It wasn't possible to determine Day's age when she was liberated and rehabilitated from her time in the collective. She looks like a woman in her mid to late twenties. Her small stature is not at all imposing, which combined with her other uncertainties make her easy to miss in a crowd, were it not for the obvious shock factor of the Borg implants.

As for clothing, even though trends and proper dress were covered in the rehabilitation centre Day really prefers to wear her uniform. She feels there's never a wrong occasion to wear one. If she needs to be more formal she'll wear a dress uniform. She wears her hair in a tight bun, and makes sure that everything about her appearance is within uniform regulations set by Starfleet. She prefers the strict parameters over the more grey areas of casual wear. Her most distinguishing marks are the Borg implants still on her left cheekbone and down her spine (with the top reaching into her neck, peaking out over her collar). There are also implants on her lower right arm, reaching over her hand, and her left thigh and ankle which spreads upward to her shin. Unseen by anyone is an obvious implant on her chest, that connects directly into her heart as well as several deep-seated ones around other major organs and in the stem of her brain.


Day is a timid woman that is much more at ease reading a technical manual than navigating a casual chat. A result of her appearance and the general population's reaction to it, she's found it really hard to connect to people and make friends. She obsesses easily over small things, whether that's a new project she's working on, new information she's learning or a social interaction that went horribly wrong. She does her job diligently and can focus to an almost meditative state when it comes to logistics problems. When caught off guard, or in a situation where she has very little time to respond, Day tends to come off as cold and harsh, she does her best to implement the social skills she was learned at the rehabilitation centre but they still don't come naturally to her.

Pre-Service Biography

While there is an entire history of a woman that was assimilated by the Borg, the life of the woman that now calls herself Day Smith started only when she was liberated from the Borg collective. This wasn't until 2385, when the Starfleet vessel USS Tasman, a Nova class, encountered a Borg sphere that had crash-landed on an uninhabited M class planet. The surviving Borg drones were struggling to survive and despite losing contact with the greater hive mind they had been able to create a local cluster and a small collective. Using the available resources on the planet and the technology the surviving 47 drones from the crash were able to establish enough regenerators to keep themselves alive and were working on a communications array to contact the Borg Collective when the small Nova class vessel picked up the disturbing readings of a Borg incursion.

Through prior knowledge pertaining the workings of Borg technology gathered from encounters recorded in Starfleet history and by Starfleet Medical the crew of the USS Tasman were able to disconnect the entire group of surviving drones from the small collective they had created and from there they were separately subdued as they headed back to Starfleet Medical on Earth at maximum warp.

It was at Starfleet Medical where the drones were further aided. Most of their implants were removed and with a string of invasive surgeries during the first few weeks, Day was mostly in and out of consciousness as the medical staff endeavoured to remove as many of the Borg implants as they possibly could. After this process came the rehabilitation back into Federation society. As previous memories had been lost to most of the members of the Sphere due to the assimilation, the disruption of the neural net by the Tasman, and subsequent de-assimilation at Starfleet medical, the members of the Borg Sphere were numbered 1 through 47. Day was number 23 in this process, as such some official records still refer to her as 23 of 47 though legally her name was changed some time after.

During her early days in the rehabilitation centre at Starfleet Medical it became clear that, due to the alterations made to her genetics, physique and appearance, it was impossible to find back her real identity. Even though some initiatives got reactions none of the people who claimed to know her were able to positively identify her as their missing family member or friend. A few theories have been proposed as to her identity, one is that she was a crewmember on a Starfleet vessel lost with all hands, under suspicious circumstances. Another is that she’s not actually human but a Delta Quadrant race that is genetically nearly identical. A third is that she was only a very small child that was matured in a stasis pod by the Borg. It was impossible for the physicians at Starfleet Medical to determine her exact age, let alone a date or place of birth.

She was taught social skills and the dominant culture in the Federation during her stay at the institute. At the beginning of their rehabilitation they were stimulated to select a name for themselves, whether it was through prior knowledge of their personal history or some other means. This was the Counselors way of encouraging individuality and personal identity. Day couldn’t remember anything from her time before the Borg collective. Many of the memories she does get prior to this time turned out not to be her personal history on several occasions. She used her designation 23 of 47 to come up with her name. Subtracting 23 from 47, leaving her with 24, knowing there were 24 hours in a day she chose to go by Day from that time forward.
During her time at the centre, she also worked with several Starfleet Officers to go through an adjusted Starfleet Academy course. At the end of which she was able to add a Major in Operations with two specialisations, one in Logistics and one in computer science, to her resume. Which was now the only thing that she could actually put on her resume.

The thing that one cannot find on Day’s resume, or in most of her medical files for that matter, is that she suffered from depression due to loneliness throughout her time in the institute. Even though there were 47 other ex-drones with whom she shared almost all her time she still felt lonely. She has stated on several occasions, during group and individual therapy sessions, that when she was disconnected from the Hive mind she heard her own voice for the first time and that it was the voice of a stranger.

Her rehabilitation was a lengthy process that spanned five years before she was allowed to leave the centre and join Starfleet. It was another year after that before a CO and a Department Head on a vessel, the USS Falcon, was willing to take her on as an officer. It didn’t last. After about seven months the Lieutenant in charge of her department was promoted to a larger role on a Starbase and left his former assistant in charge. This assistant had never worked well together with Day and after about half a year working under him the new department head successfully lobbied to have her removed from her role. It had never become clear to her exactly what she had done wrong. She had just corrected the errors in his reports, schedules and energy distributions. She mostly kept to herself and didn’t really involve herself in the social life of the crew. She came in, did her job and went back to her quarters.

Without a new assignment immediately forthcoming Day returned to the rehabilitation centre at Starfleet. Most of the rehabilitated Borg had returned to a semblance of life around the Federation. There were three still there, two with crippling depressions and one where the removal of a cerebral implant had left them with a multitude of mental disorders. Day didn't feel at home there, she never had and this return only underlined that. She requested research opportunities, an additional course to add to her already extensive knowledge, and took requests as an off-site advisor for Starfleet as well as civilian organisations. Despite all of this effort she couldn’t help becoming even more isolated than before.

Another two years went by within the confines of the centre, where their special ward was merged with the general population. Her neighbours were now a range of casualties of war and mentally broken people due to genetic experimentation or other more cosmic phenomenon. Day longed to leave again but felt she couldn’t stand on her own, outside of Starfleet, and the fleet wasn’t very forthcoming with a new assignment. She reminded Starfleet Command of her availability and qualifications at every opportunity. She didn't expect much of it until a communique came in requesting her presence aboard the USS Valiant.

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