Dilaa Gerro

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Alpha Centauri
Played by: Lamar_David

Physical Appearance

Dilaa is an Orion through and through. She is green with piercing green eyes and jet black hair. She is strikingly beautiful and of average height. She keeps herself fit mostly from climbing through Jeffrey's Tubes most of her shift.


Deep down, she fights what she calls her “wild side.” Growing up inside the Federation has helped her learn to control herself as does regular meetings with a Counselor. She is loyal to her ship and gets out much of her frustrations through her work. She has a knack for pulling off miracles in Engineering thanks to this ability. All said, Dilaa in known to be headstrong and to jump before thinking things through completely.

Pre-Service Biography

Dilaa’s mother worked for the Orion Syndicate since she was a young adult. However, after becoming with child and seeing one too many atrocity she made the choice to become a witness to the Federation in exchange for immunity and a chance at a new life. The Federation agreed and her information was used to take down a Syndicate cell that was known to help the Cardassians in their war with the Federation.

The Federation authorities gave her a new identity and set her up with a job at Alpha Centauri University as an admissions clerk in the college of engineering. Shortly after, Dilaa was born. As a child, Dilaa would visit her mother at work frequently and could be found sneaking around the engineering campus. Most of the professors accepted the little one and even allowed her to assist them in teaching their classes, which meant that she could hand out PADDs or pushing the button to start the holographic projectors.

Dilaa grew into a fairly good student with a bit of a wild streak. In high school, she would be made the grades but would occasionally miss class in order to indulge her appetites. However, after developing a counseling plan as well as the regular inoculations of pheromone blockers, Dilaa quickly turned into the model student. She was able to fit in with the other students much more and even made her share of friends.

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