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Heidy Dilucca

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Alta Terra IV Colony
Played by: jakeyb

Physical Appearance

Heidy’s cultural roots are apparent in her appearance bearing several markers that point to the western mediterranean roots of her family, a petite brunet cut and maintained to shoulder length and almost always tied into a ponytail when on duty, olive complexion to her skin with a slightly rounded face dominated by deep brown eyes. A toned and curvy shape kept up by whatever physical activity that had captured her interest for the moment as well as the semi-manual nature of her role.


Carefree and easy going, a perennial optimist, with habit of looking for the good in any of her assignments, people she watches over, projects she organizes. This tends to override any annoyance at the ‘mess’ she makes. She cares, deep down she cares a lot, which is where her passionate streak kicks in, she will jealously defend the people and the ideals she holds dear.

A hopeless romantic, she found the right man once but he and her young son was ripped away from her, that has yet to and is unlikely to stop her from trying to find another one however.

She has her own way of doing things which often looks as though it isn’t a system at all, clothes, PADD’s (she’s one of the few that still has an carries or deals with more than one), cups, plates ect all seem to clutter her living/work space much to the despair of the scientific experts she organizes, shipmates, friends and in the past bunkmates.

Pre-Service Biography

A colony brat from Alta Terra IV, parents both came from the line of the colony’s founding fathers and mothers, originally from earth the family origins are from a tiny principality from Andorra, much of her early life was spent doing family chores, little ones to start with feed the smaller animals, assist her older brothers and sisters in mainatainace. On that colony there is no such thing as man’s or woman’s work, everyone helps out where necessary. With all the outdoorsy jobs Heidy developed a keen interest in the world around her from an early age

Despite the need to survive, education and learning were keenly promoted. The colony had an established school system which encouraged all to better themselves and in turn the colony, it did have a habit of pushing the brighter ones to pursue further education, with a view to returning and putting back into the colony, ties with the federation were used to good effect and guest tutors were brought in regularly. For Heidy this translated her early experiences into an interest in science and history and related things as she progressed through the education system.

She started to think in terms of what to do with her life, her interests and skill sets and the fact she was looking at their version of classroom assistant as a possible future. The opportunity for a work placement as a trainee lab assistant with Starfleet presented itself, one which she grabbed with both hands.

Posted aboard the Alpha Regio, a Steamrunner-Class, for a six month placement, which consisted of plaitary surveys something that would put her to work, firstly she had mostly yeomanry tasks running assignments to and from different specialists within the department, even with in a high technology era the chief still preferred the human touch when handing out assignments. Logging in results from data collected was the next task Heidy was assigned and as much responsibility she would be given on this placement. When her placement was up an offer was made from the chief science officer that presented her with a choice, one she had to make stay on the ship and join Starfleet or return home and re-join the colony with an almost guaranteed assistant role in the education system with the prospect of obtaining a full teaching position.

She had starlight in her soul by this time, she chose Starfleet, returning to earth to complete the basic training.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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