Dr. Gibson Reuker 1

Doctor Gibson Reuker

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: pclark

Physical Appearance

Doctor Reuker has a strong athletic build that he maintains daily in the gym. When not on duty, Gibson is often seen wearing exercise clothing.


Only one word describes Doctor Gibson Reuker; energetic. He never settles on one idea and has his hands in too many projects at once which can overwhelm him if not kept in check. Many also think that Doctor Reuker is casual around his patients but this is to make sure they are at ease during tense situations. He has tremendously great bedside manner and is a strong advocate for those in his care.

However despite all the good parts, Gibson still regrets his sister's death. Because of this he is fiercely guarded from speaking about his feelings. He tends to shut down when he sits in counseling sessions.

Pre-Service Biography

Early Life-

Gibson Martin Reuker (Pronounce Ruh-khur) was born the oldest child of two to Francis and Marah while they were assigned to McKinley Station. Life was split between life in the City of Chicago and the tiny quarters at the Station. When Gibson was nine, his sister Eliza was born. He adored the girl; doting on her and defending her when she was bullied.

When Eliza was six, she became ill with an unknown illness. All the doctors the family saw couldn't figure out what was exactly wrong. A year later Eliza died. Instead of retreating into sadness, Gison decided to become a doctor and hope to one day cure children with the same disease. His parents ever supportive, encouraged him to join Star Fleet Medical because they knew that somewhere he might find the cure among the stars.

Gibson took the Medical Entrance Exam and passed at age 17. He left for the Academy after graduating from High School the top of his class.

Academy/Early Professional Career-

Gibson was energetic and friendly among his peers. Studying Pre-Med Exobiology, the young future doctor was known to be ladies man about campus. The first four years of study went without incident.

Gibson interned at Star Fleet Veteran's Hospital as a hospitalist. He graduated from the Academy during these years. He preferred the work as a Trauma Physician and he went on to a more robust hospital in Chicago. Knowing that he would eventually have to spend time in space; Gibson transferred to Starbase 100 for his residency.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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