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Elisabet Granger Ph.D MD

Elisabet Granger Ph.D MD

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Human (Epsilon Idris IV Colonial)
Played by: matt-davis

Physical Appearance

Elisabet has a very fit and welcoming demeanor. Often wearing Uniforms and common street clothes. Her hair is combed back and she displays a courteous and welcoming demeanor.


Eccentric does not begin to describe Elisabet Granger. She's the sixth most intelligent being in the United Federation of Planets. But has an abnormally small amount of short-range memory. In essence, when she was an infant, her brain developed under very abnormal circumstances. She remembers everything, but has trouble trying to communicate it, and her social capability is almost non-existent. Regardless, she is surprisingly loyal to Starfleet even though she has trouble trying to communicate with her superior officers. She has a repurposed EMH named Gregory who acts as something of her short-term memory, often reminding her of critical tasks she needs to do at any given moment.

Her spoken communications are swift and 'to-the-point.' Her ability not to beat around the bush is profound. Telepaths understand her better when they hear her internal voice. She's truly an adventurous and out-going soul that's always ready for the next adventure. Fearless and curious. The many telepath's she has met find her friendly and charming.

Lise also has a very different thought process. Her internal voice reflects who she truly is, but she's so introverted she often has to have translation, So she tries to write things down when people do not understand her.

Pre-Service Biography

Elisabet Granger was born to Captain James Granger, as their youngest child, and Dr. Brianna Granger on a failed Federation Colony, in fact; it would be Elisabet's birth that would spark the reason why the colony was abandoned. It was believed Elisabet was born with a mental defect. The inability to comprehend, and it was until the age of nine before doctor's realized her brain was developing much slower than expected. As Elisabet would put it. "You know the phrase 'Good food takes time.' Well that applied to my mental state when I was a child."

Suddenly out of nowhere. Elisabet began taking sidewalk chalk sticks and began studying the physics of her brother, Darren's martial art moves. The chalk art contained her own set of radians and calculus predicting how her brother would move based on a base eight number system. She soon changed to the base ten system so the sheer ability of her mathematical skill could be more understood. She began to talk as well in a few months after intensive study, but not many people could figure her out completely.

Her intelligence was profound, but her social ability was non-existent. That was when Dr. Terii Lysander entered the picture. It took a Betazoid to bridge the gap between Elisabet and the world. and it was Dr. Lysander that programed her translator holoprogram; Gregory. With this holoprogram, Elisabet entered Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was intrigued by Granger. Wondering why she's bother with them when she could become the most noted scientist of her generation. She simply said. "Cambridge; Booooring... Academy; Fun!!!" Which caused Commandant James Kane to break out in a wide grin which was rare even for him. Elisabet wanted the challenge of the Academy. She wanted even the challenge of Starfleet when she graduated. Abiet she was the center of intense ridicule in the academy, but none of it produced the anger her tormentors were hoping for. She just didn't care when they did ridicule her for being too smart or too much of a 'mental case' actions spoke louder than words, and with each jibe her cadets gave her, she cared less about their opinions.

She graduated and was transferred to several CO's during her career. Most more straight-forward Captains, didn't have the patience to understand her eccentricities. But she did run into a Captain that took the time. Captain Gavin Forman. Forman had experience with First Contact situations, and he treated his interactions with her like First Contact. This resulted in him managing to bridge the social gap with Elisabet Granger in such a way, that she relied on Gregory for communication less. She learned how to present her thoughts in a way a person in authority would understand them.

She's still quite eccentric, but she's focused enough for even Admiral Edward Jellico to instantly understand her when he realized that she does not beat around the bush. What she says is the unbridled truth. Sometimes without a hint of tact. But she knows enough to keep her thoughts to herself when required. This managed to finally open up a great deal of posts across the Federation Starfleet.

StarFleet Service History

Graves Institute for the Gifted
Elementary and High School Schooling

Starfleet Academy
Science Cadet

USS Doolittle
Science Officer

USS Franklin
Science Officer

Starfleet Command
Adm. Edward Jellico's Science Liason

USS Eagle
Chief Science Officer

Awards Won

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