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Eden Bowers

Eden Bowers

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Rigel IV
Played by: kaidasorine

Physical Appearance

Tall and slim Eden stays in shape because she is always moving. Unless she is ill or asleep she can be spotted walking the ship as it helps keep her mind clear and focused. She keeps her blond hair long and pulled up because she cannot stand it being in her face. She prefers comfortable but functional clothing and will never wear anything that isn’t practical.


Eden was born an introvert but has learned over the years to put on an extroverted personality when in public. She will pretend to be very outgoing depending on the situation but in reality is more serious. She rarely lets anyone past her mask. Eden has a childlike sense of curiosity and is always watching and observing her surroundings. She thinks far more than she says and often what she does say is full of meaning.

Pre-Service Biography

Born on Rigel IV, Eden enjoyed a pretty peaceful childhood except for the occasional teasing by her classmates because of her quiet demeanor. She is the only child of astrobiologists Mara and Steven Taylor who were fond of dragging her around to study the nearby systems. Eden cannot stand the subject but is fascinated by any other aspect of science and shares her parents love of learning. She spent her entire childhood on various planets except for occasional family vacations which turned out to be more work for her parents but provided an opportunity for Eden to explore a little of her surroundings in space. On one such vacation when she was a young child her parents left her alone for only a moment while they unloaded some supplies out of their shuttle. Eden took the controls, disengaged the docking clamps, making her drift away from the space station. While her mother was angry her father was more amused at her ingenuity. Her curiosity knew no bounds despite her parents trying to control it.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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