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Felicity Kaz

Felicity Kaz

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: james_kaz

Physical Appearance

Felicity is average height, but fairly muscular. She is quite good looking, however most people avoid her because of her muscly appearance.

Felicity has a very strong American accent, however because of the length of time she has spent at the marine Training School, this accent has become easier to understand over time; however it does come back stronger when she visits home.


Felicity has a quite bullheaded approach to things, usually preferring to hit first, ask questions later. This sometimes serves her well in her profession, but also gets her in trouble with her Seniors. She is however dedicated to the Starfleet and wouldn't turn her back on them ever. She is also very interested in learning new skills, frequently taking up training opportunities and courses that will help her, or others that serve with her. She never refers to others by their rank, except when necessary, but rather calls people by their first or last names. This has helped her to develop a good relationship with the men and woman under her.

Pre-Service Biography

Being the eldest child of four girls, life was tough for Felicity from a young age. She frequently was relied on by her parents to look after her three younger siblings, while they were at work, or when they went out. Her parents were both Starfleet Officers, one of them, her father, working with Starfleet Engineering Corp on earth, and the other, her mother working with Starfleet Medical, managing one of many large hospitals in the area. It is from this it is believed that she got her passion for medicine.

When Felicity was old enough, she enrolled with starfleet, and was shipped off to starfleet Academy, much to her parents delight. They had both been keen for her to attend Starfleet Academy, and enlist as an officer. Upon arriving at the Academy, Felicity made friends with most of her classmates, although there were a few she didn't get on with. She completed Basic Training with top marks, and then went onto more advanced courses, including Emergency Medicine, Advanced Life Support and Tactical/Security Training. She passed these on her first attempt, before leaving the Academy and looking for her first post.

Having trained heavily in Medicine, Felicity's first post was aboard the USS Nathan-James, where she served as a Paramedic. This post was relatively calm - as it was a rather small vessell - and didn't see much action. She also took occasional shifts as Security Officer, to help develop these skills.

After four years with the USS Nathan-James, Felicity decided she wanted to move up, and applied to rejoin the Academy, and take her Officer Training. Over her four years with the James, she had been promoted to Petty Offier, and the ships Commanding Officer, thought she'd do well in the training, and put in a recommendation. This was accepted by the Academy's board, and she was quickly transferred. to the Academy. She completed the course, however only just managed to scrape a passing mark, due to an injury she recieved during training.

Following some recovery time for her injury, Felicity applied for the USS Jackson, taking the Assistant Chief Security Officer post there. She was confident in her abilities, and got the post. However when she got there the crew onboard took an instant disliking to her, because she was younger than most of them. She again persevered, and after two years of working with them, she finally managed to get along with them.

From here she again transferred, having risen through the ranks to the rank of Lieutenant, thanks to her hard work, saving the USS Jackson from boarders multiple times, and having taken part in the retaking of Starbase 25. She decided she was ready for her next challenge, and decided to apply for a role aboard a starbase, as Chief of Security. She continued taking extra security and tactical courses to help her skills.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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