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Akelia Felnost

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Andor
Played by: felnost

Physical Appearance

Akelia is lithe, thin and firmly built.


Akelia is a hard working, determined woman. She has a never give up personality and the harder things get, the more determined she becomes. She is not afraid to take extreme risks when the situation warrants it and seems to be blessed by good fortune in this risk taking behavior. Off duty she is more relaxed, talkative and has a sarcastic sense of humor, which sometimes can border on the edge of being gallows humor.

Pre-Service Biography

Akelia grew up like most members of her Keth, trained from birth to serve in the Andorian Defense Force as a security officer. There she excelled at what was taught, but unlike her cousins, she chaffed at the formality of what was expected of her. She knew that she would have to succeed as well if not better than her talented sister and though she loved her sister dearly, she utterly loathed trying to follow in such large footsteps. Defying her family wishes, she followed another family rebel (one Shalina Felnost) and joined Starfleet. Unlike her famous Aunt, she stuck with her family practice of being a security officer. This was also the last time she and her parents talked, though they do communicate with each other through her sister, Kali’i. Starfleet Academy was a unique time for Akelia. She found herself easily above some of her classmates due to her families training regimen. But she was also behind on some studies due to the lack of exposure she had received. Science especially was difficult. But true to form, she doggedly pushed through these problems, if only to spite her parents. Upon graduation, Akelia found herself moved from one duty assignment to the next in very short order. At every assignment, she found that she excelled and that she enjoyed the constantly changing challenges she faced. Her eagerness to complete the mission and strong showing brought her to the eyes of those within Starfleet Security for a special mission, Operation Underground Railroad; the breaking of a slave ring that was operating within and without Federation space. Akelia’s team performed admirably and even rescued one of the slaves. This resulted in Akelia being given the honor of the baby being named after her, Akelia Tabitha von der Schulenberg, an honor Akelia still considers one of her proudest. The action did, however, begin a trend where Akelia would take extreme risks to ensure completion of the mission and safety of others even at great injury to herself. Upon completion, and due to the machinations of her Admiral aunt, Akelia found herself, however briefly, the Chief of Security on the USS Hiroshima. There she faced off against Hirogen and once again, despite being severly injured, acquitted herself well. With these two successes, she was quickly pulled from the ship and reassigned to the Special Operations Detail, a classified group that performs very difficult tasks at extreme risks to themselves. What exactly she did here is restricted information, but her rise in rank and the numerous awards and citations listed as well as the medical injuries during this time testifies that she was extremely active and good at what she did. Now, after seeing more than she had ever expected to see, she is ready for a less high risk assignment and has sought out the chance to take up the post which she greatly loathed in her younger days, Chief of Security on a starship. While her return to the USS Hiroshima was the longest time served so far, she was finally called away to deal with an old nemesis by the Department of Temporal Investigations. Upon returning to her time, she is left with the challenge of moving forward (relatively speaking) again.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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