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Sar’Mari Bri’oti Dosdo’ Vol’doli Fov’damo

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Dora’ Gong Province, Azzia
Played by: trevor

Physical Appearance

Height: 1.52 meters

Weight: 57.15

Hair Color:Dark walnut brown with lighter highlights.

Eye Color: Pale Lavender grey with almost white speckled highlights and black ringing the outer edge.

Skin color: Dark Almond

Sexuality: Bisexual

Physical Description:

Sar’Mari is a woman with a sleek hourglass figure that she is quite proud of. Her eyes are somewhat chamelic in that they tend to pick up colors from her wardrobe from light lavender to silver grey and ice blue or even a hint of mint green. The woman’s heart shaped face with high cheekbones is graced by cupid’s bow shaped lips and captivating pale eyes. Her dark hair is often kept in a tight bun while on duty but off she will often allows her long locks to fall in long, loose, natural curls. Although in her eighties she looks as if she could be just out of the Academy.


General Overview

Mari, as she is known by her friends, is a product of both nature and nurture. Growing up in a loving family on Azzia and in the shadow of a temple a career in Starfleet didn’t seem like a plausible career path. Having been born to a deeply religious family She planned to follow directly in the path of her birth mother and the other women her father was bonded to and become a priestess. With the early onset of her telepathic abilities at age eight it was hoped that she would be extremely gifted in this area. Although she did learn to train others in this regard her skill never reached the heights that many had hoped. Mari did become a priestess and served as such both in a colony and a starship but chose after working closely with Starfleet personnel to attend the Academy and become a counselor.

Being a follower of Kov’dalosi, the religion of the Azzians that involves the worship of time, she has learned to be thoughtful and cautious in her words and conduct. This often makes her appear aloof and unapproachable. She is learning now to be open up and be more of herself, unrestricted by tradition and expectations.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Highly Trained



Detail Oriented

Sharp mind





Self Critical



Sar’Mari dreams of having her own ship someday to captain and travel through time and space as her ancient ancestors allegedly had done without rival. She hopes to make her parents proud with her contributions but it doesn’t seem likely.

Hobbies and Interests

Temporal Mechanics: Though her take on Temporal mechanics is a bit different than others might be do to her religion she does enjoy reading about and learning what scientists are discovering.

Kov’dalosi: This is the primary religion of the Azzians. It involves the worship of time and dimensions.

Kas’ dali: Similar to Yoga, Kas’dali is an excellent form of exercise to encourage agility, flexibility and muscle tone.

Meditation: As part of her religion she practices meditation on a daily basis and has a “guide” which she is reluctant to talk about with others.

Ka’hafery: This is a form of martial arts which has its origin in the temples of her religion and is still practiced by the monks and priests as a physical discipline.

Music: Sar’Mari enjoys playing the Lav’ora, a six-string Azzian Violin.

Pre-Service Biography

Personal History

Sar’Mari Bri’oti Dosdo’ Vol’doli Fov’damo was born in the Tora’ Gong Province where her father and his bonded women lived. She was the second child born to the family and wouldn’t be the last. Born on Has’doka, a holy day in the Kov’dalosi religion and on temple grounds at the Kov’aliki temple of the Divine Moment. This was April 17th on the Earth Calendar not that it mattered much to her parents. Her Somi’ doki, or birth mother, along with the other women bonded to her father all were held the position priestess at the temple. Her father, Div’omi Kit’alko Vol’doli was in charge of operations for the temple grounds.

She was the second sibling born and her older sister, Avi’lok, was overjoyed to have a sister. Though she had really wanted a brother at first once Sar’Mari was born the disappointment vanished quickly. Two years later another sister, Bav’ori, was born into the family. The three fought as siblings do but they loved each other deeply.

From an early age she showed a great deal of interest in what her father did. She learned to fix small things like food replicators and sliding doors but the mothers would have nothing of the sort, especially after her Bak’tov, the bilateral loss of pigment from her eyes at the onset of puberty. She became telepathic and Sar’Mari showed promise not only as a priestess but also as a more coveted position, a telepathic searcher. Both of which she wasn’t too excited at becoming.

She attended the temple school with her sisters from an early age and enjoyed all of her studies. Immersed in both secular and religious training Sar’Mari excelled in her academics and made friends easily.

Shortly after becoming telepathic at the early age of eight she began practicing meditation. She was “chosen” by an Azzi, what many cultures would consider a spirit guide, and has followed the advice she believes she receives from it. Sar’Mari rarely discusses her religion with anyone, even other practitioners of her faith feeling her experience to be highly personal.

Receiving training as a telepath it was thought she might be an excellent candidate for what referred to as a Telepathic Searcher in her culture. It was a coveted service position that could be performed while holding another career such as a temple priestess. With the coaxing of all her mothers Sar’Mari decided to become a priestess and began additional coursework at the age of eight that would lead towards that desired goal.

In the summer of her thirteenth year she experienced the loss of pigmentation in both her eyes as is customary upon reaching puberty. Typically the age where Azzians become telepathic, Sar’Mari already had been for several years.

Upon the end of her fifteenth year her family accepted a call to move and maintain one of the temples in the Sav’dotil colony. The temple was in disrepair and Sar’Mari dove into the project of helping her father getting it fully operational. While there she attended another temples school participating in all her normal classes and taking what free time she had to help her father.

At thirtyone Sar’Mari accepted her first call as a priestess away from the temples where she had been serving. She had completed all the necessary requirements to be part of the clergy and a series of degrees primarily revolving around mental, physical and emotional health.

The Azzian starship Vig’ori she was placed on received a commission on behalf of the Azzian Empire to join a joint exploratory task force involving Starfleet and Vulcan scientists to the Morgana Quadrant. The woman served as both a priestess, the Azzian equivalent in many ways of a counselor to the Azzians on her ship and as a translator should the need arise.

Sar’mari made friends with many on the other ships. Though Azzian’s had been members for many years their numbers among the Federation their numbers were still low enough that they were a curiosity, especially those who openly practiced their religion and customs. Happy to educate her teammates, she shared with them Azzian customs, culture and played her Lav’ora for them. In exchange she learned about their customs and cultures.

During the mission she was called upon to read through ancient transcripts to decipher what certain artifacts were and to identify items that needed to be secured. These interchanges informed her of the need to protect the temporal technology that was available and the threat it posed should it fall into the wrong hands.

While there the team was attacked by the Na'kuhl who attempted to steal the temporal technologies and change the timelines. After a heated battle which left the Federation and Vulcan Starships all but destroyed it was revealed that that Vig’ori was using a temporal shielding that rendered the weapons used against them nearly ineffective.

Though the Na'kuhl were forced to retreat without apparent success there were heavy losses. The entire extent of what had happened became more apparent when it was discovered one of the colonies was no longer detectable on ship sensors.

Apparently successful in spite their retreat it became imperative that the technology be retrieved. The Na'kuhl were damaged enough that although the could use their warm drive they were unable to travel back in time as they had planned to destroy the Azzian Empire. Intercepting the Na'kuhl ship they were able to restore the timeline.

In 3077 the Vig’ori and her crew returned to Azzia. With a mandate to explain all actions taken during their mission Sar’mari was summoned to appear before the Azzian High Council for review, During these hearings she was asked to comment on the crew’s mental state. She did as requested and was able to clear not only herself but the rest of the crew. At the request of the High Counsel and with the urging of Federation she agreed to attend the Starfleet Academy on Earth the following year. She took and passed the entrance exam on Azzia along with thirty five other candidates. Saying goodbye to her family Sar’mari left for Earth and a new life among the stars.

While attending the academy she found herself in a culture not completely familiar with her. She made close friends who were in the same began to come out of her shell breaking somewhat with traditional ways and customs. For the first time she wore clothing other than those traditionally worn by Azzians and played with coloring her hair. Her freshman year was asked to join a string quartet and she had began offering opportunities for teachers and fellow cadets to experience Azzian food and culture. She also began trying food from a variety of non-Azzian quazines.

Performing well in her courses her senior year she was awarded a Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Napier.The science vessel offered her the opportunity for the budding counselor to practice her profession in a supportive environment as she became more accustomed to the practices and beliefs of various worlds other than her own.

In addition to her counselling responsibilities Sar’mari held the position of Moral Officer. This not only forced the woman out of her shell but further exposed her to the customs and cultures of other societies within the Federation. At the end of her first year she was offered a position as a counselor aboard the ship and was promoted to an Ensign.

On May seventh 3084 The Ship experienced a peculiar shortage of power. For eight days the warp core provided power though only enough to run emergency lighting An Azzian starship, Kov’dios, was able to rondevu with the stricken vessel offering hot meals and a assist with figuring out what was going on to cause such a massive energy loss. Three weeks into experience it was discovered that a sentient space creature known as a Darticus had attached itself to the ship, cloaked to remain invisible and began feeding of the energy produced by the warp drive. Once the creature was discovered and the shielding was powered enough to give it a shock the octopus like creature detached and moved away.

Sar’mari remained on that ship until offered an Assistant Counselor position aboard the USS Chabotto and the rank of Lieutenant in late 3088 . The exploration vessel was known for taking risks, some of which were considered unnecessary. With the approval of the Chief Counselor she began teaching telepathic control to those aboard that had the capability. Though her abilities were considerably different than most her knowledge of its use and control proved valuable to many of crew.

In late 3094 she received the rank of Lieutenant and made the Chief Counselor. Sar’Mari was on the bridge when they were attacked by the Suliban. They had traveled forward in time from 2154 to destroy the vessel in an attempt to change the timeline. Though their attack was unsuccessful and ended in the destruction of their ship it created a temporal causality loop into which the Chabotto found itself reliving the events over and over until Sar’Mari figured out what was happening and was able to convince the Commanding Officer to do something different which broke the look and allowed them to reemerge but on January 18th 3097.

After a thorough investigation by the Federation it was thought best bot allow the crew to remain in the current time rather than risk further damage to the space time continuum. The ship was then decommissioned for further investigation and Sar’Mari was reassigned to Clepsydra.

Service Record

Counseling l Cadet l Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco, Earth l 3078-8082

Counseling l Senior Cadet l USS Napier l 3082-3083

Counselor l Ensign l USS Napier l 3083-3088

Assistant Chief Counselor l Lieutenant JG l USS Chabotto l 3088-3093

Chief Counselor l Lieutenant l USS Chabotto l 3094-3097

Chief Counselor l Lieutenant l USS Clepsydra l 3097-Present

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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