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Brecat Jerane

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Cardassia Prime
Played by: Travani Dal

Physical Appearance

Brecats’ physique is similar to that of other Cardassians. He's solid in stature and at a distance appears lanky. His brow is slightly more pronounced than that of other Cardassians, giving him a much more menacing scowl. He has a vigorous workout schedule to maintain a high level of physical fitness.


Brecat is a rather steely figure for a man as young as he is. His hard line attitude and lack of willingness to see the perceptions and reasoning of others to approach situations differently than himself cause him to be quite unforgiving. Most everything is black and white to the man with little room for context. At the end of the day he feels context is something more left to be evaluated after a situation has been resolved, not before.

In general he feels the state owes much to his mother and will go to no ends to ensure she receives what is owed to her. He feels he should earn everything he receives as well, good or bad, but would rather do it in his own fashion. This has caused trouble so far in his career.

Pre-Service Biography

Brecat was born in 2370 to Naltar and Sharsa Jerane. During this time due to the high tensions between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. As a result, his father whom was an officer in the 9th Order, Third Assault Group, wasn’t home much to spend time with his son. Sharsa raised the boy the first year of his life until the annihilation of the Obsidian Order.

With the subsequent power vacuum now in place, Naltar found himself and his battle group re assigned to Cardassia Prime to show support of the Detapa Council coup as Central Command was overthrown and realigned. As a result he was able to spend close to a year sporadically at home when the time off was approved. The Klingon-Cardassian war in 2372 however ended that time and Naltar’s battle group found themselves on the front lines fighting the Klingons.

In mid 2373 when the Cardassian Union negotiated entry into the Dominion, Naltar was once more back home to rest and participate in shore leave as his ship underwent repairs. Later that year his father once more found himself and his group back on active duty and participated in the retaking of Terok Nor. He remained stationed there until late 2374 when the station returned to Federation control.

The Third Assault Group was assigned to border patrol and covering areas where Dominion forces were spread more thin. As a result of this, the group was ran ragged and worn down leading to low morale and an ineffective unit that was rarely resupplied. The massacre of the 11th Order caused further only further drove the group, and the entire 9th order, into a more rebellious ready state. Upon the rallying of Damar calling for rebellion against the Dominion, he and the order participated in the attack on several Dominion outposts and the destruction of the Dominion cloning facility on Rondac III.

Upon the surrender of the Dominion and official end to the war, Naltar and his order were once more re assigned to Cardassia Prime and began to participate in the rebuilding of the cities and government. For the next seven years he continued to remain in service until 2380 when economic crisis ensued and he resigned to take up a position as a civilian adviser to ensure his son and wife maintained a higher standard of living than many of his peers. He was intent on keeping the situation at hand from impacting his son as much as possible.

Tensions over the next year grew as he and others were requested for the extradition of war crimes and in 2382 he disappeared with several other Cardassians seemingly overnight. There were no goodbyes and no explanation as to why. His mother was left to guess but over time came to her own conclusions.

Brecat himself had a difficult time understanding how his father that had been with him almost every day since he could remember was now gone without so much as a goodbye. The pre-teen found himself having trouble processing the emotions and as a result got into trouble with a number of his classmates that had similar experiences with fathers or other male relatives that were no longer around suddenly. Without a provider for the household and their standard of living they were forced from their middle class accommodations and put out onto the streets. Sharsa managed to find an odd job every now and then and secure housing in the lower parts of the city.

Throughout his teenage years Brecat ran with a rough group caught a number of minor charges. In true Cardassian form was always found guilty and a number of punishments were handed out until one day at nearly the age of 18 he stood convicted of assault on a shop owner. His mother was distraught with grief and for the first time since his father left, Brecat felt remorse for his actions.

Faced with either a sentence of a couple of years in prison or the option for enlistment into the newly formed Cardassian Defense Force, Brecat chose to enlist and provide for his mother whom had become accustomed to living in their equivalent of slums. When his enlistment roster reached a number of officers in higher command for review, his father's name still carried weight and he was selected for the officers candidate program. He received absolvement for his previous crimes as a juvenile and reassignment orders for the Cardassian Military Academy almost immediately. In 2388 he reported to the Academy as ordered.

His freshman year was the toughest time for him there as he adjusted to the new way of life having to follow each and every order without question. Following structure and respecting those above him was a challenge that earned him a number of reprimands but over time his discipline as well as grades improved and the commandant saw fit to keep him in the program allowing him to succeed accordingly and pass his freshman year which focused on general studies and duties. The now rising political tensions in the government were also a distraction for the young man who found himself in support of Gul Marrat.

Brecat’s Sophomore year he was tasked with deciding a military specialty focus. He had initially chosen to focus on engineering and ships power systems but throughout the course of the year failed to meet the proficiency requirements and as a result was given a placement test. Based on the results he was reassigned to a focus on battle planning and tactical strategy. He managed to catch up with his new classmates and proceed on to his Junior year. Despite Elim Garak winning the election and becoming the leader of the Cardassian Union Brecat remained in service to the state and only sought to further excel in his specialty. A deep seeded hope to now honor his father and what was a strong Cardassia before being led by a now more civilian government burned strong in the young man, whom behind closed doors, spoke out against Garak at times.

Unlike the first two years in the academy, his third year was rather uneventful and Brecat succeeded in his new studies. He also now was able to finally help his mother move from the slums and into better housing where she now was more comfortable and no longer had to perform more menial labor.

His Senior year he now found himself participating in the more practical application of his training and being assigned to different posts for a short time along with a number of his peers to be tested and certified throughout different areas in Cardassian space. The assignments took nearly the entire school year before he and his entire class were placed into a multi week simulation in which they all participated in their assigned rolls in a fleet of ships. Throughout that time Brecat was noted for a continually disagreeing with the senior command when they chose not to follow his tactical planning and recommendations which at times turned into rather heated arguments in front of the rest of the other cadet officers.

Despite his lack of discipline at times he was granted a proficient rating and graduated. In 2392 he was commissioned as a Gil and assigned to menial duty as was tradition in the Cardassian Military for newly commissioned officers. Fortunately for him he was able to remain close to home as he was assigned to the orbital shipyards as a logistics officer.

The next two years were rather routine for him as he met the required proficiency tasks in his daily duties and kept impeccable inventory records. He took leave as allotted and spent time with his mother when he could.

In 2394 he was promoted on track to 2nd Glinn with the rest of his peers and now assigned in his specialty on board the Vezar. During his time there the ship found itself on routine patrol within Cardassian borders and running a number of tactical proficiency and readiness exercises. His primary focus ranged at times from troop deployments and ground force strategy to that of ship to ship and battle group combat tactics. At times his recommendations were followed, others they were not. Just as in the academy, he openly voiced his disdain for those not choosing to follow his recommendations based on his analysis of the tactical situations provided.

While patrolling the border near Lazon the ship was attacked by Breen pirates. Initially he’d reported to his battle station and did his best to assist in the defense of his ship but in less than an hour they found themselves boarded by the Breen. On board security did their best to hold off the attackers but as the majority of defense forces were distracted, a smaller group beamed in near the bridge and Brecat and several officers were forced to participate in fighting back the Breen to defeat them. Brecat’s own hand to hand combat and weapons skills were poor at best causing him to be more of a liability than anything else.

With an officer that had proven to be lacking in self discipline and now questioned in his abilities to fight, his commander had no choice but to place him for reassignment after a year on the ship. In an almost cruel twist of fate Brecat was reassigned back to Cardassia Prime but now placed in charge of a Security Detachment to further remediate his persona.

With the more stable situation around him, superiors could keep a more scrutinizing eye on him and here he could learn and develop the more diplomatic skills and professionalism needed of an officer in the CDF. After almost six months Brecat grew tired of his billet finding the daily tasks remedial and boring considering nothing eventful ever happened. It was a purgatory for him and the message of him needing to improve was beginning to sink in. Looking for the quickest way out of his current role Brecat placed himself on a roster requesting general reassignment which meant he could end up anywhere.

After another six months he was selected to be placed in a role few wanted, as a liaison to the Federation. In tradition with assignment to the position he was promoted to 1st Glinn and was relieved of his detachment command. He was granted leave for a short time and then assigned to administrative duties while awaiting the USS Pioneer to arrive.

StarFleet Service History

2388 - 2392 Cardassian Military Academy
2392 - Commissioned as Gil (ENS), assigned to the Cardassia Prime orbital shipyards as a logistics officer
2394 - Promoted to 2nd Glinn (LTJG), Re assigned to the Vezar (Galor Class) as a Tactical Planning Officer
2395 - Re assigned to Cardassia Prime as Security Detachment Commander
2396 - Promoted to 1st Glinn (LT), assigned as CDF Liaison and transferred to the USS Pioneer

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