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Greg Farragut

Gregory Huckleberry Farragut

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Hong Kong, Earth
Played by: deletham

Physical Appearance

Still athletic despite his age, Greg's usual rigor has begun to weaken as he's continued shifting back and forth between different ships and assignments.


Gregory Farragut has the makings of a reliable, effective commanding officer, but because of inaction, or maybe inability, Greg has never held the center seat for more than a few months. As far as Starfleet is concerned, Lieutenant Commander Farragut is a model seat warmer. Trustworthy enough to keep a ship functioning, but not ambitious or driven enough to take the post on full time.

Gregory's service jacket reflects an individual capable of quickly adapting to new professional and social situations. Changing ships requires new thinking and a keen sense of organization. He's quick to learn names and is comfortable delegating tasks from the get go. His academic background offers insight into basic engineering and technical issues and an understanding of galactic politics and history.

Gregory's thinking is largely short term. His brief tenures aboard starships doesn't require him to think beyond a few weeks or months at a time, nor does he have experience managing duty rosters beyond the day to day. His lack of experience as a long-term commander presents the greatest challenge for the career officer. Further, problems with solutions he can't immediately divine can frustrate him.

The center seat. Greg has always wanted the Captain's chair, but has never fully committed. He had given up on his chance at command with Starfleet seeming more comfortable keeping him as a seat warmer rather than a full fledged commanding officer.

Hobbies and Interests
His background in History makes Greg something of a history buff. While his academics focused on the Golden Age of Galactic Exploration and the Eugenics wars, Farragut isn't adverse to learning about a new subject from a colleague or an academic journal. For leisure, Greg can't think of anything better than a day at the ball park or time in the batting cages.

Pre-Service Biography

Gregory Huckleberry "Huck" Farragut was born to human parents in the megacity of Hong Kong. His father, Richard Farragut, worked for the city government as an urban planer. Born in the Appalachian mountains of the United States, Richard did not have the opportunities of his son. Cities were a marvel to the young man from the American back country, and he wanted to learn everything he could about them. There was no better place than the megacity of Hong Kong. Years of schooling and interning finally yielded a career for Richard: Hong Kong Housing Authority.

Mary Zhuang, on the other hand, knew only city life. Her family had roots in Hong Kong stretching back to the colonial era. Her established background all but assured a successful entry into local politics. Mary's place on the legislative council meant close association with the city's bureaucrats. It was at an official function that she met Richard. Their relationship blossomed and Gregory was born two years into their marriage.

Greg Farragut attended the best schools Hong Kong had to offer, but he was an average student. Daily assignments frustrated him in mathematics and bio-sciences. In history and arts, however, Huck excelled. Sport captivated his free time - baseball, track and field, rowing. His unconventional taste stemmed from his mixed upbringing encouraged by both of his parents. Before Starfleet, Greg attended Hong Kong City University, focusing his diversified interests on Asian history and engineering, the previously average student excelled in the long-term challenges presented by university and graduate work.

A life in academia seemed possible, but Greg wanted something more substantial. More practical. Like so many, Huck turned to Starfleet. The structure of Starfleet Academy reminded Greg of the "rigors" of primary and secondary school. Daily assignments. Strict scheduling. He struggled, again eking out an average tenure in the academy. Once in the wild as an officer, Greg once more performed well, serving as a tactical officer. Then helm. Then strategic operations. When he became first officer, Gregory seemed on the fast track for command of his own vessel. The opportunity never came. He passed up command after command, and eventually Greg had to give him his position of executive officer. Other, younger more determined officers squeezed out the older, seasoned officer.

Starfleet moved the indecisive officer throughout the fleet. He served as executive officer on numerous vessels, and even the commanding officer on a few occasions. His tenure, however, was always temporary. He never held more responsibility than commanding a shake down cruise or overseeing a refit. He was a seat warmer. Always there to keep a ship running or turn it into a ready state for the newly minted commanding officer who would follow in his steps.

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