GSgt Wilhelmina Wilson

GSgt Wilhelmina Wilson

Wilhelmina Wilson

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Kirkwall, Orkey Islands, Earth
Played by: Travani Dal

Physical Appearance

"Mina" Is a little on the short side and a little on the slender side, but any close inspection gives the impression of a whipcord physique. Like that of a full time runner or swimmer, lean muscle and sinew. Topped with freckles and mousy carrot orange hair.


Mina is often described as being friendly and 'chatty' she has also been described as "A smart ass". But while working she is a Cautious, clever and adaptive leader.

Seaming to have a natural ability to get into and out of trouble.
She has a surprising attention to detail despite coming across as a bit of a air head at times.

Pre-Service Biography

Wilhelmina "Mina" Alice Wilson. Was born in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands. And while she and her family traveled quit a lot and spend time on mars, most of her formative years where spent in and around Scotland. She was encouraged by her family in several different areas of study. Politics, Engineering, Medicine. But most of her attention went to the outdoors. By the time she hit her teens she was quite athletic. And a skilled climber, swimmer and sailor.

She also had a reputation for being quite the trouble maker. Clearly having a aggressive streak, not taking well to confrontation and normally going for the more combative answer. Her grades where fine but never great. The only school subject she ever really excelled at was music, being quite the accomplished singer by the time she finished school. But ultimately following her older brother into star fleet, enlisting as a marine. And quickly excelling and passing him up.

While she underwent advanced training for combat insertion and infliction. Her brother got in trouble for insubordination. She went on to be trained in advanced marksmanship and survival while he was busted down in rank. This all finally coming to a head while they where on duty station dealing with a rash of Orion and Nosacan raiders and smugglers. Mina finding evidence that her bother was illegally selling star fleet equipment to 3rd parties. Both turning him in and testifying against him. Ultimately leading to his dishonorable discharge and incarceration.

After that she went on to serve both on and off ships in a anti-piracy and smuggling task force for two years. And then being attached to a star fleet intelligence task force, making a name for herself with non-conventional tactics and a knack for both
setting up and avoiding ambushes, before being transferred to colonial garrison and then training cadre. Before being promoted and moved back into on ship fleet duty.

⬤ Father: Jess Wilson 3rd. Chief production Engineer Utopia Planitia. (Deceased) - Jess Wilson, born and raised in Scotland, United Kingdom earth, spent a short stint in star fleet as a enlisted structural technician before going to university for Structural Engineering and star ship architecture. Graduating from the University of Oxford with high marks. - Starting a long and productive career as a Production technician and then Chief Production Engineer for a dry dock at Utopia planitia, specializing in production and retrofitting for older ship hulls such as the Miranda and Excelsior.

Jess eventually passed away do a advanced heart failure, choosing to pass at a relatively younger age instead of having a replacement heart.

⬤ Mother: Ambassador Katherine Turner Wilson. - Katherine Turner was born and raise in and around Lexington Kentucky, North American on earth. Attended George Washington University graduating top of her class of the school of Diplomacy before attending Star Fleet School of Diplomacy. Serving a number of years on earth and mars as a Diplomat and then as Ambassador to Ferengie. Her area of expertise; Economics and trade, lending itself well to relations with the Ferengie alliance.

⬤ Johnny Wallace Wilson. (Dishonorably discharged, incarcerated) - Born Bethesda Maryland, Earth. Wallace was raised much like his sisters on earth with a number of trips to other areas. He was never all that good at academic work but did alright. And seamed to have found is calling when he joined star fleet as a marine, going well in the tactical and combat aspects of the duty. But clearly having a problem with authority. Finally being caught in the act of selling star fleet equipment to a third part and being sent to a penal colony on earth.

⬤ Lena Wilson Winchester M.D. Cygnia Minor Colony. - Born London, United Kingdom Earth. - Lena was always the child in the family that excelled at scientific endeavors taking much more after her father then her two siblings. By the time she left primary school she already knew that she wanted to be a doctor. But she had little interest in star fleet itself. Instead going to University and then heading off to a post in one of the colonies. While working at a medical station for the Cygnia Minor Colony she met the then Captain of the USS Telemachus James Winchester. And after a two year long distance relationship moved on board the Telemachus and married.

Soon after she gave birth two first a son then two daughters and a few years later James retired and the family settled down on Cydnia Minor IV. James taking the open colony administration position.

⬤ Joseph Winchester: Age:19. Sculptor. - Joseph is a moderately talented sculptor, but can better be described as a 'artistic slacker' largely harmless if not a bit unmotivated.

⬤ Bella Winchester. Age:15. - Bella is a some what eccentric but other wise smart and talented child. Having a great interest and talent for mathematics and physics. While also having quite a athletic and adventurous side to her.

⬤ Diana Winchester. Age:15. - Diana shares much of her brothers artistic side, but with more focus and a larger interest in music. She also keeps in touch with her Aunt more then any other member of the family. Share a great deal of interests with her as well as being more interested in her work. While unlikely to become a marine herself she has expressed interest in joining star fleet.

StarFleet Service History

2378: Boot Camp.
2378: AIT. (InfantryRifleman)
2379: DRM Training.
2379: Promotion to PFC.

2379: Colonial Garrison Duty.
2380: RECON School.
2380: Pathfinder School.
2381: High Atmosphere incertion certification.
2381: Promotion to Lance Corporal.

2382: Survival Training. (High Altitude / Arctic)
2382: Transfer from Colonial Garrison to Special Task force.
2383: Promotion to Corporal.
2385: Service USS Lyon Marine Detachment as part of Task Force.

2386: Wounded.
2386: Promotion to Sergeant.
2387: Infiltration school.
2387: Transfer to Star Fleet Intelligence attachment Special Operations group.
2388: Wounded.

2390: Promotion to Staff Sergeant.

2392: Transfer to Special Operations Training. Cadre.
2394: Promotion to Gunnery Sergeant.

2394: Transfer to USS Honeywell.

2395: Transfer to USS Pioneer.

Awards Won

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