Harrold Wayne Anderson

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth, (Born on the USS Lexington)
Played by: jlgalloway99

Physical Appearance

Harry is six feet tall with a slender build. He has no tattoo's or scars. He has blonde hair and hazel eyes, he supports wearing a well trimmed beard. He average in build size, he is slender but not a body builder at all.


Harry is very ambitious, and likes to lead missions himself. As a former first officer, he would often lead his men into any situation and bring them back alive. He is capable of ascertaining any situation and looking for the best possible outcome. Typically Harry is a very friendly person. He likes to get know everyone under his command but maintains a professional distance. He likes to get to know those under his command, treats them almost like a big brother, father like personality.

Pre-Service Biography

Harry was born on the USS Lexington back in 2361. He was born to Eugene and Susie May Anderson. Both of his parents served on the Lexington before, during and after the dominion war. Harry parents are from Earth, in a town called Beaverton. However he never knew the city, all his life, he went from one starship to the next starship.

He was a genuine space drifter. His parents tried to convince him he was an earthling, because they were from Earth. But how can you call Earth a home? If your only time there was, during your academy days?

Harry is a single man that made a lot of tough choices, and was wondering if he made a mistake, putting career over a family. He was now a starship captain, but no one to share that feeling with. He was in line for a promotion to Commander, some point soon. He had the score and now a ship. It was only a matter of time. He was hoping to make Captain before his 35 birthday.

Harry is a pretty quiet guy, and a thinker. He is very polite to everyone, and during his time as first officer, he established good rapport with the senior staff, while maintaining a professional distance from his crew, to respect the chain of command.

During that transition, it’s where he began to wonder, if he made to many sacrifices, getting a command and not being able to share his feelings with a loved one, was hard. He only had one salvation, an estranged relationship with his daughter, but she wanted very little to do with him. She was now 13 years old and going to be assigned to the U.S.S. Juno with her Mother a girl he once knew. But they had not spoken in years and they did not end things on good terms.

StarFleet Service History

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