Jane Saulitis

Jane Saulitis

Jane Alta Saulitis

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: Jane Saulitis

Physical Appearance

Jane has a peaceful quality about her face. Of average height for a human female she does not typically stand out unless you look close. Her striking blue eyes are very focused and observant. She generally wears her long dark hair piled on top of her head in a bun that is loose but not messy. In a pinch she will pull her hair back in a low ponytail. She prefers comfortable rather than fashionable clothing but feels at home in a uniform with the exception of the dress uniform.


Jane is a relatively quiet person. She doesn’t mind company but prefers to listen rather than talk. She is neither shy nor outgoing and personally believes she can blend into a crowd very well. Certain people have noticed a spark in her however. This is something she is completely unaware of. Timid about certain responsibilities and situations she finds she can handle them when thrown in or pushed to discover on her own.

Pre-Service Biography

Born on the 11th of January in 2355 and raised in Polson, Montana, Jane is the only child of Alta Saulitis and his girlfriend Beatrice Benjamin (Bebe). Her parents never married and separated when she was eleven. The separation left her broken hearted as she believed everyone was happy, her parents never argued in front of her. She remained with her mother but otherwise had an idyllic childhood of swimming and boating on Flathead lake, the largest in the area. Her mother owned a small one bedroom cabin just up the shore where they remained indoors only when the weather didn’t permit outside activities.

Jane was an average student which sometimes left her teachers frustrated as they believed she could do better if she put her mind to it. She showed the signs of being a very bright child who didn’t like to draw attention to herself. Her grades picked up in later years and by the time she graduated she had a 3.8 grade point average.

Throughout her life Jane had felt very lonely and by the time she was eighteen she wanted to flee Montana and do something different. She gained the courage to apply for Starfleet Academy (up until that point she considered it the bravest thing she had ever done) and was accepted though she wasn’t aware of where her talents lied. During her first year she met and made friends with another cadet who took it upon himself to push her into flight school after seeing her in a simulator. She was a natural and seemed to have no idea. She gradually accepted his advice.

Her last two years at the academy were marked by the Dominion War. Jane knew quite a few young ensigns who had graduated before her only to be killed at the war front. Though she and the classmates in her year were spared it gave her a drive to finish the Academy and possibly go where she was needed to somehow take up Starfleet’s mission where they had left off. She graduated after four years to become a shuttle pilot on the Galaxy class USS Magellan in 2377.

After two years she was transferred to the USS Dallas also as a shuttle pilot. It was here that her talent as a pilot was really discovered by Starfleet. During the search for a lost freighter in the badlands, Jane took the helm and was able to recover the ship with minimal damage to the Dallas after its regular helmsman was injured by a console exploding.

Jane joined the USS Ahwahnee three years later as helm officer. During her time on the Ahwahnee the Captain was the unfortunate victim of a transporter accident. They were transporting fowl as part of a new wildlife sanctuary on Kazar when their patterns were fused and the Captain rematerialized sprouting feathers. Unable to attend the opening ceremony, not wanting to offend the Kazarites (as they are vegetarians) he sent the ranking officer on the bridge which was Jane, as his Executive Officer was away from the ship at a conference. He was so impressed with the results that he recommended her for the Executive Officer position on the USS Achilles which she took in 2385.

Her time on the Achilles was fairly uneventful though she did turn down the advances of a younger officer. Jane has never felt comfortable with relationships in Starfleet and has never pursued them as she has always believed that no one can truly understand her. When off duty she prefers larger groups and is very cautious of the image she portrays.

In 2389 she was offered another Executive Officer position on the USS Everett where she remained for six years before the Captain sat her down and discussed with her why she didn’t have her own ship. She was a very capable officer in his opinion and would serve Starfleet more in a command position. His words reverberated back to the Dominion War and she agreed that she had been content in her current position but could be persuaded to have her own command though she still doubted herself at times.

The first time she saw an image of the Majestic it was love. Not the fanciest, fastest or most technologically advanced ship in the fleet it was nevertheless hers. She also appreciated its service during the Dominion War and respected the fact that it was serviceable by two tried and tested classes that had done well in the fleet for many years.

StarFleet Service History

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