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Jax Storm

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Jacqueline Storm

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: North Carolina
Played by: aparry

Physical Appearance

Jax is a very outgoing person. She loves to live her life fast and with little remorse. She sometimes lacks a filter when she gets passionate about things. Her ability to make quick decisions and confidence in herself draws people to follow her naturally. She loves high pressure moments and finds a serenity in those moments.


Ability to adjust on the fly
+Natural ability to lead
+Level head in high pressure situations
-Lacks a filter sometimes
-Over confident at time

Pre-Service Biography

Jacqueline Storm aka Jaxs was born on Earth in the town of Charlotte. She had two loving parents and was their only child. Her dad was a mechanic and from a very early age she found a love for working with her dad on shuttles and other modes of transportation. She was not your typical girl in that she did like wearing dresses and playing with dolls. She wanted to work with her dad and fix things and test pilot whatever the contraption was he was building.

As she grew older this went from a hobby to an obsession of hers. She started to build her own hover races and would take them to outlawed races. There they would all meet with their self built, barely legal, highly unsafe hover bikes and race into the evening for all kinds of credits and or pink slips. When one of the races where busted by the authorities Jax had made a run for it on her bike. She was pulling away from her would be captors when a deer jumped out in front of her and when she swerved to miss it she put her bike down and was flung a few hundred feet down the dirt road. She had many broken bones, but survived.

After taking some time healing from her wounds and her grounding by her parents she tried to concentrate on her schooling. This was hard for her as she kept looking to the stars. Her thought was that she wanted to pilot bigger, faster, safer ships then what she had the chance to do here.
After graduating from Secondary school with average at best grades she decided instead of going to college she enlisted in Starfleet’s Starfighter Corp. After flight school where she scored very high marks she was deployed as part of a Viper class fighter wing attached to SB 39.

She spent 3 years assigned to SB 39 running patrols and other raids on pirate bases in the Northern Frontier. She showed a true love for flight and truly enjoyed her time in the vastness of Space. She received very high marks from her CAG and other superiors for not just her ability to fly but her fast decision making skills along with a natural ability to lead. After she was tasked to serve as a Conn officer on a garrison ship the USS Argo, the powers that be talked her in to returning to Earth and enrolling in the Academy to become a commissioned officer.

Her years of maturity payed off as she excelled in her studies at the Academy. She not only did well in her flight control classes but also her command school classes. While at the academy she really liked the idea of working the bridge of the larger Starships. They where less responsive but she really enjoyed having her decisions as a Conn officer effect so many.
She graduated with honors in four years and was immediately assigned to the USS Hawk as its Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.

While on the Hawk went well she missed being in her fighter from time to time. The Hawk was tasked with monitoring the Romulan/Klingon border and saw some small skirmishes but for the most part it was a slow tour. After three years on the Hawk she had revived a letter of accommodation from both her superior officer and the Captain of the Hawk. Because of this she was advanced to the rank of Lieutenant JG and was transferred to the USS Pioneer as its Chief Flight Control Officer.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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