Jerimiah Isaacs

Jerimiah Isaacs

Jerimiah Morgan Isaacs

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Memphis TN, USA, Earth
Played by: Travani Dal

Physical Appearance

Jeremiah is tall with an average build. He has salt and pepper hair with a neatly trimmed salt and pepper goatee. Although it is more salt then pepper these days. He is known for a deep, smooth voice. He has a few scars on his face as well from non cancerous growth marks on his face. He is fit for a man of his age, and quite skilled as a boxer. Much like a Vulcan he has a tendency to think long before he speaks.


He is very even tempered, and views every situation with a scientific mind. That is to say evaluation of facts/evidence before action. However, when warranted he can have a violent temper. He has been know to live by the adage for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. To his friends and those that have earned it he is ultimately loyal.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Imposing Demeanor
+ Level Headed
+ Egalitarian

- Unwavering
- Single Minded
- Self Loathing

Ambitions: His ambition prior to service in Timefleet was to serve the Federation to the best of his ability and to build a future with Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. However, now it is to use his scientific gifts to secure the timeline for his children and grandchildren.

Hobbies & Interests
Reading ancient scientific texts
Horseback Riding
Recites Shakespeare
Performs experiments for fun

Languages Known
Federation Standard

Pre-Service Biography

Jerimiah was born on Earth in Memphis TN. He lived there happily with his family until the year 2355 when he decided to join Starfleet against his parents wishes. What made it worse was that he enlisted as opposed to going to the Academy. For reasons unknown Jerimiah had it in his head that enlisted was more interesting than officer. Throughout his childhood he had excelled in the sciences and Starfleet was no different.

His first assignment was to the USS Sutherland in the Science Department. It is during this time the Jerimiah's interest in time travel was sparked. From this point on he would always find time travel and paradoxes to be a rather intriguing.

Over the course of the next ten years Jerimiah was promoted rather quickly due to his intellect and readiness to assist whenever asked. He used his Scientific know how to explore and research. In many ways he was a model Starfleet crewman on track for officer. However, something was missing from his life. His love for time and the timeline. He decided that he needed to know more then what basic training had taught him. So he enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

Jerimiah graduated in the top quarter of his class he majored in Quantum Physics, and minored in Quantum Theory. He was assigned as a Science Officer and Astrometrics Officer to the USS Bismark. It was here that he met his wife and the two would become inseparable. The fleet even allowed them to transfer from assignment to assignment.
After five years on the Bismark Jerimiah now a Junior Grade Lieutenant was transferred to the USS Tomahawk as the Assistant Chief Science Officer. While on the Tomahawk, Jerimiah finally got one of his wishes. The ship was pushed into an anomaly and sent into the mirror universe. It was here that Jerimiah put a lot of his theories to the test and assisted in getting the ship home. He was promoted to full Lieutenant for his efforts. Unfortunately Jerimiah lost his mentor and friend Thomas Gately the Chief Science Officer. Isaacs become his friend’s replacement.

Over the next few years Jerimiah became obsessed with time, his obsession led to his divorce and his resignation from Starfleet to pursue a career at the Department of Temporal Investigations. He worked for the DTI for about ten years rising through the ranks to Senior Agent. There were rumors that he could have been the Deputy Director and the Director, but he did not play the political game well. In fact Jerimiah felt that politics had no place in time travel. His obsession with maintaining the timeline, and time caused him to lose his wife, and his kids. She just could not take the loneliness anymore.

In 2394 Jerimiah was on mission with the DTI Thucydides. They were investigating a Borg time incursion into interference with the creation of warp technology. The USS Enterprise was able to put a stop to the incursion. However, the Enterprise caused some minor time ripples. It was during this mission that Jerimiah became the victim of a transporter accident. Official Starfleet records record him as deceased. However, he rematerialized in the year 3094 and it seemed that the Federation Timefleet was recruiting him. His work with the DTI combined with his scientific knowledge has made him a prime candidate. After three years of training to bring him up to speed on the Science and History of the day. He was commissioned into the Timefleet as a Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Science Officer for the USS Clepsydra.

StarFleet Service History

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