Jexasi Rai 1

Jexasi Rai

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Betazoid
Played by: Lamar_David

Physical Appearance

Despite being in fragile health as a child, Jexasi has trained and honed herself into an athlete. She views it as her duty to keep her body in top condition. She is very regimented in her training and diet as she never views herself as not being quiet where she wants to be. While on the ship or in non-threatening conditions, Jex keeps her hair down. Though, when going on an away mission or during 'action' she pulls her hair back to keep it out of her eyes.

While not fully Batazoid, her darker features come from her mother instead of her Human father. She carries herself as someone who was born in high society. Jex keeps herself clean and she looks like the poster for Starfleet.


On the surface, Jexisa tries to be exactly what a tactical officer is supposed to be. Cool under pressure, quick, strong, and reserved. However, she has never once faced a situation where her she was truly tested. Because of this, she is very insecure about herself. On paper, she has all of the tools necessary, though she doesn't yet recognize that she may not know how to use those tools.

She is very personable and enjoys being around people. She is a good friend and has been graded well in her department leadership. Jex is usually absorbed in her work or health regime, so her relationships have suffered. Being half-Betazoid, she does have limited emphatic abilities. In this area, she is fairly weak. She can get rather base emotions from strangers, but can pick up a little more the more familiar she is with a person.

Pre-Service Biography

Jexisa was born in the capital region of Betazed. Her parents were both Starfleet officers on different ships, which left her to live with her aunt most of the time. She grew up at the University of Betazed as her aunt studied and taught there as well as lived nearby. Her schools were always attached to the university to some degree. While not being one of the major families of the planet, Jex grew up without want. All of her wants were provided for and she had access to anything she could imagine.

All of that changed as her ninth birthday loomed. In 2374, her planet fell to the Dominion. Jexisa's parents were part of the Tenth Fleet tasked to defend Betazed, but ultimately failed. This forced her aunt to move them in with Jex's uncle on her dad's side, who was a governor of Washington state at the time. During this time, she kept a close watch on the news and came to view all Starfleet officers as heroes. Especially the tactical officers, who she saw fighting on the ground and by ship with the Dominion, trying to retake her home and end the threat. This created a desire to be just like them.

Upon war's end, she was able to move back to Betazed. Her parents took leave to help settle the family back home and to spend some time with their daughter. Jex was never one for telepathy, she grew frustrated in her training sessions and it was discovered that her genetics played a part in limiting the scope of her potential power.

During her adolescence, Jexisa took classes to help prepare her for her eventual acceptance in the Academy. She focused on galactic history and cultures as well as took extracurricular actives such as the martial arts team where she mastered Earth's Judo fighting style. As soon as she was able, she took her Starfleet Academy entrance exam and passed on her first attempt

StarFleet Service History

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