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John Warren

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John Shamus Warren

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: SS Ghana (cargo ship)
Played by: dsw91

Physical Appearance

Roughly 6ft tall and of regular build.


John Warren is a loud boisterous character who yearns for adventure.

Although he is loud off duty, on duty he will follow any orders given to him. Although he will still make his voice and opinions heard.

Pre-Service Biography

John was born in space aboard a freighter (the "Ghana") where he spent his entire childhood. The freighter being dated lacked all the modern entertainment facilities such as holodecks, so John was forced to either get along playing 3D chess or take on a few odd jobs around the ship.

At the age of 12, John was already becoming familiar with all the ships systems making various alterations and improvements when he could. The 1 job John craved the most was to pilot the freighter. His father would often take him out on shuttle runs and allow him to take the helm for brief amounts of time, and john seemed to have a natural ability for it.

Although he learnt a lot from his time on the "Ghana" John found the tedium of freighter all too much, so the second he turned 16 he ceased his opportunity and head to earth to join an ametture shuttle racing team. Shuttle racing gave him a rush of adrenaline that he had never felt before and he soon found himself racing for the earth interstellar team.

By the age of 20, John had realised that he still wanted something more. So he signed up for Starfleet Academy, where he specialized in engineering and helm control.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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